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  1. There's a thread exactly for requesting from that Baidu, try asking there, will be more chance you'll find help there
  2. A bit late respond, but I wanna say it anyway, considering "seeking a curse" repeatable quest - I did play it a lot on earlier versions of mod (before latest major update), had no issues back then. And on recent playthrough - I did it few times, just didn't get task to go to Dragonsreach, but I played Skyrim not much lately, so that quest was done like 2-3 times I think. That's why I didn't encounter recent issue with odd quest stage. p.s. I love this repeatable quest as well, love it have some different random spots so it's replayability is very high IMO =^_^=
  3. Just made a new playthrough on fresh install of Skyrim LE, it was really great experience once again. And I know I already said it earlier, but want to say again, after refreshimg my experience with that mod: big thanks to you for so friendly and warm atmosphere in mod, I love how quest and story is made to make PC wear different devices while not forcing any NPC to rape PC, even in most harsh, by story lore, places. That made your mod to be always on my "must install" list. Wish you all the best, both patience and inspiration, thank you~~
  4. I know it's been TOO long ago, but in case it still needed or someone else would have that issue - change settings on Devious Devices' MCM, "Device Hider". As far as I remember - milker uses nipple piercing slot, assigned in "Device Hider" option, also try changing other ones in case it's not working. That happens, I assume, because Angeli's Expansion was created and latest patch ofr it came out before "Device Hider" was implemented, so Angeli's Expansion didn't get any specific config for it. That is very odd. I use latest versions of DD5 and Deviously Cursed Loot, and I have literally no issue using that mod at all, it's easily both equipped and unequipped at cost of required key. Not sure, but maybe you have some conflicts, as I use it without literally any files being manipulated. I remember I had some issues while trying some patches I've found on this topic, but that was only cosmetic issues, like UUNP biodyslide preset messed up some coloured variations.
  5. Never met any mentions of "cbp.dll", after googling it - isn't it for SkyrimSE and SkyrimVR? And where that file should be downloaded from? It wasn't in any SMP archives I've tried :c
  6. First of all, I want to apologize for making another thread, but I tried lots of things, hoping to make it work. My issue: I can't get BHUNP breast physics work, butt and belly have physics by default, breast just static no matter what. I wanted to try installing it because some clothing mods I'd like to use are made exclusively for BHUNP, which uses SMP instead of HDT-PE, and thus I can't make them have any physics. After years playing with UUNP and\or CBBE with HDT-PE, having completely static outfits feels like significant downgrade. That's why I decided to try HDT-SMP, which always was too complex for such dumb person as myself, I managed make it to work exactly one time many years ago, despite trying much more times. So there are two things I'm asking, either one of them would help a lot 1 - is there any noob-friendly way to make BHUNP outfits work with HDT-PE, without manual editing in complex software that modders use making them? 2 - is there any single complete guide with working links for all that is required to make SMP work? Things that I've done: Installed newest version of XPMSE, including "HDT (Sknned Mesh) Physics Extension" option inside Skeleton Rig folder Installed BHUNP, including it's "HavokObject" folder as described in mod's page, then activated that ingame, getting a message of successful activation Used Bodyslide to make all options and outfits for BHUNP preset Installed several versions of HDT-SMP that I've found in different topics, one by one, with no success at all, none of them made any difference. Again, I'm really sorry for being that stupid :c
  7. I was having similar issue literally yesterday, on fresh new game (receptionist even went upstairs, to lift), only solution I've found - is to load earlier savefile, before starting quest. I think the issue might be because of some other mod's scripts interfere, causing some script lag or so, and that way most of dialogues are lacking. Even getting mittens were without regular receptionist dialogue, only "pop-up message".
  8. I remember same thing happens when you equip some armbinder\yoke (or other arm-restricting device) from "Devious Devices - Equip" mod, it's custom restraints are more hardcore than regular DD's.
  9. I get it right, from now on a person who wish to download any mod should install an additional app just to see a link?
  10. Yeah, I know, and I already tried it (version 0.59 or so), and I really liked it too ^_^ But sadly even on low settings I had performance issues, had to use third-party software to limit FPS around 15-20 so it won't lag whole PC. Of course I don't have high-end PC, so that's a reason. And I'll surely try newer version soon ^__^
  11. Wow, congrats on releasing proper "final" version, just found out about it, so cool ^___^ Honestly, AATOFL is one of my most favorite games I ever played entirely on Unity engine at all, and also most favorite "NSFW-themed" game, huge thanks for it. And I wish you best of luck and inspirations on your current and future projects!
