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[Solved] BodySlide and BSA Files?


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Hello all. First and foremost, please excuse my ignorance on this issue. I searched afar and did not find.


Although I am mostly unaware of how BodySlide works, I believe that exported bodies overwrite your old body files and you and everyone else are able to use a nice body that suits your tastes as much as Skyrim and BodySlide allow your desire for everyone to have a nice body be satiated. Please correct me if I am wrong. You also have the option of exporting your body to a separate folder and using its file as you please.



Now, on to the main question/topic of this post...


I have recently started research on BSA and loose files, specifically on which to use given the specifications of my computer.

To my knowledge, BSA file mods are mods compressed into a single file. Handy-dandy for things like organization and taking up less file space. The downside is that depending on your CPU and where Skyrim is being stored, Skyrim may take slightly longer loading mods in BSA files due to the need to decompress them, despite the fact that Skyrim is made to work with BSA files fairly well. In this case, it will most likely have more troubles decompressing large and ultra high resolution texture files. To my knowledge, loose file mods have all the mods file data in a "loose" format, and it is extracted and plunked right into your Skyrim data folder, allowing it to be read more quickly, because of the lack of the need to decompress files. Loose files are also able to be edited very easily due to not being shoved into a single file. The downside of this is that loose files are more difficult to uninstall, may cause more problems with overwriting, and take up more space.


However, the big conclusion is that as long as your textures are not moon-sized and you have a decent CPU and have Skyrim stored on an SSD, as opposed to an HDD, there won't be much of a difference. From coming to this conclusion, I have decided to go with BSA files when I can, mainly to save space and make things much easier.



This is when I realized this might be problematic (although I really have no idea, what I wrote above is most of my knowledge on BSA, loose files, and BodySlide pertaining to this issue; some of it may be incorrect/misinformed) for me if I were to install mods that edit the bodies of NPCs contained in BSA files.

Mainly (for the sake of an example) the Bijin mods.


Bijin Warmaidens has an uploaded file for BSA and loose files, and I would like to use Bijin Warmaidens Customizer on top of that. I use CBBE, BodySlide, a custom BodySlide preset, XPMSE, and HDT. With the BSA versions of Bijin Warmaidens and the Customizer on top of that, these Bijin Warmaidens will have CBBE with very jiggly bodies and the skeletons to match up, but if I export my custom BodySlide preset, will it apply to the Bijin Warmaidens? Furthermore, should I just use loose files instead?


The same question applies to custom followers. I am planning on using Sofia and Sofia Customizer Redux; will my preset body apply to her?


I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and potentially offer various advice for me regarding any of the above content. I will put it to good use, mainly by making my Skyrim happier and decreasing the amount of posts on LoversLab that are yelling for help from smart people.


PS) I am also super unaware of how to get breast collision during idle animations and whether or not I should actually install HDT Havok Object (as well as where to find the proper version of it). I have used the same body and skeleton set-up as above with Sexy idle Animation and have not seen breast collision on idle animations, but if you don't know or don't have any feedback, I will save this issue for another time.


Thank you,


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Loose files will always replace all files in all BSA archives you have installed, provided the directory and file name is the same as the one in the BSA.


So, you can have your Bijin Warmaidens stuffed into their BSA, while BodySlide builds the body replacer into let's say a folder called for example "meshes\bijin\RandomPrettyGirl\femalebody_1.nif" (or you can put it there yourself after BodySlide built the body somewhere).


BodySlide also reads textures from the BSA archives.

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BSA's load first loose files load 2nd and the loose files will always trump a BSA's files. If you use a BSA extractor to open a BSA you can find the file path for textures and meshes. I use FOMM (fallout mod manager) as it has a built in extractor and it works for fallout 3 nv oblivion and skyrim. If you extract 2 files it will extract them plus the complete folder path that they come in so all you have to do is drag and drop them into games folder.

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Thank you both for the prompt and helpful replies.


If I were to extract files from the BSA, build custom bodies in BodySlide, export them to the desired folders, and then repack them with the new files instead, will it have the same effect? Could unpacking a BSA and repacking it with new files for Skyrim to use be potentially harmful?


EDIT: Possible but not recommended, apparently.



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