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babydoll standalone follower - anyone got it?


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Hey peeps,


Few days ago (on the 24th) someone posted a follower mod under the name "babydoll standalone follower". I've spotted it on the 25th while in work, but sadly when i got home the author removed it with comments: "leaving nexus". The follower looked super cute.


Just wanted to ask if anyone download the mod and could kindly share the copy?


Many Thanks

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I have the younger version too, downloaded it on the day it was released, I still have it all zipped up as it was when I downloaded it.


The image you linked PsychoMachina is the mod that was removed from Nexus because the author is leaving, kind of an idiotic move if you ask me but if the mod author wants to take his/her toys with them, there's nothing we can do.

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That's a very good idea, as we've seen in the past Nexus mod authors can be so fickle, it got so much worse after Valve tried to go pay to play mods, It's why I like it here so much. Calm and chilled people with very little animosity, I'm going to have to buy a new hard drive if I keep copies of everything I like the look of.

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I've already got the file PsychoMachina, thanks for the offer though, I make it a habit now of backing up every mod I download in case the author decides to pull the mod down.




I set up a secondary HD for this sole purpose.


I've also got another computer I use just for storage (using all the old drives from computers I don't even have anymore)--it's all backed-up there too. It's left unplugged (to make sure a power-surge doesn't take it out) and disconnected from the Internet (to prevent M$ from "updating" my storage-computer into obsolescence).


Never assume that what is now available on the Internet will always be there--You might be able to see what was there with the Way-Back machine, but the files themselves will be gone eventually.



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I've been backing things up now as well, ever since Rxk removed all his mods. I must have had the same idea last year, because I found an old archive of Chaconne. I was pretty stoked.

I downloaded that babydoll follower, too. I've been downloading all the followers recently just in case they get removed.

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I make it a habit of downloading anything even remotely interesting just in case it disappears from nexus.


This exactly what I've been doing for a while now, ever since those 2 loli vampire girls got posted and the massive drama that followed them.

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