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  1. I think I found something and thank you so much, but, are these for SkyrimSE, too? Or, ONLY for FFXIV? UPDATE: The person of the twitter contacted me and told me the mod is only for FFXIV and it does not exist in Skyrim.
  2. Guys, please, don't fight. All I want right now is info about how/where to get the unarmored version of that cute little Carbuncle pet in yellow or whatever else color and in addition to that, one more armor that I found here on this twitter but can't contact the person, hoping someone here has twitter and can contact them in any way or knows/has this armor already. For the sake of keeping things intact, I will post them together on this reply to make it easier for future eyes to see this instead of scrolling back up and read so many comments and arguments. Twitter ac
  3. Hi, any chance for this UUNP conversion to be ported for SE, too, please??? Also, the dark textures, please!!!!
  4. Yeah, it's a cute thing. I have the grey one with the armor on it, and it's a bit bigger. Trying desperately to find that one without armor and yellow. I think I can do the size by using scaling or whatever in console command.
  5. Thank you very much for the Dwemer Fairies, I actually wanted that, too, but I didn't want to force more work on people finding things for me, but I was more desperate for the cute yellow carbuncle. lol I found another one which looks similar but it's bigger, grey and has armor. It is called Kurama Follower and it was from twitter. That's all I could find. No idea how this person in the video has the same looking one but without armor and yellow and so tiny.
  6. REQUEST: What is the name of the mod of this cute little Carbuncle pet from FFXV??? Trying desperately to find it and I can't!
  7. There is no link there either, I checked this and searched everywhere before I make a post here. I am looking for someone who had this mod before they took it down from the internet and is willing to send to me. It can be through google drive/mega links or pm or something. -Tried to contact the person who posted it, let's see if they reply.
  8. ^Looking for this armor, it is part of Project Vindictus vol 1 and it seems I can't find it anywhere because links have been taken down. Anyone with a google drive/mega link and willing to share at LEAST THIS armor in the video, is going to be a wholesome God and their effort will be appreciated. Please. The armor is called Vin Evil Knight . That's all the info I have.
  9. Apologies, for resurrecting an old thread, but, do you happen to have the vol 1, please?
  10. Since, nobody said that, yet, and it's been a long time, allow me to tell you this: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT, THANK YOU!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME AND YOU JUST WON THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails?l=norwegian&id=972517253) Found the model of one of the two armors I want for SkyrimSE. Can someone here with knowledge and a strong computer port this armor to SkyrimSE, please?
  12. Hey, I REALLY want to learn how to rip off armor models and possibly other things like weapons from other games and port them to SkyrimSE. I have seen things from dark souls, bloodborne, nier, bdo, bas, etc. And even some stuff from FFXIV. I am trying to find to no avail, some armors from a game called "Lords of the Fallen". Can't find anything so far, so I assume nobody took time or had the patience to do that. And I want to ask, has ANY of you here did something like this before? I really like some armors, two of them specifically, which I would love to
  13. [REQUEST] Lords of the Fallen - ANY Armor from that for Skyrim Special Edition? Has anyone managed to rip off any model armor from Lords of the Fallen to Skyrim SE? Please, anyone! It doesn't matter if it has physics or not.
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