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The CSE crashes when editing factions?


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Ok got it, click on the faction to edit then edit the faction stuff then click apply and then be careful here by selecting that SAME faction that has been edited and only then select the next faction to be edited. If I don't do it that way the CSE crashes. I finally got through the factions I needed to edit dam it took forever fuuuuuuuuuu!! Thankfully I don't get this problem in other areas of the CSE.

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Yes, CSE is annoying as hell.........so save OFTEN (like after every other edit).   It has a 6th sense that knows when you have entered enough data to really make you spitting mad if it crashed and does so just when it dawns on you that you had better save immediately, as you haven't in a while........ :@


But as frustrating as it is.........it is miles better than just using the vanilla CS.

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My copy of the CSE works almost flawlessly; I've never experienced any issues with editing factions as you've described above.

And I've done a lot of extensive faction editing and creating.


Perhaps you've just got an unstable version of the CSE, or a mismatching version one of it's requirements.


One thing it does seem to require is to have a mic plugged into your machine if you want to edit dialog. Don't ask why, because I don't know.


As a result, I very rarely use TES4Edit.

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I tested factions: edit factions and create new. No crashes.

I use ConstructionSet extender version 51 with Construction Set v1.2. No Construction Set v1.0 installed ( you only need it if you want to create lip sync files, I don't need it ).


During the last years modding I had less than 10 crashes. NOT counted the Landscape editing crashes. The Landscape editing crashes constantly. I save before change a ground texture or size of the cursor. And save before close the Landscape editor window, to 50% it crashes if you close the window.

But everything else I've done with the CSE works almost without crashes.

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The crashes I have had have been mostly when I have dealt with dialogue and quests.  I have had a few crashes when working with animations.  Mostly I think it is subject to the size of the plugin you may be modding.  I had more crashes with large plugins than small ones.  Who really knows as there isn't any real logging that identifies what caused the crash that is reliable that I have found.

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When I try to select a reference in render window for what bed an npc should sleep in the selection fails. If I try to use the drop down menus to select it, that bed is not listed. I did set the bed ownership to the npc that I was trying to assign a sleep package to though so maybe it already "knows" what to do since the bed is owned by the npc?


I will try the suggestions you guys listed and that xp compatibility thing makes sense gonna try that too.

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I think most of these crashes experienced are due to memory management. CS and I think, not 100% sure CSE also were built on or during the 32-bit WinXP days. It is vastly different than say Win7, 8 or 10 or but especially 64-bit versions.


I did at one point a long while back experiment with mouse cursor settings, but I didn't discover anything significant. That I feel comes into play with your specific graphics card, the memory it has and the interaction between it CS/CSE and your O/S.


Using CS/E 5.xxx I seldom if ever crash during an entire editing session, maybe 6x a year. MODs with integers in the EditID are f'ing annoying, so I exported all of those out and fixed 'em then imported them back in. Those can in-game lead to CTDs if a resource is being called by a script, so there may be potential for it to cause issues in CS/CSE too.

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