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UNPB with HDT vagina?


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Install Bodyslide, select UUNP at installation. (You shouldn't need the "Racemenu Morphs")

Start Bodyslide2, select the UUNP you want (HTD+ is the one with the vagina built into the body). Select Preset you want.

Hit "Build".


It isn't that hard. (I avoided BS for months untill UUNP)

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I think he's asking for UNPB specifically, because, maybe like me, he doesn't want to go through having to download new meshes for armors that he had for UNPB, and as of now, there really aren't that many armor mods for UUNP..or maybe UUNP fits with UNPB body armors?

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The vagina body inside armor is kinda pointless unless the armor specifically shows off the vagina.


What I'm going to start doing is building armors with a purpose-built "armor body". So, let's say I use UNPB normally. The femalebody_x nifs are built using the UNPB preset and UUNP HDT Special so when she's naked she has the working lady parts.


The "armor body" is a slighly modified UNPB HDT body. Push the boobs up just a bit and squeeze them together just a bit and it makes them look like they're actually being somewhat pressed together by being in armor.


SOME armor and clothing would get built with the UNPB HDT body preset with no alterations. That would be for things like looser fitting clothing or clothes that you don't think she's really STUFFED into. Like... a bikini or some dresses or robes. 


I did this with my CBBE preset and body and it came out looking pretty nice. When she was laced into leather armor or something there was a pushup effect and eye-candy cleavage. When she stripped down nekkid, she was a bit more "free swinging".


Just a thought....


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Just select the UNPB Preset.

The armors wont have the vagina because no conversions have been made. I think the other "Vagina Bodies" have just few conversion if any.


Hmm..I myself have avoided bodyslide until just now, and I always thought it was too complicated to install the working vagina from this site...although, if something goes wrong(Like the vagina stretching into the gates of oblivion for some reason), is there a way to revert it back to my usual UNPB?


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Just run it once to create the body. If you click "Batch Build" while holding the "Control Key" you can select a folder to export the files. Then you can copy them around as you like.


As for collisions and stuff, look into the other threads.

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