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  1. Having problems with that site. Firefox ignores download button, Chrome labels it "dangerous" and discards it. Do I need to save it to my tearbox first?
  2. Thanks, I've already unlocked and translated the SSE version if you want it.
  3. Could you share the SOS patches for SSE. I'm unable to download that 7.47GB file due to exceeding limits. I'm guessing that's where these esp's are and only thing else I need. (And/or break that file into 2 parts (I can only reach 65% before hitting the limit.) I tried this in game and found it fixed most of the problems the older versions had. Thanks
  4. @-Caden- Yeah, I derpped and totally missed that quest. TY
  5. Finally completed both quest. Had all lovers except Irileth. Dispite trying 8-11 and 24/7, I was unable to trigger her scene. Maybe I missed something before or during the dragon fight? My thoughts: You spending so much time and effort to voice your mod is going to spoil us. I liked Elisif the most (hope we can fullfil her fantasy, though we already can sort of. Big fan of "Can we talk privately". Not so much a fan of only once a day. Would like increased relationship rank on lovers, at least on the ones that wouldn't break any quest.
  6. Bitey! LOL, that cracked me up. You always exceed my expectations. Great work!
  7. Started new game to test. All's well so far up to "The Road Less Traveled". Received quest from Ysolda to find the lost book. Did not get a quest marker for Volunruud. That Tongue bastard was a little to much for my Lv5 magic disk girl, so I had to go get Lydia for help. It's like meeting floor Boss at Lv1 (Doable, and unexpectedly fun) After getting book: Quest marker goes to Sigrid instead of Ysolda. I'm off to see the greybreards now.
  8. @HOrnyHOrse There are tons of tutorials here at LL as well as the nexus if you look or google. That one you mention happens to be an easy one and is perfect to start learning with. You'll need to use the "convert SK CBBE to SSE CBBE" reference to convert it, then to 3BBB.
  9. Jap, I don't know if you remember that trouble you had with the animations for Sexlab from about 5 years ago. But I just tried what you did to fix it and I could kiss you right now if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic.

    1. jap2015


      Off hand I don't remember but glad you found a solution. Thanks for the kind words

  10. jap2015

    Hi everyone.

    Yoooooo, good to see ya still kick'en
  11. Finally caught up, loved it as usual. Can't wait for new adventures. Just what is little mage girl thing? I see what you did here: sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words....poor little mage
  12. Congratulations!!! You successfully taught me how to "Bend the will of others, and have them do my bidding" (at least on a 1 on 1 basis) Thanks for that. My next goal is to figure out NPC x NPC , threesomes and gang bangs. I can't seem to compile a simple 3way script without getting an "undefined actor" error. Am I correct in guessing I need to learn how to use and script aliases to achieve this?
  13. @Aylis 1. The new CF simply does not work for everyone. (No one seems to know why, maybe old CPU "I3770k" or "win7" thing). I felt it was worth mentioning. And there is an upside for those of us how can't use the newer CF... All animations seem to play well. 2. Yeah, what you said, and also performing at least 2 different sex types (vag, oral, anal) before it kicks in. (Duh).
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