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Do you want to know a character's most intimate secrets? Sure you can find out using the old-fashioned way (i.e. hokey magic spells).
Well, with this mod your character gains a sexth sense, if you will. Just by glancing at someone, you'll know all their sexploits.

Do you want to be the very best like no lover ever was? Is poking them your real quest? Is training them your cause?
Well, while you travel across land, searching far and wide, this mod will instantly notify you of those you haven't "caught" yet.
So you can, indeed, poke 'em all.

HUD Status Bars Enhanced alternative.
The HSBE ini has been moved from the main LoversSexSense download to the forum.
(see post #26)

-NPCs' Lovers "sense exploits" info is diplayed in your HUD.
-Tags are shown for the various experiences a NPC has had.
-Customizable INI file to only show the tags you're interested in seeing.
-Slave mods support (LoversRapeSlave and LoversSlaveTrader)
-TamagoClub and HiyokoClub support
-LoversHiyokoShooterParentage support

Approaching a NPC (target) close enough to display their name will "sense" their sexual diary.
The diary includes sex, being raped, and having raped.

The player related tags function as reminder (or log) of your encounters with the target.

The general tags give a deeper "sense" of their past.

In each of the three act types only one tag will be shown, whether it involved the player
or any character in general. Tags relative to the player have higher precendence.

Extra mod support

Slave mods - identify enslaved NPCS.
LoversRapeSlave - NPC is enslaved if broken through rape, which is permanent.
LoversSlaveTrader - NPC is enslaved if LST's spell is successfully cast.
If dismissed, the slave is no longer considered enslaved, even after having been broken through training.

TamagoClub - displays Ovum, Sperm, Fertilized Ovum, or Fetus/Embryo in NPC's inventory. In case of multiple items,
the item with furthest progression will be shown. Fetus->Ovum(Fertilized)->Ovum/Sperm
Once NPC is recognized as actually being "pregnant", the pregnant tag will be displayed.

HiyokoClub - identify if NPC is a Hiyoko child.

LoversHiyokoShooterParentage - identify Player's descendants (hiyoko)

Wrye Bash:
Select 00 Core and your choice of UI

Copy the core files to your data folder as well as a UI folder

Known issues
NPC will not show as having had sex (with player) if rape was previously attempted and interrupted. Rape must be completed to get
an accurate sex and rape count. To remedy, player must engage in consensual sex with an NPC more times than rapes attempted.

Version Log
0.6 - 2016-09-03
-Added support "LoversHiyokoShooterParentage.esp" (player's descendants have their own tag)
-Added "pregnant" tag for TamagoClub
-tweaked ini tags and enabled all options (except one)

-Reverted to previous calculation

-Added variable to adjust font type.
-Changed variables used in sex calculation

-Fixed bug with HiyokoClub support

-Added support for enslaved NPCs
-Added support for TamagoClub and HiyokoClub

-Fixed ini not reloading
-cleaned up script
-modified tags (again)

-separated consensual sex and forced sex (rape)
-corrected tags from acts with NPCs to acts in general
-fixed the case user wants general and not player info

-Grouped tags by act and those involving player have higher priority
-Tweaked default tags and values in INI
-Added UI support for DarNified and DarkUI'd DarN
-Included separate xml snippets for customized UI


Feel free to use in anyway shape or form.

LAPF modders

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Got some screenshots in the main post now. The mod is just meant to make the sex diary of an NPC a little more accessible and handy.

By default "virgin" status is turned off to minimize the intrusiveness. Just assume everyone is a virgin unless you see the tags pop-up. I do need to change the default labels a bit since they could be clearer:


[raped] - is specifically by the player
[was raped] - is in general (I believe that is how LAPF's "rapev"  is used)


Icons would be ideal, but I lack the artistic ability to fully capture has had sex, we had sex, raped by me, raped by someone else, raped me, or raped someone in icon form.

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Works a treat. Although as I use Darnified UI and HUD status bars in skyrim UI formation with Photorealistic ENB @ 1920x1080 it looked a bit out of place, (or bolloxed totally depending on view point). So I inserted following code in existing 'hud_info_main.xml' before the '<!-- NAME =============' section, and only used the ESP/INI from the 00 Core without using the xml's provided for more standard UI environment. (Only providing to give peeps pointers).




    <!-- LoversSexSense =================================================================-->
    <text name="LoversSexSense">
        <id> 10 </id>
        <visible> &false; </visible>
        <font> 2 </font>
        <justify> &right; </justify>
            <copy src="HUDInfoMenu" trait="red" />
        </red> <!-- red w/ telekenisis alteration -->
            <copy src="HUDInfoMenu" trait="green" />
        </green> <!-- green w/ telekenisis alteration -->
            <copy src="HUDInfoMenu" trait="blue" />
        </blue> <!-- blue w/ telekenisis alteration -->
            <copy src="screen()" trait="width"/>
                <copy src="screen()" trait="cropx"/>
                <mul> 4 </mul>
            <sub> 950 </sub>    <!-- effective width of hudemainmenu - adjusted for Oblivion XP -->
        <justify> &right; </justify>

            <copy src="screen()" trait="width" />
            <sub src="screen()" trait="cropx" />
            <copy src="hudinfo_name" trait="y" />
            <sub src="me()" trait="height" />
            <add> 400 </add>



Looks like this on my setup - not a fashion shot in anyway, but details at bottom right'ish.








