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  1. Does anyone happen to know where the Thalmor follower is found? I thought maybe Markarth or Solitude, but while there are Thalmor (or at least high elves) in both places, none had any special dialogue.
  2. @Eadoo First of all, thank you for this lovely mod. I consider Apropos to be indispensable as a mod, and I'm always happy to see more work done on it to make it more descriptive and thus more immersive! I don't know if you're looking for this sorta thing, but in the past I did lots of work adding my own descriptions and synonyms to the mod. I thought I'd at least start by offering the synonyms I have, which I've even copied over into your current format so it's easier to compare and see what I've added. Feel free to use any, all, or none of them as you see fit. ^_^ Synonyms.txt
  3. Every animation is for SE, as they can be converted more easily than almost anything else. You can even do them in batches using this guide.
  4. Can I ask.... how did you get the furry legs? Is there a mod for that? They look so... fluffy!
  5. Oh no the giant camp bug is from Sexlab, but it's triggered when a sex scene doesn't properly complete. This mod isn't at fault for causing the teleport/launch, but it's not completing the sex scene in a repeatable way, which makes it indirectly responsible for the problem. That's what I'm trying to say ^_^
  6. I'm having a weird issue with the LE version of this mod, specifically with the "Childhood Friend" guy. He seems to work just fine up until he accuses me of blueballing him, at which point he tries to rape my character. I noticed the dialogue only seems to trigger in an inn, but whenever I do trigger it, the Sexlab scene tries to start, but we both fall through the floor and then the scene resets, re-dresses us, and Troubles of Heroine seems to believe the rape happened as we can talk about it. The problem is compounded then as, since the Sexlab scene breaks, every future sex between my character and the Childhood Friend causes the "teleport to giant camp" bug where we get launched into the air, and the Sexlab scene again resets. Sex with other characters continues to work fine, it's only with this guy... and he works fine up until that dialogue, such as when I lose a Rock Paper Scissors game. After that, all scenes with him break, whether inside an inn or outside.
  7. Do I just drop this .ESP in with the regular one, or should I rename it and replace the regular TroublesofHeroine.esp ?
  8. Is it correct that the patch for TAWoBA has so many dependencies? It looks like it requires all the Devious Devices mods as well as ZaZ Animation Pack. All this is supposed to do is add keywords so that the mod sees it as a bikini, right?
  9. I saw this mod and instantly knew I would have to try it, even though I haven't done much of anything with Skyrim LE in quite awhile. I started a new character right there in the Sleeping Giant Inn just to make sure I would run into Bruiser to see what he was all about, and in many ways he was exactly what I love... a big, harsh brute who wanted nothing more than to humiliate my character. It's a pretty good start for a mod, but I have to say I would have wanted just a little more build-up for this character before he has me settling his debts. Naturally I could choose not to do it, but that's not any fun at all! ^_^ Instead, it would have been fun for Bruiser to start off crass, explain his debt and then basically invite himself to go along with me on my adventures to settle them, which would basically point me to Lucan and the trouble with his missing claw. Then, over the course of that adventure, Bruiser would embarrass and deride my character, stealing money from her and basically trying to take control. This of course is just my idealized version and I'm not criticizing, as I know how difficult this kind of stuff is to make and I absolutely appreciate the work you've put into this. I am excited to try more of this mod just to see what happens with Bruiser and to meet the other characters.
  10. I should point out that I tried Queen Isabel as a male character, asking her if she had any orders for me. I didn't get trapped in dialogue, so I guess it's only a female character thing. Maybe that's been pointed out but on the main page it doesn't make that distinction. Anyways, I want to say overall that this is such a good mod! ^_^ I have only tried begging and prostitution in Diamond City so far, but all that seems to work very well and I like that my character's dialogue progresses from being very unsure, to getting more confident about asking customers to "party". I'll get to trying the raider stuff as well, and can't wait to see how that goes.
  11. This mod looks amazing! I am definitely going to try it sometime soon. Quick question: How did you make your male character in the videos look young? Is that just a particular preset, or is there a mod which helps with that?
  12. I know the idles are from the Castanic Animation Pack (here) but I'm pretty sure that pack doesn't have any attack animations. Those might be Mofu? Here's a vid of his 1-handed animations... not sure if they look the same but they are pretty cool in any case. Edit: Beat'd on the Mofu stuff.
  13. There are Female/Female descriptions; at least there are folders and files present but without any text in them. I thought about copying all the MaleActor_Female files into the FemaleActor_Female folder, then having Sexlab see the futa as a female, which should then have Apropos describe my character penetrating the female whenever a Sexlab animation starts. But then I'd have to re-write all the FemaleActor_Male files to include descriptions of Futa cock and swap them out when I inevitably go back to playing a regular female. It's doable, but since I'm much less likely to ever play a gay male who is also a top, having a MaleActor_Male section would lessen the complications considerably. 😋
  14. Hey all! This is one of my favorite mods, and lately I've been inspired to create new messages for myself after just living with the included descriptions for all this time. In the course of doing that, I came up with the idea of creating some descriptions for a futa character on the receiving end of a male or other futa. I use Sexlab Eager NPCs to mark girls with cocks as male (so that other Apropos descriptions work when they are banging a female), but I wanted also to have descriptions for when they are getting pounded by a male. I tried adding a MaleActor_Male folder with description files, but Apropos doesn't read them. Is there something else that needs to be done so it sees these new descriptions? Please note that I am a total neophyte at modding and would appreciate any help on how to make this happen. As a trade, here's the descriptions I wrote up! I added lots of synonyms as well as descriptions for nearly every category, but keep in mind I only added 2nd person descriptions because that's what I personally prefer. Apropos2stuff.zip
  15. I had this crashing issue with Skooma Whore in Oldrim, where I'd always CTD in the Ratway under Riften, but usually only the 2nd time I entered there (usually from the Ragged Flagon after going down there for the Thieves' Guild quest). I ended up fixing it by opening the mod in CK and checking it for errors, which was suggested, strangely, by DynDOLOD which found the errors when I was running it for the first time. All the people having crashes with the SSE version makes me wonder if whatever errors from the old mod just got brought over. I'm so behind that I didn't even know this mod had been ported until just now, so I might have to see if I can repeat the fix I did for the Oldrim version.
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