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Because of defeat mod, guards never kill or arrest me

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Hi! So when I fight with guards and I bleedout (death alternative), they just tell me what I was thinking (because of morale option of defeat mod) and let me leave. Thus they never kill or arrest me(prison overhaul) , unless I pull away my weapon and give up. Anything I can do about this?


Thank you in advance!

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They are probably conflicting with each other and you either have to use one or the other or do a bunch of scripting and what not to try to make it where both will work at the same time. If both mods do similar things the lowest one in your load order will trump the one above it.

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Guards don't arrest you in Vanilla Skyrim unless you put your weapon away either. If they become agressive enough to attack you (high enough bounty), they just flat out kill you unless you sheathe your weapon, there's no arrest without that in vanilla.


So i'm guessing that's the problem, Death Alternative won't let you die like you normally would, and Skyrim's guards don't know how to handle that.

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