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@DrN - thanks.  Sure use it in any way you wish.


@spoonsinger - try out the new version and see if that works better for your UI


Yep that looked good, (and I suspect how you intended). However can't give a sceenshot at the moment to prove that because I seem to have rubbished my setup with random fiddling in the meantime. (grrr not sure how yet :blush:   - so back to an early Jan backup. Nowt to do with you though). 



Edit - Yeh!, (and back sort of). So yep it works still :), (Not what I remember from way back then, but I suspect I was going for mage guild master slaves - and my layout was slightly better).








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  • 3 weeks later...

Version 5 does not work in my game. Last Version I used was V3 and it worked well.


Version5: I use Vanilla HUD

In the ini all "base" Infos set to 1 , none of the Support slave and Tamago  Infos.

In game the console shows the LoversSexSense.ini is loaded.

But no Infos are displayed.


I installed the old Version 3 and all Infos are displayed.


i tried v5 with an old save ( before I had installed any LoversSexSense Version) but it does not work.



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Great. Thanks for the quick feedback. I was looking it over and not finding anything else to try.


I had vanilla when I started the mod, and when making it DarkUI'd Darn compatible I got converted. I reverted to vanilla in testing the bug you were getting. I see I really need to make the info display nicer.

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Would something like this (or this) be possible as a display option for the information your mod provides ?


It would suppose for the player to use additional mods :





but I believe most everyone does so nowadays.


It may be some extra work on your side, but it looks like a good compromise to me not to deal with different UI settings (darN, dark darnUI, etc).

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Why Status bars ? To see full virgin, half virgin,  one quarter virgin ?

When Is the loading bar full ? 10 sperm, Ova, children  or 100 sperm, Ova, children ?


All the Infos in this Mod are yes-no / have or have not.  Why should Status bars or symbols / Icons cluttering your screen?


I like this Mod because it does not need other Mods ( HUD Status Bars, Pluggy Hud Version , or...)

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1/ HUD status bar has the option to display pure text.

2/ Alot of players use the mod already.

3/ I offer it as a suggestion to help the author with UI issues. See the ? at the end of the first line of my post ?


I can return your question : why not ?


PS : Are you always as aggressive outside forums towards people who have no ill intentions ? Just curious, since it's not the first time.

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first thing i thought was a virgin Status bar, was laughing while I wrote the post.  Should not be aggressive.


But I really like the Mod because it does not use additional Mods/plugins. No extra esp in my load order. ( I don't use HUD Status bars)


sorry again ljacquard


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Hey, it's no worry.


Not always easy to convey what and how one wants to say something only with text across a forum. I am not native in English, so I can tell.


Also, in my opinion, the author should keep the mod as is, and if possible (and he/she thinks it's a good idea), to add the HUD status bar as an optional add-on. This would satisfy most of the users, I believe, and solve most issues.

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Well this is rather embarassing.

You don't need this mod if using HUD status bars (HSB).


I installed HSB sometime after I finished 0.3 and saw the potential in it. I just wasn't sure if it could to do the same as this mod.

I did add it to my todo list, but wasn't a priority. Since it came up in this thread, I thought I'd give it a try.

The resulting ini didn't turn out the way I had hoped as it's difficult to install, and everything I tried to make it easier wouldn't work.


WARNING - This is not a trivial copy-paste setup.

You must be comfortable editing HSB ini files AND able to get the mod index for mods.

Installation instructions in the ini file.

Check HSB's documentation for customizing the info displayed.



You do not need my original mod to use this ini.

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Sure.  That ini is pretty rough, but gives the general idea on how to access the variables you need.


Minor update (0.5.2):

Added a font option in the ini, mainly for Vanilla UI users.  Uncomment the line to set the font type to 3, which is smaller than the default.  Hopefully, this will make the info less of an eyesore.

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  • 1 year later...

After a year, I'm looking into re-visiting this mod.  I'm considering adding options for displaying mother/father of hiyoko or at least which are or are not the player's kids.


Just wondering if there are any other tags you would like for NPCs.  There are a lot of Lovers mods I don't use so I'm not aware of other variables that would be interesting to have displayed. 


Also, I've never liked the default text for the tags, and I'm open to suggestions for new ones.  It's just that I wanted short meaningful words for variables that were very similar to each other.  I wanted natural language and not variable names or codes.  I didn't want a first time user to have to look up what they meant.  The actual variables are: Sex, PSex, PRapeV, RapeV, PRape, Rape.  In retrospect, I do wish I went with those since they are shorter (and less vulgar). 

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