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random UNPK armor sets WIP


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***UPDATE 8/20***


I've created four more sets of armor. Here's two of them-







I don't think you can upload Bless armors to the Nexus, so you can only can these four sets of armor here at LoversLab. 







I've created a mod for the Witcher based armor set. It's called Tempered Steel in-game and has the stats of nordplate. I'm still working on the Oblivion imported chainmail, as well as some others. I also made a UNPB version of the Tempered Steel armor for those who don't use UNPK.


Get it while it's hot!









These are some UNPK based armor sets that have been sitting in my to-do folder for some time, and I thought maybe if enough other people want them I might find the motivation to get off my butt and finish them, hehe. These are mostly Oblivion imported meshes and modified Tera armors. The only one I have completely finished and working in-game right now is the steel-plate armor. (I originally think it was a Witcher armor set, though I'm not sure.) I plan for these armors to be hdt compatible for the most part. 


Is anyone else interested in any of these armor sets? I know UNPK doesn't have a huge following, so I'm a little undecided if it's worth spending my free time on making them. 















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Hey gooboo,


I love the concept of UNPK, and definitely would use it on some of my characters, as the body itself looks awesome. There's however a small problem: Almost every single armor set seems to be completely bottomless. I suspect this is bugging many other people, and is one of the reasons why the body isn't more widely adopted.


I'd humbly suggest that most people think that suggesting something is often far sexier than outright showing it. I get that you like this particular style of armor, and it's more motivating to use the style you like, but a more "functional" (which can definitely still be sexy) style would probably help in building a following for the body.


I particularly like the Oblivion chainmail port myself, and would immediately use it.




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