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Warning - all adult content!


Hi all,


For those who were following a few months ago, you'll remember the Brigand Diaries had to be put on hold due to massive lag and crashes.  These issues - due to a heavy mod load, lots of NPCs and clashing mods -  have been mostly resolved.  It is now time to continue the adventures of Baldur the Brute, a ruthless nord bandit.  This time with screenshots.


The premise:   Use Skyrim Unbound for a fresh start in life as "So, Not the Dragonborn".  Rather than brave stuff like hunting Draugr and Vampires, you seek to make your fortune - if it can be called that - with petty thievery, robbery, murder and the ravishing of maidens.  Well of anyone really.  Bandits aren't picky.






The ultimate goal is to become notorious, despised and to lead your band to capture bandit strongholds and operate out of them.


The essential mods are:


Skyrim Unbound

Sexlab, including defeat (a bandit has to do him some rapin')

Become a Bandit mod - lets you do stick ups and demand money from victims

A multiple follower mod

No moral conscience whatsoever


I have also used various village and town expansion mods, to make the world livelier, a lot of user-made followers and NPCs both for my gang and potential victims; a slavery one to force recruit other bandits and a rich merchants mod to make selling loot more profitable.


Apologies in advance to all the excellent modders out there for turning your NPCs into thugs or victims and to those who made towns and villages better so my band of cutthroats could go and sack them.  I won't use any real names.


The last season left off with me and a merry band capturing the bandit fort outside Whiterun near the West Tower.  The plan was to operate out of that robbing travellers along the road and eventually go and plunder Rorikstead and other villages.   After restarting I have made it back to the fort, this time with some different followers to reflect the roundabout way I got there.  We are a band of eight.


So who's along for the ride?  Willing to pick up where we left off and follow me for some brazen, unmitigated brigandage?  More to come shortly as soon as I get the snaps sorted on photobucket.


The story so far: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/32741-the-brigand-diaries-pt1/?hl=brigand+diaries



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Okay here's the story so far in short:


Slowly plundered, robbed and collected followers.  Eventually took Fort Greymoor as a base for a good-sized band of outlaws.  That's where tech issues slowed me to a crawl and crash limbo.  Back on track now, but started from the beginning and cleaned it up.




Middas,27th Midyear:


Got out of the prison at Castle Dour this morning.  Six weeks in that stinking cell and most of my gold.  How was I to know the bitch was a nobleman's favorite whore?  Only hit her once and only then because she was too picky about her customers.  Anyway, I'm out now.  I need a woman, some mead and a job.


Almost the minute I get out some sleazy Argonian wants me to turn off a lighthouse for his pirate crew.  I tell him to fuck off and then I go take a look to see what I can do on my own. There's a ship parked down there, the something Sload.  Dunno if it's his but it reeks of corsair. Figure those pirates aren't expecting any trouble.  I just walk on up the ramp with a hey let's be friends face.  They didn't buy it. There was a man and a woman, she wasn't bad for a Redguard.  Too bad I had to kill them both to get in the front door.  I try sneaking down the below decks but I'm rusty after so long in the dungeon.  Two guys make me.  I pin  the first with an arrow, but had to take the next with my axe. At least he left me his shield.


Then some bandit bitch comes around the corner.  We weren't expecting each other so neither was ready for a fight.  I smacked her a couple of times to daze her and tied her up for later. Sneaking down the next flight to the hold wasn't too hard. Found an entrance to a cabin under the bows.  There was one Orc in there, but he wasn't ready for me either.  Scored some good jewelry, maybe a hundred in coin, a couple of potions and all his fine clothes. That was the last of them. When I was done with the pirate wench I let her walk.  No need to kill someone who didn't fight back.  


I got back to Solitude and sold it all at the armorers.  Cunt drives a hard bargain.   Got over a thousand septims now, but I don't feel like spending it all on a helper when I can do so well by myself. Sooner or later I'll need a crew, but not yet. Overheard some legion soldiers in the courtyard.  They were saying the legates were looking for recruits to kill the bandits at Fort Hraggstad so the legion can move in.  That's good to hear.  Bandits have loot and women, that much I know...







Tirdas 28th Mid Year:


I come up on Fort Hraggstad the long way, right along the northern coast. Hoped I'd find something worth pinching on the way but there was nothing but snow and horkers. One island had a flag posted on it. I swam out and looked around but there was nothing but a dry skeleton. If he was shipwrecked he was a stupid prick for staying there only a hundred paces off the shore. Cunt deserved to starve.


There was one courier on the road. He pulled a knife when I tried to rob him so now he's a dead courier. Wasn't even carrying a note so it must have been a verbal message. The few coins he carried weren't worth dying for.


So by the time I get to the fort it's dusk. It's way up on a cliff overlooking the sea. I try sneaking around the side entrance but get made. Have to shoot the first bandit – big bearded bastard – but it was hand-to-hand with the next four. Even had to run up the towers and chop two archers down.


