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Erotic weapons... Yes Erotic.


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How do we not have many weapons like these? Could form the blade into the leg a lot more. I've only seen 1 dagger mod like this for lockpicks. and another for a caster staff. I'd love to see some nodachis, Swords, maces, hammers, mauls... etc. 


The lockpick mod



Anyone know of some hidden gems out there?

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There are,in addition to what has been posted by others previously,the Phallic Arrows,Dildo Mod and the Overpowered Penis Sword and there was the Jolly Good Stick and Queen Catherine's Favor (removed from the Nexus for whatever reason) and the exploding Penis Arrows on Steam Workshop some time back(which is also gone now).

The Light Sword, Burning Eye of Meridia, and Ebonmourne are closer to the example that you posted earlier even if not explicitly erotic in nature.


Too bad that creating a FleshLight Saber won't be as easy as attaching genital meshes to sword handles. Still,maybe the interactive female genital mods on this site can help in that regard.

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Something like this? Maybe not as subtle I guess.





That was actually on of the things that I was thinking of but mistakenly recalled that it referenced Catherine the Great rather than Queen Mary.



Ah, your comment wasn't there when I started my reply. I got the name wrong too and it took a while to find it :)



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