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Textures stretching to infinity HDT problem?


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Hello, somebody suggested I post in here.


I use HDT physics for breast movement. It works wonderfully except I have a small bug.


Simple explanation is this: NPC textures of my followers sometimes stretch to infinity. This happens when they fall behind and they warp to me. Also when they warp behind me in new dungeons or caves.


I am using the XPMS 1.93a skeleton

HDT physics extension

Loremonger with collision (HDT Breast And Butt Physics - TBBP BBP Supported)

Breast animation


My armor and clothing is 90% CBBE I love cleavage edition, 10% CHSBHC vanilla outfits edition 

My femalebody nif is CHSBHC and I get no texture stretching on it


The only follower mod I use is Ultimate Follower Overhaul

Wrye Bash has sorted my mods and BOSS shows no errors or conflicts in my mods.


Any ideas?

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Do you mean once infinity texture happens it stays that way or a few seconds after warp the textures return to normal?  If it is the second case it just happens and quickly fixes itself then I don't believe you actually have a problem just a minor graphical effect.  If it stays stretched then you have the wrong skeleton.  If you are still using XPMS I would suggest upgrading to XPMSE (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/676-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended/), it shouldn't be necessary but why not move to the latest.

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Hi afz53fu,


The stretching sometimes lingers for a long time but disappears if I crouch since the NPC crouches with me. Most of the time it appears briefly because the stretching disappears when I move, hence the NPC moves.


The link you provided is the XPMS 1.93a skeleton I am using. I just swapped out to XPMS Groovtama a few minutes ago but still experiencing texture stretching when NPCs warp to me.


Maybe it's because I chose CBE/BBP support. Not sure. I will uninstall and reinstall and see what happens.


EDIT - Ok I tried both ways but the textures are still stretching when the NPCs warp to me. The stretching disappears almost immediately though so I haven't seen any major glitch where the infinity textures stay on the screen.

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That is hdt dll little issue with skse source code, i have that to on stable 10ver. It happens when i got 3 or more followers with a lot of hdt objects.Dll read xmls and skse to. It stretches ,then return, when in\outdoor cells loads. Like new skse 1.7.2 is completely killed my hdt params and collision filters.Fixed it but sometime i have warnings that my skse works slow,never had this in all of it lifecycle before 1.7.1

So im pretty sure this conflicts on developed code of skse with many xmls data to read.  

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I had problems like this because another mod that was present actually contained its own skeleton and was conflicting with the HDT one I thought was in use. Make sure another mod is not overwriting your main skeleton. You can tell if this is happening in mod organizer if there's a +/- present. you can see which files are being affected. Put your HDT compatible skeleton below the conflicting mods so it wins and this will probably fix the problem.

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Im using the newest Grovtama skeleton 1.50 choosing the default rig setting and have this stretching but also invicibility .


Is it about TBBP BBP meshes or what?  when travel with more than one companion its really a problem they stretches and sometimes disappear not comming back


In one cave "glimmermist " i simply cant have followers with they cant enter but a vanilla follower with vanilla armor can.......hm


Is there a suggestion how to solve this?


Thanks Iggy

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