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  1. I think it's the same old one, but I probably scaled the mesh up in nifskope. Or it just gets bigger with sos settings.
  2. Finally managed to tweak the xmls how I like them.. https://gfycat.com/SecretDefiantAmericanlobster https://gfycat.com/ActualInfiniteIvorygull Me too Let me know if you find a good futa mod. I may work on one myself if nothing pops up.
  3. Unpack downloaded 'pyffi-pyffi-2.2.3.zip', inside unpacked data run 'pyffi-pyffi-2.2.3\install.bat'. To check that all installed, goto '[blender_folder]\2.78\python\lib\site-packages\' and check 'pyffi' folder exists. To continue you have to go to path '[blender_folder]\2.78\python\lib\site-packages\pyffi\formats\nif\nifxml\' and place into 'nif.xml' from 'nifxml-' In your case [blender_folder] is 'C:\Users\Jim-2\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender' Kind Regards. When I use install.bat it says "python.exe not found!"
  4. Is there a way to change Mirai to a normal body or make it so she doesn't take battle damage? Same with Minori for the second part.
  5. NM, found there was a download in the hex edit thread. Thank you.
  6. Is there a lingerie mod available that makes panties invisible or both bra/panties? The picture for the NoBra mod shows no panties under regular clothes, but since Renka's bikini is an outfit, that means I can't do that, right? Thanks for your help all throughout the topic.
  7. That might not be it then, maybe just floppy settings. I keep weight at 100 and Velocity over 60. Vel below 60 tends to gets stuck behind the legs when running.
  8. Your gifs have all been awesome! Could you share what you did to get the leg collision (and if you had to make mesh or racemenu edits to the schlong to keep it in front)? Using OmegaNovaios's post https://www.loverslab.com/topic/53953-futa-content-thread-futa-news-and-more-12617-update/page-16?do=findComment&comment=1456775 as a starting point and opening up each of the .xml's in JFF, should it just be a matter of editing the NPC Genitals[01-06] and deselecting almost everything under the "Collisions" section? Thanks I haven't done anything special that I remember. Yours doesn't have any collision? Maybe it has something to do with adding the hdt file to the head mesh to get the hands working for breast collision. Next time I play I'll check if wearing a full helmet changes leg collision or not.
  9. https://gfycat.com/PerfumedFrighteningDeviltasmanian
  10. Nice progress Chekist Question about the editing, is it possible to scale or adjust the bone position? Maybe that way the original mesh can be left alone and just moved into a better position. That or scaling the bone up to XL size would be enough to cover the gap between the meshes. Also, if I could get a hold of the genitals texture and the female body texture, I could easily adjust some tones to make it match better.
  11. I saw the male version of the schlong mod you created some time ago.... but is there a female version avaiable for download? First ingame screens of the futa version: ScreenShot27.jpg Screenshot57236.jpg Screenshot63087.jpg Screenshot68939.jpg Excellent!
  12. I tend to miss a lot of things here. Thanks for putting this together Adding it to the front page. I didn't add the cat one yet. I have a link in the beast section for this: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/45531-sos-leito-schlongs-addon/page-5?do=findComment&comment=1413248 Is that the same one?
  13. Quoted for visibility.. I picked up that mod a while ago for the loincloth. HDT would be great on it.
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