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[REQ] Save Overhaul pkease someone fix it, be a hero!


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Hi there this is a request to fix this mod, the autor dont responds since months ago, this is a feature that makes Skyrim be like Diablo 2, where u only can save if u gonna quit the game, it makes hidden saves as warrant to not loose all because a crash, I love this mod but when u reload a SOS (schlongs of skyrim) says that my skse and the date of my save dont matches and sos will be restored, it all happened when the last skse update came to light and added to it, the face of my toon gets missed (racemenu) backing to a vanilla morphing, dunno how many more problems caused so i gave up and uninstaled it, so IM WILLING TO PAY 10 DLLS for ur valious time because i will li,e to learn to fix it but lack on time, this is the link, please, any modder that be willing to fix it pliz! 



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 I use that one, but i need to have the save button disabled, to save everywhere is so hard to avoid, and to reload too, save overhaul hides the saves of backup from load pannel so the only saves u can reload are the save and quit ones u generate, making it more challengin and not just meeeeh Lydia died, reload, NO, it makes u think if 2 hours of playing will be worth the Lydia decease, and continue with the consecuences, i need someone fix it pliz!

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