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What Pregnancy meshes work?


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I've tried searching the forums and the internet but I can't ever get pregnancy meshes to work. I tried getting unp and b3lisarios mesh and it's a no go. Tried the body slide cbbe and nothing worked. With cbbe even following the suggested steps on how to set it up led to it either not working or crashing my game when I took of the clothes. With b3lisario I can get unp working, add in the pregnancy mesh and I crash as well. I've tried all sorts of other forum conversions and I always crash when the clothes are taken off. I have the xp32 skeleton and all the other related stuff its the pregnancy meshes themselves causing the issue.


So once and for all apparently Im a giant moron who needs to be told exactly how you get any pregnancy mesh to work. Because apparently having unp and the b3lisrio mesh doesn't work and honestly if I have to go through that whole body slide thing all over again then I guess Im just done. But seriously what do i need to get these things working?

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Do you use MO?


If so take a pic of your XPMSE mod folder's overwrite section.


Im guessing MO is mod organiser? Then no. I'm just more curious at what other people did that worked. I'm probably not going to have much luck though. Not much that i can say other then i installed Xp32. Downloaded whatever body mod the mesh would require, and then the mesh, and Ive never had luck.

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So i've been playing around some more. I downloaded mod manager which I don't really understand and loot which I also dont understand. neither is stating theres a problem. I can't think of a single mod that would alter the skeleton. I have the XP32 skeleton in and it works fine. But all pregnancy meshes still cause a ctd. Now I get it. Im a moron. this is apparent. I still want to know what skeleton and mesh people use. I saw the CBBE one suggested but thats not a body mesh, just a pregnant outfit thing. So if XP32 doesn't have the neccesary bones what skeleton does? And what pregnancy mesh are people actually using that theyve gotten to work?

Rather then spending forever dwelling on what's not working for me I would really love to hear what is actually working for others.

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