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  1. Exelent mod the best penis model in all sims thanks ; cant you make more bigger vercions pls especially for women 😀 y like big cocks
  2. Make this in poser hotkeys pls 2019 and I still think that this has future haha 😥
  3. Could someone help me find mobile milker armor version FO4? ? this is an example FALLOUT 4 MILKER https://es.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a8a97ae08d9a
  4. Lol the anus texture looks better in this body than cosio hd
  5. I just observed from a lower angle and still has a NECK GAP with cosio low poly = ( fuck !!! i dont have idea whit the hands I use the hands in package 4.2 and looks fine... this is truly frustrating i try to ubdate XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended maybe fixed
  6. I already found the problem apparently the cosio hd 4.2 causes neck gap, but cosio low poly 4.2 works perfect
  7. no mods new game teste why clothes and no clothes sorry for my bad englis i really think, the neck gap is cosio
  8. cbbe prest body slide, in cosioHD mesh ;maybe an error of graphics, I have not touched anything in the racemenu
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