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This is female body replacer, based on Robert's female body mod, that is not female.

It's an very feminine young male body with very detailed genitals.


You get 3 versions(as clothing items) flaccid, semi erect and underwear plus erect version (base body)


This mod was created using REN Mystic Elf's and looks best for that race but can work with any other.

If you want to use mystic elf race please apply my REN texture add-on for the face.


I made two armor packs which are modified custom armors converted to fit this body. For the second one first one is required.


I suggest you use setbody mod for this so you don't change all females to femboys.



Version 2.0 has much higher poly count but I haven't noticed any framerate loss (and my PC is antic)


Version 3.0 has realistic crotch bending, 3d boypussy and new erect mesh


Version 3.1 basically same as 3.0 with new pubic hair mesh


Version 3.2 has new shorter erect penis mesh(check the screenshots), had some complaints that it was too big for a femboy


Version 3.3 same as 3.2 but hairless




Copy data folder over yours and activate .esp files.


All items will be placed in a chest on the end of the boardwalk outside IC sewer exit.


Version 2.0 requires both version 1.2 and armor pack 1 to be installed first, if they are just copy over the data folder.


Version 3.0 and 3.1 require version 1.2, version 2.0 and armor pack 1 to be installed first, if they are just copy over the data folder.


Version 3.2 require version 1.2, version 2.0, version 3.0, version 3.1 and armor pack 1 to be installed first, if they are just copy over the data folder.


Version 3.3 require version 1.2, version 2.0, version 3.0 (without 3.1 and 3.2) and armor pack 1 to be installed first, if they are just copy over the data folder.




If you have any questions check out "It's a trap!" thread or PM me.


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Well done.... :heart:


When i saw it i thought ...yes Femboy for skyrim.......... :(



I was working on similar projekt but was using the upper body with more profound stiff nipples from this mod :http://desuchan.net/tr/res/28915.html




Got help to make some conversions to BrittFetisch, Stocking+garterbelt


If you are interested i think i still got the files





Oblivion needs SOS :P



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If you have some issues with getting armors from my first pack from the chest after installing the second pack you should deactivate armor 2.0 esp, load game get the first armors, then save, exit, activate armor 2.0 esp, then get armors from second pack.

I'll compile all armors into one pack when I finish my third pack which is on the way

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Impressive work, Gigabyte. Amazing body. Will be immediately added to my Setbody custom menus.

Is this mod LAPF-ready, I suppose? In this case, I suggest my revision of the MB2 plugin for players using femboy-body.

DO NOT Check it out! First I have to fix an unexpected bug.



I noticed the filesize of version 3.3 is much smaller than 3.2 and I wonder: are these files incremental updates or separate downloads? Nevermind, I didn't read the entire release note. Of corse they are incremental. Thanks, I'm looking forward for armor pack 3.

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Thank you very much. I'll try your mod out.

I'm a bit busy with life at the moment but I managed to make a big part of what will be armor pack 3 but I'm really busy and will be away for next few days so there will be no updates for at least a week.


PS: It's gigabite, like giga bite because when I started this mod I haven't even seen blender and only just tried using nifskope and I wanted a mod like this, so when I couldn't find one it was like f**k it I'll make it from scratch and started learning, check "it's a trap" thread if you want to see my learning curve, when I started that thread I had no experience with modding whatsoever. That was one huge bite, I almost choked but I managed to swallow it :)  


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Thanks for the recap of the genesis of the mod... I'll take a look at the other thread too. As for my modificaiton of MB2, movomo found a serious flaw in it and I'll have to rework it a bit. When I'm done, I'll let you know. For now, stick with the old LoversMB2 contained in LAPF.

Thanks for the reply.

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Just to let you guys know, I'm working on v4.0 and this time I'll do it properly so it will be a single bundle of body variations and armors. And because this time I want to make it easy to install and follow I will wait with the release until it's all done.


What to expect? Again more detail on the body, new penis mesh, more realistic bending, better texture, high heels, shirts...


When to expect it? In a week or two


Will it be final version? Probably not

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Would you believe I have downloaded version 3.3 since the release, but still haven't tested it yet?

My intent is using the mod as a resource for Setbody Reloaded mod (I don't want to change every female NPC to FemBoy), but since the textures are incompatible with my current HGEC skinset, I can't see a way to accomplish the result. This is the first time I face this problem, so far I've only used bodies that work well with HGEC textures. Any ideas?



Self-help resource. :lol:

A possibility is repackaging the textures folder (ex. Data\Textures\Characters\Imperial\GB-Femboy) and manually change the texture paths in the body meshes (using Nifskope) to match the new destination. It should work, and perhaps is the recommended layout for future releases of the mod (to avoid overwriting the textures currently in use for human races).


I'll try that, and post a custom SetBody menu for other user's convenience, eventually.



There's a CM companion at Luther Broad's boarding houses, a cute female Bosmer, that looks the perfect "test subject".

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You might want to look at the OBSE plugin - Blockhead.

That allows you set set the skin used by meshes (including armour) by Race, Sex, Actor FormId or by scripting.


I see. I know of Blockhead (and use it).

So, instead of hardcoding the path in the nif, I can just place the textures in the right AssetOverride subfolder. Clever. I should have guessed, but I didn't know it would have worked for the skinned portions of the armor, too. I need to figure out how to get the replacement.


One last thing. Using Blockhead over hardcoding, however, will force me to use the main Femboy plugin (to set the FormID or Race, or to attach the necessary scripts). I wish there was an alternative.



Well, the armor will be added using the original plugins, so I can use the FormIDs. I hope I can specify the replacement for the entire plugin content, having to do it for each piece of armor wouldn't be much of an improvement over harcoding.

Only the few body meshes would remain out, and for those I could hardcode the path.


Then again, before doing anything, I'd better wait for version 4.0

How about an OMOD or a Bain Installer with options?

In my case, the usual archive format would be better.



I posted another message in the other topic ("It's a trap").

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