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My Teacher's Ass


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So my language teacher is like 31 and she is beautiful, 5,1, white and tanned, in the middle from medium to big boobs, and she has a big ass and wide hips. She has 3 children so I guess she likes sex. She touches her ass a lot but at the same time pulls her shirt down a lot. So I am I guess addicted to her ass and last year I tried to look under her dress but that didn't happen, but I feel like she saw me. I've seen her boobs when she bent down but then she pulled up her shirt. I once had her ass go to my penis part. And today she was wearing a white sweater and it was all the way up to the end of the jeans. She usually doesn't do that but when she was passing out laptops I saw a pink and white thing at her back. So I waited and then I saw it some more and then her skin. I automatically knew that was her panties and I got turned on and wet. Do I have a problem??




This teacher looks a lot like Lizz Tayler (porn star) BTW with the boobs but a much bigger ass. 



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Yes, you're a sick fuck that needs to be executed after being raped in the ass by my morning star.



No seriosly, you don't have any problems. When I were young and dumb, and studying, I constantly had wet dreams of some teachers.

And I pretty certain most people who had/has the ability to study in a school, at least once got/get turned on by their teacher.

At least that's what most friends and family members has told me throughout the years.


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We had this geography teacher when I was in High school that was a total MILF. She was in her forties but seriously attractive, used to wear tight pencil skirts and tight shirts that were unbuttoned enough to see her cleavage. Nice wide hips and a round but well toned ass. Big breasts too. We used to just space out when she spoke. Someone I knew from my year actually followed her about (He's someone you could say had a problem). 


No problems here, normal as hell. With Killing Joke; if you don't get aroused then you should consider it a problem. You're healthy, move along. 

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Seriously, what is it with teachers that makes em such a turn on?

I can remember some very uncomfortable moments (years ago) staring at one of my teachers when she was doing a very graceful streching reach for an object over my desk... Got caught staring at her , uhm, figures and she smiled at me n walked away with a blush... Thought i was gonna die from embarrasement (shy guy).

Hmm, on a second thought, maybe this subject should not be killed by over-analyzing it...

Also, purrrfectly normal. Enjoy it , if you can :)


Also, I wonder if these teachers know about the effect they have. Can they spot someone fantasizing about them in the classroom? Do they derive some pleasure from it?


Interesting stuff. Maybe you should tell her about your "problem" and ask for guidance. Some sociological study  ;)

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