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Wierd Sexlab related Magic Effect - What Mod is doing this?

Jack Wow

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I have not installed any mods recently but have many running. suddenly my Character is irritatingly displaying a WARD stlye magic effect at any NPC's having sex. I have checked all MCM options in all mods, read the readme's  and the support topics and this is not a listed active effect either. I went back to a previous save where it did not happen but on entering Whiterun it happened at the same spot. I know people are having sex as my prostitutes are busy boys and girls. This is driving me nuts.  I am stumped.


Using TDF's Pros, BesEss, Animal Mansion, Untamed, Dibella Sisters, and maybe others too.


Anyone know where this effect is from?
Many thanks in advance


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You could use the console command "resurrect" on the Npc/player to reset the magic effect (still they could re-appear due 'bad scripting' like loop of registerforupdate from deleted mods)


Or you could simply check in the console the "active magic effect list" and when selected it says which mod has attacched this...




Eventually you could also use a save tool (removing old script, fixing saves etc.)

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You need to disable each mod one by one and load up the game and initiate a sex act.

Sometimes the Zen approach is the only to be sure when you have no idea of the source of a problem.


You don't have to uninstall a mod, just disable the .esp/.esm via your mod manager and ignore any warning that appears when loading the savegame. (Make sure you do not save the game with mods disabled!).

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