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[REQ]Draenei/SUCCUBUS Standalone Followers


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I really would like to have some Draenei followers in my game just like the one in the deadly drain mod's screenshots as given below. My character is male and I'm still playing the game. So instead of turning my character into a succubus I'd rather have some Draenei NPCs beside me. I couldn't find any standalone follower that exactly looks like the pics below. Can someone upload some standalone followers please? I'll really be appreciated :D





Also there is a mode which transforms the player into a succubus with red skin color horse cock etc. in here: PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest Transform Package


Can it be made for NPCs? I've tried to copy meshes and textures from this and original mod to one of my NPCs directory but that didn't work like that :(



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*sees the pictures*...... why the fuck I cant do that myself....


*curses himself for having no skills to do it*


*Pray's to the gods of Skyrim that EvilReFlex will at least release that character as a follower*

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I will make a standalone follower with my succubus pack. 

But first I want to change/add some things. 


Any progress? :shy::blush:



Why only one Succubus Follower when you also can make all your female follower to succubi:



(left my test character and right jenassa)


  • Standalone, no other mod needed 
  • Equitable Animated Wings and HDT Tail
  • No falling damage if armor equipped 
  • Crafting with own new crafting materials
  • Succubus Drain Spell if armor equipped 
  • Female Kajiit and Argonian supported 


I'm testing now a simple way to change skin color on npcs without esp editing. 

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Hi EvilReFlex, is the transformation in your mod reversible?


The is called "players succubus quest"  PSQ - and yes, it is like any other transformation in the game (=you can turn it on by hitting Y). There is also lot's of tinkering possible - wings, horse schlong, eyes, sizes of proportions, skin color... very good work, give it a try. If I may say so.

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Maybe I misread or misunderstood something, but why is PSQ not about transformation? Is it for technical reasons? From the ingame, immersive action I'd clearly call it transformation.




With the PSQ you can transform your character into a Succubus (Like a Werewolf). 


Update to my upcoming Succubus Mod:




That's great news :cool:  Can you make the legs thinner if possible? That would be all :heart:  Looks amazing ;)

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