I enter the main door and two guys rush me almost straight away. Really have to get better at sneaking. When I get upstairs to the marauders' barracks there's just a big Redguard there, looking over a map with his back to me. I swear my first arrow just made the cunt mad and he took three more as he charged at me swinging. Fell down just before he got in range. Lot's of money and trinkets in his chest.


I went over the courtyard to the gaol. There's this brunette woman in there comes at me with an axe. I knock her down and I'm about to tie her up when two more cunts come from a side door. After dealing with them, I show her what bad little bandit bitches get.


I showed her a few times in fact. By the end of the night she was giving it up willingly. I'll leave her there in case I come back. Besides if I get a crew they'll need someone to keep them happy. In any case I'll have to be back and not just because it's a good hideout: there was so much armor and weaponry I had to stash half of it in the trunks.


Woke up feeling fresh, that's for sure.






loredas, 30th Mid year :


Sold all the loot I could carry back at solitude. Armorer is still a cheap cunt. Now I have over 1700. I head to the Skeever, try my luck with that blonde bard woman and she almost slaps me. Crusty looking old warrior called Belrand tells me his sword is for hire. Doesn't look like he's worth five hundred but says he has spells too. Well beggars can't be choosers.


I hear there's a wood fort on the road from Dragon Bridge to Rorikstead and the bandits there are stopping anyone getting through. Bet that makes them pretty rich then. It's also the kind of racket I should be running instead of them. To take the fort, I'd rather have a few good blokes than one graying Nord, but I'm sure the spellsword will have some tricks up his sleeve. The fucker better have, for 500 septims.


We crossed the estuary by the mill and came up on the road a mile south of Dragon Birdge. there's a couple of nobles walk by with a legionnaire escort. Say they're headed to a wedding in the city. I figure it's time to test this Belrand so we fall on them. Well, the guard went down pretty easily, because he wasn't expecting anything, but Belrand summons this ghostly wolf or hound or whatever. Creeped me the gods out 'specially as it just stood there glaring at the cowering imperials. I tied the woman up and took the husband's valuables. Then he just bolted and left his missus in the lurch.


The woman wasn't bad looking, a little chubby for Belrand's taste, but we took turns at her anyway and she made a racket out there on the roadside. Bitch kept going on about 'northern scum,' well, we probably squirted a whole litter of Nord bastards into her that afternoon. When I untied her she ran off naked and hysterical toward Dragon Bridge. Belrand wanted to kill her and started to chase but I got in his way till she was too far gone and he gave up.* Dibella's snatch! If he'd chased her into town the guards would have had us for sure!


I'll divvy the loot up with Belrand after we kill some bandits. I get the greater share because it's my idea. Besides all he's managed for 500 septims so far is to try and stab a naked woman in the back.






*Defeat users – none of this is made up. I literally body-blocked Belrand till the noblewoman was out of range and he gave up. Does anyone have more reliable tricks to stop companions killing subdued or defeated victims?







Sundas 1st Sun's Height:



We took the bandit fort with little trouble.  I came on it from the hillside and killed two of them with my bow, Belrand and his ghost hound proved their worth by charging the gate.  He definitely killed more than I did.  The bandit chief was a strong looking Nord lass, but fought too hard so we couldn't take her alive.  There a key to a trapdoor leading to a cave beneath their shack and a diary that said there was a treasure chest on an island out on the river. I'll keep that for later, no need to tell Belrand.  He can't read, so I thank the monks that took me in as an orphan: at least they taught me to read before the abbot tried to bugger me and I had to cut off his cock. 


We were attacked by bandits on the road to Rorikstead.  Fools died badly.  At the Frostfruit Inn we met a footpad called Bryndis - pretty, petite, amoral.  She said she'd come along to Karthwasten with us.  We stayed the night in Ragnar's rock, and she slept in my bed - good little shag; can do amazing things for a woman with such small hands.  Probably just as good at picking locks.  Next morning we returned to the Inn because Belrand forgot his shield. Bryndis seemed to have a change of heart so we said we'd catch up next time I was in town*


We headed out next morning toward Karthwasten.  There was a fort on the road and some Forswrorn attacked us.  We took the fort with a hell of a fight.  These forsworn bitches summoned flame atrocnachs and everything. I caught one on the battlements and saved her for myself.  Told Belrand there was nobody out there.  While he was looting the inside of the castle I saw to her.  The biting, scratching and the smell were almost too much.  I prefer a nice peasant girl, or a curvy Cyrodillic noblewoman...at least they wash. Anyway i left her fuming there on the battlements vowing not to bother with the next one.


