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A special thanks is owed to our good friend and fellow pervert, O_O, for reminding me that newmiller reuploaded Crazy Magician Glass Robe. Now we can have sexy important women dressing improperly again!


Here is a small project that I wanted to share.


I decided to test myself to see how well I can work with multiple mods at the same time. With some much needed help, I succeeded after seven days (most of which I didn't even work on the project (not that that's relevant (I like parenthetical statements))).




(I know some of you knuckleheads will miss this, because I've done it too.)


-Newmiller Crazy Magician Glass Robe UNP. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80884/?


-Elewin Anklet. http://www.mediafire.com/download/t5xl6i0n6b5nbxq/Anklet.7z


Optional: Circlet replacers for Women. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37764/?


-For the Radiant Raiment file:


-Witchbane for UNP http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12258/?


-UNP High Heels http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36393/?tab=1&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fmoddescription%2F%3Fid%3D36393%26preview%3D&pUp=1


What does this do?


Sexy Important Women replaces the default outfit of some of the more prominent women of Skyrim with a glass robe from Newmiller, an anklet from Elewin, and a circlet (I use a circlet replacer because vanilla circlets suck).


The women who will have new outfits are jarls, stewards, some rich women, and a few from both the Bard's College, and the Mage's College. Let me know if I missed any. Four more women from the vanilla game have been changed.


New patch! I introduced a separate .esp for Dawnguard women. Yes, that means Serana just got hotter.


New patch! Another .esp for Dragonborn women.


New patch! Captured Dreams! Don't expect this one to work perfectly with the Master; there were too many outfit objects that I didn't want to replace, so I just added the SIW outfit to the list of already present outfit objects. Elenwen should work properly, though.


New patch! The Caller replaces the outfit of, well, The Caller in Felglow Keep. I enchanted the items used, but I may not have done it properly. Input is requested.


New file for the sluts at the Radiant Raiment. They really are sluts. Be sure to load this after the vanilla file. Either start a new game, or, if you are in the Radiant Raiment (why would you save there?), exit to Solitude, the re-enter the Radiant Raiment.


List of vanilla women

Maven Black-Briar
Ingun Black-Briar
Hillevi Cruel-Sea
Alfhild Battle-Born
Bergitte Battle-Born
Danica Pure-Spring
Idgrod Ravencrone
Idgrod the Younger
Betrid Silver-Blood
Elisif the Fair
Sybil Stentor
Silana Petreia
Aia Arria
Inge Six-Fingers
Pantea Ateia
Vittoria Vici
Mirabelle Ervine
Colette Marence
Brina Merilis



List of Dawnguard women

Redwater Skooma Den Dealer
Fura Blood-Mouth
Salonia Caelia



List of Dragonborn women

Aphia Velothi
Cindiri Arano
Elynea Mothren
Fanari Strong-Voice
Ildari Sarothril
Merilar Rendas
Mirri Severin
Tilisu Severin
Varona Nelas



Possible Issues


-Anuriel and Wylandriah seem to want to be naked instead of wearing the glass robes. It doesn't even show in their inventory when using the console to check. There may be more uncooperative women. I may need to patch that. Just tell me who you all find who won't wear the robe. FIXED WITH NEW GAME.


-The anklet doesn't show on any of the women. The console shows it as "worn." I don't know.


-This may be my first mod in which I need to provide technical support. Uh... what do I do?
-I did not esmify the original SIW, so I don't know if the changes will actually take place in the game. If not I will have to redo the new .esp files.


-I don't know the names of the more important Dawnguard women well, so help list them in the support topic [if you choose to help in this way, just make a post that includes "DLC-woman's name"]. I may have to revert some changes to a few in case they aren't so important.


The Future


I may be inclined to make a Dragonborn patch, but I know my way around that DLC even less than I know Dawnguard. You can help me by listing Dragonborn women that may want to be included in the support topic [if you choose to help in this way, just make a post that includes "DLC-woman's name"]. DONE




Elewin and Newmiller for beautiful and outstanding work.


Petrovich for UNP High Heels and Gizmodian for Witchbane.


Skyrimll and ContentConsumer for suggestions, thank you.


Darkconsole for telling me exactly what I was missing, HELLATHANKYOU!


Thanks to LL users for the support.


No resources of other mod authors were used directly to build Sexy Important Women.

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    Newmiller Crazy Magician glass Robe UNP, Elenwin Anklet Elewin Anklet
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Ok I'll check those out further tomorrow. Thanks for the links. Remember that Newmiller left the Nexus with all of his mods, and Elewin was banned.


Looks like that UPN site just links to the nexus page that is down- I don't see another download for the UPN version. Maybe someone else can share

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Ok, mod looks very interesting.. forgive me, please, for being stupid but didn't completely understood what does this mod do except of clothing and armor replacing... Does it initiate or trigger sex or something similar?

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Ok, mod looks very interesting.. forgive me, please, for being stupid but didn't completely understood what does this mod do except of clothing and armor replacing... Does it initiate or trigger sex or something similar?

It makes the more influential women dress like sluts.


I'm not yet skilled enough to make sex in a video game at this point.

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Sorry, have one more question. I would love to install this mod but before I do, I need to know if it will conflict with UNP mini dresses mod that I have in my game and that replaced all Vanilla's female clothing? So, if I install it, it will ask me to overwrite that mod. If I do, I must know if my game will CTD.

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