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[WIP] Fiend's Camp (Updated 06/05/12)


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hi all, this my first mod i'm going to try and integrate into Sexout so i apologise for any bugs/delays etc.


The general idea is that after being fucked silly by Motor-Runner in the tryouts plugin he asks you to go visit his fellow fiends out East.

You soon realise he has told them to enslave you and from there i'm sure you can imagine where it goes.


This mod requires-


Sexout Common Resources

Sexout tryouts plugin

i think thats it, please post if there are any other dependencies.


Update log-

V1.5: The start of the quest is up and running. After Motor-Runner has done with you, talk to him ask how you did. it runs fine up until you go into the house so far. Known bugs ATM - Navmesh, GREETING, some dialogue.


V1.4: Fixed major navmesh issues - about 50% done, changed look of gangbangers, gave the slave a simple back-story which I will add more to later, gave the second house a interior including a secret to do with the slave, introduced new bug with the topic 'GREETING'.


V1.3: Removed independencies on the wrong SCR files as well as fixing most of the navmesh issues. Also added the basics of the second house and a cave which is accessible from the burnt out house.


V1.2: The Fiend house and dungeon are almost content complete, the Dungeon Master has a new pet, There is now a Camp Leader, the quest is set up but not active or complete.


V1.11: added the first Fiend House (the one on the left)


V1.1: Added a dungeon which is accessible in the camp. DO NOT talk to the dungeon master, he is bugged at the moment.


V1.0: Added the basic location of the camp and the framework of the beginning of the quest.


Any comments/help/etc is very welcome!


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Post reserved for any important information



The camp is located near the lake with the crashed bomber on the west side beach.






Please note you need be friendly with the fiends or they WILL attack you.

To start the quest talk to Motor-Runner after he has had his way with you.

The slave has her own mini-quest which isn't implemented yet but you can ask about the basics of her past.


The dungeon is not complete and in particular the Dungeon Master is VERY bugged DO NOT talk to him!

The navmesh is broken at the moment so NPCs aren't in the correct place.

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interesting' date=' you should try to merge this (when its complete) with the sexout fiends mod.



thanks, yea I was thinking when its stable and mostly content complete I'll look into it. To be honest it's a pity i can't use the mod as my dissertation!

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Indeed! Is there anything in particular you think should be implemented? I was looking at mostly submission and public display kind of stuff. I'm toying with the idea of maybe travelling around NV to various Fiend hideouts, like start at vault 3, then the new one i added, then maybe the ruins, then who knows. Maybe I could lead it into another tryout plugin like Legion or Powder Gangers

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There are just a lot of extra options. Take your best shot at implementing SexoutSlavery and ask questions when you're stuck. I'll do my best to reply quickly.


Thanks, that's what i like most about this forum so far - very friendly and helpful.

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Gonna load this up and take a look at it now. I feel honored you based this off of a Tryout plugin.


Thank you! your mod is almost completely perfect and really appealed to me. I just felt like small additions could be made to flesh the 'plot' out more. Still- I'm honoured you think it's great I'm trying :)

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ill try to give it a test run...

that is if i can get around to it lol... have been working my way through oblivion lovers mods working out all the kinks so to speak, god what a pain in the ass (not the good kind, specially since im not gay or female lol)


probably wont get to it till later on today sometime.

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lol, np... its what i does best.

seriously lately it seems that i have been working out every which way to get as many possible mods going on a given beth game at the same time lol


while most peoples lists are usually half or less than mine... too bad alot of the ones that should work together dont work very well -.- (usually dead ones)


needs to be one giant sexout mod with all the other mods in it, then it would be easier to addon other mods.

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@chisume: the SCR_ESM's are in another thread. go back to the sexout DL area by clicking on the sexout with the little blue arrow beside it... the thread for those files will have the heading of SCR or sexoutcommunityresources, after you find the thread the downloads should be at the bottom of the first post(otherwise you will need to search the thread).


@tamaster92: so far the outside area is good to go for the most part... there is an issue with the building mesh of the white building (allows the slave to 'run into' the model/not into the house through the door. annoying but not a big deal.

dialog needs to be added to the slave.

the inside of the white house is well... pretty bad currently lol. the room with the fireplace (fireplace is pretty cool tho) fire effect should be moved back and down into the fireplace a little.

the bathroom and the door need to be moved around (not to mention the inside is completely different shape than the outside version)...


the brown house has an issue with the back door and no entry options.


also should have more busted up houses and other clutter to make it look like an abandoned community or something.


ill double check all that stuff in a sec, i dont remember if i switched the files out er... overwrite.


be back in a few minutes.


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Thanks for the feedback. I know there is a Navmesh issue which is actually what I'm working on right now, I just finished the first house.


The brown house I haven't started real work on yet so haven't added it to the ESP.


The inside of the white house will probably get edited when the basics are up and running, I agree about the fire though, it never looked quite right to me either, I'll go back and have a look at it.


As for the slave, well I want to greatly expand her but for now I'm focusing on the worldspace and quest, if you have any suggestions for her I'd be glad to hear them and probably add them in.


Also I will add more clutter but I hate doing clutter runs so will probably do that near to last lol.

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