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Kahjiit showing human feet with my shoe :(

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Sorry to bother everyone but I wanted to see if maybe someone can offer me some assistance.


I've been modding clothing mods for a decent enough time that I should know this, but it seems that I don't :(. Throughout all of my time playing I have never made a kahjiit, I prefer more human skin that fur, but I decided for the sake of some future mods, to use a different race to test. I've found that my testing was not in vain. It seems shoes of my past (and present) are not showing certain race textures.


I remember this happening in the past when I did not have feet data routed correctly, but here, I've confirmed that the texture is the imperial foot texture and the NiTripStrips data is called foot. Is there something else I am missing?



In NifSkope I think it's fine but I've tested other modders mods and they show the textures as they should



                                                                                          In game, this is what I see :(


Any help here would be very very much greatly appreciated!


Thank you in advanced and sorry for my post :(






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You can't have it going to imperial because the khajiit textures are not in that folder it's in the khajiit folder and the path should be textures\characters\khajiit\female\footfemale.dds


There is also a way if you want something to use a specific pathway is to change the NiMaterialProperty from skin to something else anything other then skin then it will not use the body texture paths and instead use the texture pathway that you chose. Like if you changed a robes NiMaterialProperty name to skin it would use the players skin textures in game regardless of the texture path set up for the robe change it from skin and it doesn't.

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Thanks for the response, Myuhinny. The only thing is i I change it to Khajiit, I'll loose the human skins on it for my own races. I also looked at other modders heels (specifically Speedbusters) and it seems like the path used there was also imperial female as (from what I remember reading way back when I considered modding Oblivion) the imperial race is the default in the game itself so, putting it there will cause textures to play as a default value and then it will match with the corresponding race from there (the previous explanation was much better than mine) but this is something I was also told in my very early days too :(.

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You could just make 2 versions of the heels one with the imperial pathway and one with the khajiit pathway and name the khajiit ones with a specific name so you can tell which is which then add the new nif versions to your heel .esp that way your heels for your human races will not be affected and you have 2 versions of them.


If the heel mod has a lot of heels just pick the ones that you like the most.

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textures\characters\imperial\female\footfemale.dds is correct , should work with all races.

And Skin and foot in the nif are also right.

A quick test in my game. My Shriddan race and a Khajiit have their correct textures ( no imperial texture)  but wrong textures part. The UV map of your feet in not on the foot part of the texture. Check your Khajiit texture perhaps the part that is used have a "human" Color.

post-3205-0-30693800-1433658412_thumb.jpg the UV Map for the foot is below the legs  not in the right lower Corner. And that is not a HGEC UV Map shape.



post-3205-0-77863000-1433658747_thumb.jpg if you have such a texture you will see in game only a uniformly brown texture, no fur.

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Thank you all very much for your responses. It seems  Fejeena was 100% right in this case. For some reason my foot is set up for HGEC UV map. I use several body types and noticed this was the issue now too. I will work on it so in my future mods, people will be able to use Kahjiit and other none human races. Actually, that and it will resolve the consistant mail I get about there being a color seam from foot to leg!


Thank you all again!

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