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looking for CBBE and UNP/UNPB armors


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i want armors that are made from more pieces than the default armor>helmet>gloves>boots, since there are lots of them i can't check them 1 by 1 so im asking for some help if you guys know any armors that are made from more than just 4 pieces be it CBBE or UNP/UNPB thank you very much

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There was the Midnight Breed modular armor but it is no longer on the Nexus because of 'Everyone'.

The TM Police Uniform is available here on Lover's Lab,taking the rogue out of the equation but leaving the ladies of the law on the job. Where is the balance in that?!



There is also Edhilil's Witch Doctor mod,not quite as modular as Midnight Breed or the TM Police Uniform but it still has some potential for mixing and matching.



The Hmm...What to Wear set was entirely built around giving players the choice as to how much or how little of an armor they want their characters to wear at any given time.


The Sevenbase Oppai version is found through this link by clicking on the Mobile Milker armor spoiler:



The Kitty Corset comes in CBBE,Sevenbase and MCBM(the latter two being UNP variants) variety and in five pieces requiring a bit of assembly in game to make for a full ensemble.





The UNP Mash-up Compilation,Ebon Shroud Mash-up and the Amiella Outfit on this page are also divided into many sub-components to allow for greater customizability:



The Blood Raven gear comes in both CBBE and Sevenbase body types:



There is also the Sexy Mix collection for Sevenbase and UNPC:



The Sexy Adventurer's Outfit for UNPK comes in sections and comes with optional panties.

If you want,you could just download the original Adventurer's Outfit to skip on the option for pantslessness for whatever reason:



The Osare Maid Outfit for UNP and Sevenbase:




Trouble Maker's Clothing for UNPB:


Young Trap for UNPB:



Simply Clothes for UNP:



ZZJay's Wardrobe for UNP:



That ought to be enough to get you started.

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