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Immersive First Person View vs. Joy of Perspective... which mod is better for SexLab


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I'm trying to create my ultimate SexLab setup currently, and I am curious on which first person mod is superior. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each mod and are there any other mods which are better than these?

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Is there a reason? when i experimented with it i found problems with the camera angle and not being able to turn my character with certain presets... as well as being able to look into my neck...

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Yes IFP is by far the superior mod for this purpose. It does take some configuration though... for instance, it can seem like you are facing the wrong way in some poses, but that's because your head rotation is set too low. Use the mod that guk linked above and create a Sexlab profile in IFP, then make sure head rotation is set to 100.


Keep in mind that some animations aren't great in first person, such as those where you're facing away from your partner... you don't get to see much at all but there's still some immersiveness in that. ^_^

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