  12. Hello. Is this mask included on screenshots available somewhere? I couldn't find it on in this mod, and it looks awesome, could you please share a link, where it located?
  13. Here you are, link as it posted on that site. Note though, mod is on russian language as it's author (I guess) is.
  14. Totally agree with that, it was a great day when I found your mod, and now it would always be in my Skyrim modpacks. I really like it's friendliness to protagonist as I do prefer consensual BDSM (and thus I disable anything of rape in other mods I have installed) And of course you really did a great work on making your mod really stable (it didn't have any issues even on my unstable Skyrim setup (yeah, I'm too lazy to start a new game after I find any mod I want to install >_<) on 200+ hours save) So thank you very much for your great mod, and have a good luck on it's further development! ^_^
  15. Description make me think of mod called Shout Like A Virgin, it have many unique devices, including chastity, and there are Dibella and Nocturnal involved in it's quests. P.S. Lol, posted at same time as Ruffled Pigeon>_<
  16. Look in your Fallout4.ini (......\documents\my games\fallout 4), do you have following lines? (hope I posted correct ones, will check this) P.S. or in Fallout4Custom.ini Sadly can't remember which exactly, but it sounds definitely like lack of config lines in *.ini file, had same issue myself when tried to install mods after more than year not playing FO4
  17. I installed this mod at it's first release here, and I really like it. But I have a minor clipping issue, both masks (not the hood one) are clipping on nose, have anyone else encountered same issue, and if so - any ideas how to fix it? I'm using default [anime race]'s appearance with it's skeleton and all that, but have no idea on how to fix it (tried to change weight and all that on "SML 14", but nothing works And thank you for this mod, in general it was a reason to install FO4 again once again ^_^ I really like your mods, some of them are always on my Skyrim, and really glad you're back
  18. I do not trigger any SexLab's animations for now, doing default Skyrim's quest lines right now, so completely at random. Thank you, will do it step by step, hopefully will help.
  19. Hello everyone ^_^ It's been pretty long ago when I first "met" this issue, without any reason I'm suddenly getting teleported to a center (I guess) of current area (for example while outside, I appear very high above "Bleakwind Basin" area), but most odd thing it happens randomly, so if I saved, then got teleported somewhere and reloaded - teleportation may not occur at this place. Earlier I thought it just an issue because I install too much script-heavy mods and something messes up there, but now I have a little mod list installed and this issue appears again. There is no messages on console when this thing is happening. As of papyrus log - well, maybe I missed something when I reinstalled Skyrim once again, and I receive no new logs at all, have only those made on february, so if you could point me where they may appear - I would be able to upload them. What of mods - there is list of all mods I use on my every installation, in alphabetical order (so called "must have" for me), all other mods are varying on every time I start making a modpack, so I thing those can't cause exactly same issue If needed though, I may post my current load order as well I really hope there is some way to find out reason, since I'm making a playthrough on legendary difficulty, so replaying dungeons/crypts or even quests in outside area for just because of I died from falling after teleporting is annoying, and always using "tgm" or other cheats is not fun as well
  20. I would like to thank you for your gigantic work on that game, it's a "number one" standalone adult game for me, and I'm sure it will be such for a very long time. Truly, is't amazing!
  21. Oh, thank yo so much. I feel myself stupid. I saw that topic you mentioned, but was sure site which I linked is not same, sorry about that.
  22. Hello everyone! I'm terribly sorry for asking it here, but I found a mod over 50MB size, located at Baidu. I don't have any idea if it even possible to download such huge files without "Baidu Net Disk" (or something like that). Obviously I had no success registering it, since I'm not chinese, so if anyone could be so generous and reupload this mod somewhere and send link to PM, I would be so grateful. Or at least tell me how I can download from there without requiribg to register. Link
  23. Looks like some of your mods requires some missing master-file. And since Skyrim can sometimes try to load mod that NOT selected in it's launcher - probably best way is to move your unused *.esp and *.esm, if you have some, to other folder, so Skyrim wouldn't try to load them. If you install your mods manually, then you can try open program named "TES5Edit", it tries to load your load order and shows, what causes errors, usually "missing master-file **.esm" or "master-file ***.esm must be loaded before ***.esp" for me (but not in case if Skyrim launch unselected mod for some reason). P.S. isn't "ZaZAnimationPack.esm" should be earlier in load order, than "Devious Devices - Assets.esm"?
  24. Link under images, for file named "Business Lady_7BC_v1.0" isn't requierd file? Link on site This link.
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