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Voice actress needed!

Guest tomm434

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Guest tomm434

hello folks.

I'm looking for voice actress for companion mod for Fallout Vegas.




She has about 2000 lines. She is ready - all I need to do is to add sound files.


You you're interested feel free to PM me.

If you somehow can help find voice actress I would be glad to accept help.

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I would start by looking at all the fully voiced mods for fallout 3 - NV oblivion and maybe skyrim you might find one that you might want for your mod. You might also find uploads of voice acting. 


http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39828/?Female Voice Acting by kungfubellydancer



These are just a few that I saw with a glance in the FNV section.

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Guest tomm434

myuhinny,  I talked to DesertRose2281 long time ago. kungfubellydancer hasn't been online since january but I wrote to her anyway.


hashigicc9, Please let me know if someone's interested.

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 Voice acting is hard work, but it's really cool to hear yourself in your favorite game. 


 You can get a decent sounding 'real' (not headset) microphone for under 100 dollars.


 Doing voice acting can make you more self-confident too, and open new opportunities.

I actually did some voiceover work for a training video where I work; and I never would

have offered to do it if I hadn't already done some voice acting. The only drawback is the

marketing people keep trying to get me to work for them now :rolleyes:


 So all you ladies out there, quit being bashful and give something back to the modding

community by lending us your voice... and don't worry about the GECK; it isn't any harder

to figure out than one of those *#$!% 'smart phones'.

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