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This mod acts as a reskin for SkyUI, The deafult white is designed to theme the interface like Sword Art Online. also new sounds are added to make the interface sound a bit like SAO


There are 5 diferent colors to choose frome, the file is a Mod manager installer


Apple Red

Mystic Purple

Ken watanabe Green

Wobbuffet Blue

Brum Yellow

Yuri Pink

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I just wanted to grab it from the nexus.

Why the heck did they and/or a moderator see the need to 'review' this?

Did someone mention loverslab and/or the word 'sexy' in the comments or what?


Pyro can you please write the information to the mod onto here?


/edit probably because of "ken watanabe" and/or "yuri" as part of an options name and not flagging it as adult ...

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Not only the Nexus, the Player Home Mod Maker Eleanor checks out new mods, looking specifically for things to report to Nexus Moderators. She won't be the only one.

On the bright side it's only here because of that, I've only seen it because it's here, so however it got reported on Nexus, coming here is great for me.

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I think I'm gonna move my mods over here as well.


You can have them in both places, like it or not, this site has a proud reputation of adult modding.

Some modders will never come here due to that, the ads also put many off, if they don't use Addblock Plus.

If you've no reason to leave Skyrim Nexus, both is a good option, many mods on the Nexus are developed and supported here.


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I saw that Glass UI was removed & the author banned from Nexus for supposed piracy.  I agree that not all torrents are of pirated content.  pyrokensei should have been able to appeal his ban from Nexus (There is an appeals process where one can attempt to prove one's innocence & have a ban reversed on Nexus) & present his case to have said ban reversed.  


Regardless, I'm here to get support for a possible bug within the Glass UI mod.  I'm having so-called "flickering map" issues with the mod installed.  I also use No More Boring Sleep/Wait Menu & Atlas Map Markers for Skyrm/Dawnguard/Dragonborn/Blackreach, both of which can be found on the Nexus.  Whenever I access the map to fast-travel to a location, my map starts to flicker like mad when my cursor is hovering over The Rift & sometimes Falkreath Hold as well.  This didn't start happening until I installed Glass UI.  Although a rather minor issue, I would nevertheless appreciate some help in getting this annoying bug fixed.  Thanks.

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I'm sorry it was removed and you were banned, pyrokensel. I find myself on Nexus only to download and get the hell out these days, and it's come to a point where I rarely download because they have nothing I want.  Your mod was the exception. I downloaded it on Nexus and it's wonderful.


I'm running the apple red right now. Hot! Hot!  :D  


Edit: I live in Australia. Sydney, actually. So you'd think I'd have pretty spiffy internet living in a city as big as Sydney, right? Wrong. Aussies use torrent downloads for legit software all the time. Actually, it's how I got Interesting NPCs. Thank god the author had a torrent download or I would have been downloading that puppy for days.    

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I have to say I really love the idea of this mod but I had one question. Can you make a dark edition for some of the colors? I would really love to see a blood red, midnight blue, ect. I ask because I have my game set to have more of a dark look and feel and having a dark color other than black as the UI would really add to the theme.

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Oh, god. What a ban.

Your mod is grate. I'm using now it, and I'm waitting for new compatibility version with Better Dialogue Control, Better MessageBox Control, Not Another Colored Map Icon Mod,  .. etc that using mods of *.swf.

it's introduced to my county's biggest skyrim community site and response is also good.


Cheer up, pyrokensei.

Edited by jausin
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