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Oblivion The L World problem


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Hi guys i am new at forum sorry for newbie,i download oblivion the l world on nexus and got files from required files from desc and got main file too but npcs still male with a difrent faces and my oblivion .ini dont got bFixFaceNormals =1 and bFaceGenTexturing =1 maybe anyone know what should i do to active can tell?

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This seems to be the mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/39917/?



From the mod's description:


-- If you find MALES on your game its most likely becouse:


1- You didnt begin a new game.
2- You have other mods that add new races or NPCS.
3- You didnt put xeoex.esp at the end of your mod list.


If none of these is the case, then have you fulfilled all installation requirements? You also should show your load order so that somebody might be able to pinpoint the issue.

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Yes, you definitely should fix the load order.


Also note that Nexus version of Modular Beautiful People 2ch Edition Plus Plus says that it requires additotal files from a japanese forum though that site doesn't even exist anymore. This probably causes issues. Here is a guide to install it with links to files that should work, though it might be incompatible version: Install Beautiful People


However, I'd recommend to stay away from that horrible MBP mess. If the breast size isn't too much of a concern, there is always Colourwheels Sexy Oblivion OverHaul that is very similar in what it does.

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bFixFaceNormals  and bFaceGenTexturing  are in the Oblivion ini.

NOT the Oblivion_default.ini in your game folder ! !!

The Oblivion ini is in My documents\my games\Oblivion (german: Eigene Dokumente\My Games\Oblivion)


They are in the first section [General]



If you are a Oblivion newbie read my yellow Link below , to avoid the typical beginner mistakes.

Do not install the game in C:\program files...

Do not use LOOT for Mod sorting! use BOSS ! ! Sort Lovers Mods manually !

Unpack Mods before installing ( delete skeletons in armor-clothes Mods, so you don't overwrite the LAPF skeleton )

Do not use the Nexus Modmanager ! use Oblivion Modmanager or TES Modmanager.

Set archive invalidate via Bsa Redirection.

Clean your Mods !



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thanks all for answers,ok i found them there is some change about their faces but they still male about i cant using boss it cant find oblivion folder,i install with walmarat installer maybe that problem?my oblivion at c:(game here not at program files)hmm maybe skeletons problems and i dont got mods that requires

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What the heck is a walmarat installer? Is that suppose to be walmart? Either way I have never heard of it and probably no one else and also probably the reason for your problems. Most use OBMM (Oblivion mod manager) TES Modmanager or wyre bash to install mods.


I have the game in computer/computer name/game/oblivion

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AHH That would explain why you are having problems with that mod then. The *its like skidrow installer of the game* means (its pirated) many mods will not work with a pirated game if you want the mods to work correctly buy the game it's even on sale right now for 6 to 8 bucks. http://store.steampowered.com/app/22330/?snr=1_7_15__13


Since it's a pirated game we can't help you try to get things to work with it as piracy is again the site rules and we can get in trouble if we try to help rule 6.


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