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How come they still have their underwear on?



The following is from the SexoutNG OP or first thread / also download page:



A male nude body (underwear) and bodysuit (erect) are included (Breezes) and used when appropriate, and a female nude body (T6M BnB) is included within the BSA. Of course if you do install a female nude body, it will be used without issue, and there will be no install conflicts. Installing breezes is entirely "pointless" now, though if you want the other textures/meshes, you can install them.


If you install your own male nude body, you must install a nude (erect) mesh for the sexout bodysuit as well. This file is located @ data/meshes/armor/SexoutBodysuits/OutfitMErect.nif. The texture is whatever male texture you have installed.

You are strongly encouraged to fully read any and all OP or original post from any mods that you use. If you have any questions or need clarifications on what is stated ask before you install. Many mods are complex for newer users to install however your question above would easily be answered by reading the mods description.

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