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About the mod:


More SpeedBuster's stuffs ! This is a conversion of SpeedBuster's "SMDR E.Android" for the 7BO of Skyrim. Note that the weighting is not perfect, and I'm actively trying to improve it.


The package consists of 2 armor variants and 3 helmets. Check screenshots for more details.


Check list:
Weight slider support: Check
Clipping-free guarantee: Semi Check


XMPSE 3.0+ Skeleton
HDT High Heels System


Just use any mod manager to install the armor.
Or manually, you can just drop everything into [skyrim Directory]\Data


Obtaining the outfit:
Option 1: Use this wonderful mod AddItemMenu: http://www.nexusmods…im/mods/64905/?
Option 2: When ingame, press “~” to bring up console, type “help SMDR” Add them into your game
using player.additem [item ID] 1
Option 3: TesVedit, CreationKit, etc (not recommended)


Deactivate in mod manager
Or delete the following:
SMDR E Android.esp


To-do list:
- Improve the weighting of the outfit-


SpeedBuster for the outfits.
remimartin1986 for the 7BO body
Nightasy for the tutorials.




I'm not going to do any conversion for CBBE Bodyslide. If you want to make a Bodyslide conversion,
please let me know and credit the authors properly.


I answer all messages. So please inform me if there is anything wrong with my conversions. Have fun ! ;)

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    XMPSE 3.0+ Skeleton, HDT High Heels System
  • Special Edition Compatible


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The gloss is set up inside the nif for the body under the BSLightingShaderProperty the glossiness float is probably around 600.0000 the higher the value the more glossy it is while the lower it is the less glossy it is 1000.0000 is the max setting that you can set the gloss value to.


@Erza Scarlet


You can always convert it to your preferred body yourself.


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looks nice but i have a few questions. 1. do you need hdt high heels system if you have racemenu which includes nio's override? or do I have to dl that hdt heels system as well? 2. does the gatling gun/chain gun/minigun actually fire bullets or lasers? if not why not?

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You what I would love to see? This converted with dwemer / dwarven textures so that she looks like a steam punk cyborg. That would be a little more "lore-friendly" (well . . . sorta) and would go awesome with Sylvja the Dwemer Cyborg follower.

Why 7BO and not directly UUNP? UUNP includes 7BO and with UUNP you would target a bigger "audience".


Under that logic, why not directly CBBE? That would be the biggest "audience" of all, after all. :P

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