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  1. Is there a way to use Nemesis without having to use Vortex too? Now, I know supposedly Vortex is a great program, but I don't want to use it. I don't want to have to try to figure out my load order again by switching fro MO2 to vortex, but I still wanna use Nemesis...or at least try to.
  2. Aahh..what is that outfit, and where can I get it?
  3. Is that Flawn's Vanilla Texture, or his other one? Never seen the vanilla one with abs..
  4. I like this!..although, making it a mix of light and heavy armor sorta screws with perks in skyrim.(Especially mod-added ones that require a full set of heavy or light armor to be worn, without mixing) I try to change that myself in Creation Kit, but it says something about a read error, and then creation kit crashes. Can I get any help with that, or maybe make a version that's all light/heavy?
  5. Aahh..I'm reminded of those...but if I remember right, they don't make animations anymore. Nearly all animators won't take into account for a participant/victim with a tail, mostly because A), they don't find the beast races attractive and/or B)...the classic response that makes me shake my head:"EEW FURRY!!!" ugh..
  6. If it's doggystyle or something like that with the butt pointed toward the aggressor, then it does. Unfortunately, you have to expect that with ANY/ALL mod authors, as from what I've seen, no authors take into account that a khajiit/argonian may be a participant/victim in their animations. ><
  7. Thank Talos, he's back! I do hope even more great bikini armors are in the making, I Still sorta remember the Scaled Armor and Glass armor bikinis that were on Tumblr before it shot itself in the foot...with a shotgun..loaded with explosive pellets. 🤣
  8. Ahh, there it is. I didn't notice it because when I see files on My Drive they aren't lined up like how you have it. xD
  9. Hmm...I've noticed ever since installing your most recent update Flawn(I don't know why I stalled so long on doing this. xD) that the muscle textures for females are...gone. I do still have the muscle textures of previous updates...would my argonian girls look alright with previous texture muscles or should I wait on those?
  10. ....Read the first page and check out underneath Trauma.
  11. Hey Billy, if you do make more futa animations, could you make it more geared toward the futa fucking a female? Now I know about all those straight-geared animations out there, but because it's more-so made for a male and female, when a futa and a female use the animation, more moving of the animation is needed on the player's end for that reason of it supposed to be used for just your traditional guy and gal.
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