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Here is a "thief suit" I've been working on for one of my elven characters. I need to do some alterations of the textures though, they don't quite look the way I want them to. This character doesn't usually wear boots or shoes, so I made her leggings. 










Looks nice, but need more skin on the upside. ;)

If you are looking for prettier textures, look there: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/28899/?


A small side project:











Its based on Liara from Me3Fan's Liara Follower.


  • Fixed neck seam (she have now an own texture set)
  • New "Combat Style" (will change it to dual wield meele)
  • Few other small fixes
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Guest Donegan

Some new images:






And for testing a download: 


attachicon.gifERF_Liara_Follower 1.0.7z



Her Body and Armor are supporting BodySlide:




BodySlide Files:


attachicon.gifERF_Liara_Follower BodySlide 1.0.7z




You can find Liara in the arcaneum of the winterhold college.

Thanks for sharing the textures looks awesome






Also, I'm having a little neck and "hair" seam.






Are you still working on CBBE HD meshes? that looks fantastic too

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2 hours ago, loliCandy said:

So I've been looking for a succubus enemy mod but i dont like the ones i found, and i cant even find this one. Did u take it down or some shit?


It was a test mod and I deleted it because it was buggy and I don't wanted to continue with it. 

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Bringing a bit live into this thread...


I used the mesh from Kerrigan (Star Craft 2) and upscaled the textures with AI image upscale, adjusted the proportions to the cbbe body.  (so also bodyslide support would be possible)

Its not a real project, just playing around... or should I continue with it? 




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