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Beeing Female need help with the body scaling??


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When i use the beeingfemale mod the cycles and everything works just fine up until i get pregnant...once pregnant the body scaling(increase in breasts and stomach) doesnt work when my character has no clothes on.  So essentially i can go from the skyrim body with a flat stomach to having a pregnant stomach once i put the clothes on.


Here are my mods in the order shown in mod organizer..


Zaz animation pack

xp32 maximum skeleton

Unp body nude

Schlongs of Skyrim

Sexlab framework

sexlab defeat

sexlab aroused creatures

sexlab aroused

serial stripper




beeing female


nude CBBE

more nasty critters

hdt physics

Fuz Ro doh

Fnis Behavior

Fnis Creature Pack

Deviously Helpless

Deviously cursed loot

devious devices integration

deviouscaptures 2

devious devices expansion

devious devices assets

death alternative




ultimate follower overhaul



Skyfall estate


Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanx for any answers!

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Is this your load order? Or your mod list?

Run loot and put all files in correct overwrite priority in left side.

If you have taken that list from left side it is totally wrong, the same goes if you got it from the right.


Basic for getting pregnancy scaling to work is to have CBBE/UNP/UUNP body, Bodyslide Fnis and those stuffs.


If you check at B-F first page you have one guide there how you should install and in what order.


This order is mandatory to do.

1. Download the latest SKSE version
2. Download the latest version of SkiUI (+ RaceMenu + HDT if you like)
3. Download XP32 Maximum Skeleton or Extended for HDT Users
4. Download the latest version of FNIS and the creature pack
5. Download the latest version of SexLab + some Sex Mods
6. Now at first we will install this armor pack.
7. Download and install DIMONIZED UNP female body
8. Download and install the Belly Version "UNP TBBP.7z" HERE and overwrite your Dimonized UNP Body again (but you will still have the textures - and now you will have the Belly Node, too)
9. Download and install the latest Version of BeeingFemale in this thread (OR BeeingFemale CANS Version - Only 1 of them is neccessary)
10. Run FNIS (data/tools/GenerateFNIS_for_Users/GenerateFNISforUsers.exe)


Now you can start playing Skyrim with BeeingFemale


And you can also install Sleapy_souls plugin called BFAP 1.3 it will help the belly to stay up when you change cell.


And for the record you can use what ever body you want as long it have bellynode.

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