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The Many Trials Of Tamriel (A Reaction to Skyrim Crashing)


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(This is technically about modding, so I hope its in the right forum)


So, over the last week Skyrim has crashed, bugged out and froze so many times that one time I actually had a mini break down and started to cry and laugh at the same time.


I have so many mods for Skyrim, I literally cannot remember what is basegame and what is not anymore, and I actually feel a bit worried when I click to launch without SKSE because I feel as though it will be like when you first watch a TV show in High Definition, and you see one of the stars all covered in liverspots and dripping nasal mucus. (Metaphorical Hyperbole of course) What I of course mean is, I don't want to see the bare naked 100% natural Skyrim, I want to see the Skyrim after going through intensive plastic surgery and botox injections to make it as shiny and new as possible.


And that is the reason why myself and you probably have so many mods.


I seem to have digressed from my point rather substantially, so let be basically sum up what the reason of this post was intended to be.


After hours and hours of troubleshooting 1, which mods work together and 2, which mods work (or the other way round) I deduced that I would need to get rid of around 30 mods, after which all hell broke loose.


My character seems to have decided that he is some omnipotent being, and the concept of gravity was for mere mortals, so as I started the game, he acceded into the heavens and left the mortal world behind.

That is obviously a hyperbolic way of saying that the character decided to leave the ground and fly out of the game. Mind you, the only thing I did was deactivate mods that were previously installed.


Then after I managed to solve that problem, (which I assure you was no small feat) Skyrim decided that it was beyond the subservience of a keyboard and mouse, and would henceforth be only controllable by the Xbox Controller I did not have. After it became clear to me that all of my attempts against this clearly sentient game were futile, I actually started to hysterically laugh and weep at the same time.


And that my friends, is where I am left now, maniacally guffawing  at a blank computer screen, wondering when the neighbors will contact the paramedics to move me to an insane asylum.



One day, when I recover my sanity, maybe I will have an eight trillionth, four hundred and twenty fourth billionth, six hundred and forty third millionth, two hundred and fifty six thousandth, four hundred and thirty second try (yes, that specific number). One day... Yes... One day..


I suppose if I had anything to add to this, it would be, has Skyrim ever made you feel mentally unstable? Or am I all alone...?





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Existing save or new game? Can't just turn off or un-install mods with Skyrim. Have to use half a dozen different programs to root out all of the scripts (that Bethesda thought would be a wonderful) that get baked into the save. Or you just have to suck it up and start a brand new game for the 96th time after you've already logged 570 hours in Skyrim yet managed to only complete Dawnguard main quest once and Thieves Guild main quest once (doesn't include the dozens of jobs after to restore the guild to former glory).

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I solved all of my non-engine related crashing problems. Sitting at a 251 load order right now with no problems. Been that way for close to a year now. Usually it's just one mod that ruins the whole pile.


The funny thing about modding is the fact that the only way to successfully do it is to "get good." The term you hear in MMOs and shooters from a-hole applies fully here. If you know everything about that you're installing, you can instantly identify whats wrong. If you don't, then you start guessing wildly. Which is the state that most people who mod any game find them selves in.


It's takes a lot of time to "get good" I've been modding games for about 7 years now. My Skyrim crashed a lot a year and a half ago then everything just clicked. Fixed all of my problems, started making patches for mods in my load order, and started helping new and old modders improve their mods.


Best to make a list of 50 mods you can't live without then make a new save. If you game continues to crash you can ask for help. With such a small number of mods it's easier for people to find your problem. That way you can learn what the problem was and will be able to fix it yourself in the future. Once you get those 50 mods stable in your game you can add 25 more and rinse and repeat. You can easily find problems when you know what isn't the problem. The sooner you can run 200+ mods the better. Skyrim is horrible without mods.

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Holy fuck that's some bad luck, I've never had those issues. I'm assuming you probably downloaded ALL possible mods from here and elsewhere and expected it to work? IDK I don't think I've ever had this issue but I always pick a few mods out a bunch that I want to use, and install those ones. And look over changelog's/notes to see if there may be any possible issue with the mod. If I see two mods - "greener fruit" and "larger fruit" (just made up LOL) I assume that since they both deal with the same thing or have parts to mod the same thing then chances are they're incompatible with each other, and I'll have to pick one of the two. That being said though I am currently having trouble with creatures not attacking - but I know what mod is causing it and I'll very sadly have to stop using it, though I REALLY like it.

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