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  1. Your memory is amazing. I found this buried in the quest script: I had tried "ByName" before, but it threw me "unknown" errors. So, it can be done. Thanks sslBaseAnimation[] anim = new sslBaseAnimation[1] anim[0] = SexLab.GetAnimationByName("Arrok Tricycle") RegisterForModEvent("AnimationEnd_DoneThreesome","DoneThreesome") Handler.fuck(actors ,0, anim , next = "DoneThreesome").StartThread() endFunction
  2. Here is a discussion on updating Tags by some animators. Though not a complete list of valid tags, it does give some details that may be useful. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/148374-sexlab-anamation-tag-listdebate/
  3. I need a specific animation to play for my scene. Is there an alternative to "calling by tag" (anims = SexLab.GetAnimationsByTag)?
  4. No go, Tried it extracted to a single sound file, and tried it repacked to a BSA You have a single esp you want me to try?
  5. @judge007 Same as wolfboy22, DirtyTalk appears working with no issues, but no voices. I'm using MO2 and both are last on left and right sides just for testing. LO is dirtytalk, voices, voices0, voices1.
  6. Not yet, I'll give it a try in a bit, I'll let you know if I have problems
  7. I DL'ed the original mod and unzipped it to convert it to SE. Other than re-saving the esp, I'm at a lose at what part of this mod needs converting.
  8. Thanks for sacrificing your time to make these voice-overs and sharing, not to mention all the other stuff you do to help around here.
  9. How about something like a radiant quest or a lead to sex for all potentials before you decide who to marry? Even if it was only a simple one line optional choice to help us find that special someone. Some of us want to test if we are compatible in bed before deciding marriage....but sex out of marriage is a sin, so maybe not
  10. I petty much agree with majority here concerning who should have controlling rights to a mod, I think it's a no brainer, despite any of the excuses made. What I don't understand is how in the hell did @27x know the exact number to use when naming this tread!
  11. Has there been any discussion of reviving "SexLab RapeSpell - thread". Has anyone showed any interest in updating it? What all would be needed? Any ideas, comments? I tried the latest version, appears to be for SL 1.61b. The matchmaker spell portion of the mod worked, as is, just none of the other effects seemed to work. In it's current state, it's limited to being a fancy "Matchmaker attack spell", I guess useful as Role Playing a sneaky thief type mod. Did not try the "player as victim" so can't comment on that. I really miss this mod, cause is there any other simple mod you can use to make a near perfect harem play-through?
  12. That's one of my favorite do-dad features of this mod. I wanted a give/get option for the player as choices for two way, so I add those myself (since you showed us how).
  13. @-Caden- After thinking about it overnight, since the PC has never had a voice in Skyrim, are you really only limited to Skyrim. I mean all the voices are already over used and something fresh to the game sounds appealing. You probably already thought this through, so I'm just saying...
  14. Favorite Female NPC is first young eager and then sultry as a close second. But to pick one for PC... I find that hard to decide For males I'd pick MaleCommander. It's time consuming to make any of them sound natural. I couldn't figure out how to insert .wav file. It came out as download...sorry Busted.wavWhat She Likes.wav
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