We traded the loot at Karthwasten.  Good looking wenches at the Inn.**  Wonder what they'll do for a little coin...  We were accosted by more forsworn on the road to Markath. Belrand fucked one till she was red in the face on the roadside, but I just stood guard.  Their gear looks like shite, but is surprisingly good quality.  I've kept one axe and we can sell the swords and armor for good coin. Looking forward to an ale, a sleep and another crack at that thief woman.





*Dunno if this a glitch in the downloadable follower Bryndis Pepperglass, but even though she kept saying lead the way, she wouldn't leave her seat,  Any idea why she suddenly changed her mind about following us?


**The Small Town Traders mod solves the missing inn and store in Karthwasten by adding a building and NPCs that serve as both.









Before the priory, I lived the Imperial City, but was too young to remember. My father was a Nord soldier in the legion and my mother a Cyrodil who might have passed for a Nord.  Father settled in Bruma after his wars and we led a quiet life, where he served as a guard in the Count's employ until the Altmer invaded and he was called up.  He didn't come home this time, but with my older sister married, and mother sick with grief, she used much of his pension to get me board and schooling at Weynon Priory near Chorroll.  I was only eleven.



Weynon Priory was where the hero Martin Septim came from.  Even us lads who'd never been to school knew about him. The monks were kindly, but strict teachers, and I was ever a restless boy. But they taught me my letters, and some counting too.  Then there was a new abbot and he called me into his study one evening and tried to get me undressed.  I took a knife from his fruitbowl and slashed at him with it and, because he was hard as a stalagmite, cut his manhood near clean off.  I fled after that, fourteen and a fugitive.  I had no idea where to go, but immediately I loved the open road, and could read the signs by myself. That day was 8th of Sun's Height too.



Morndas, 8th of Sun's Height


Rorikstead is proving to be a profitable town.  Sold our loot at the trader and the armorer* last night and went straight to the tavern to toast.  Bryndis was friendly enough but still didn't seem interested in coming along.  Perhaps our reputation has reached her.  Well it must have reached someone because there were several ruffians looking for a leader that night and I finally managed to start a gang*.  I got a Dunmer, Talgas, who looks like he's running from something and a hairy Nord warrior called Ogrim who likes to wax philosophical when he drinks.  Both proved to be good fighters later that night.


The innkeep tipped us off about some bandits hiding in a nearby cave called Swindler's Den.  I admit we were a little drunk and feeling full of ourselves but the talk of battle, loot and women got our blood up. Belrand talked up how I'd already led him to considerable wealth (if he only knew the half of it...) and I said if they proved themselves they could tag along. So we set out to raid the caverns.***


The bandits were mean looking but an otherwise amateur bunch.   Their leader, a big Reguard barely knew how to swing his battleaxe.  There was only one woman - also a Reguard and probably the chief's wife as she seemed to have some authority.  But she was reasonably young and still comely. We took her alive, shared out the loot and then shared the Reguard bitch around the fireside where they kept their bedrolls  We must have had several goes each; Talgrel said he hadn't had it in months. it was a good night of drinking and humping.  Only a shame there weren't more women.  We left her cursing us and set out in the morning, all of us carrying almost too much loot to walk.


We came a cross a shrine to Kynareth on the way back to Rorikstead and there were a couple of Stendarr Vigilants hanging about, a woman and a man.  Belrand, as usual wanted to have his way with the woman and we were just about to attack when I realized when I saw something pink in the tall grass and something red in their eyes. Too late.  Olgrin shouted, "Vampires!" and I just noticed a couple of naked, dead vigilants in the grass before they attacked with spells - and teeth.  Both were Vampire Fledgings and we had to kill them quick.  It would have been a harder fight if they'd been fully fledged, but what were they doing out at sunrise?  Something we may have to look into.


In any case, the harvest festival starts in a couple of days and we'll be in Rorikstead and flush with coin when it comes.  Perhaps the country wenches will be in a good mood...






* Using both small town traders and Rorikstead enhanced

**using a raft of mods that add followers from individual characters to multiple packs: Follower Pack II, Follower Pack Orcs and Lots More Followers do not clash and add dozens more voiced, generic mercs/followers to taverns around Skyrim.

***Also now using Ultimate Follower Overhaul which ensures I can have multiple followers.  Though Bryndis still stubbornly resists - she seems to prefer drinking her coin away in the Frostfruit - the others all came along nicely. I have kept Multiple Followers Lite for the assemble call ability and so far there's no clash.









Morndas, 10h Sun's Height


We sold the swindler's loot in Rorikstead for a handsome profit.  Over two thousand gold, and I let the lads keep whatever they took off their own kills. I left them in the Frostfruit with fifty Septims each and told them to live it up.  I doubt they'll do much damage as they're terrified of Bryndis, despite her size, and she said she'd keep an eye on them.  I also told the innkeep to bill me if they break anything.  Everyone's happy.  We'll need more men though, and for that I need to find a city.  


I decided to go to Markath, figuring it was just a little closer than Whiterun and I could take the road past Karthwasten on the way.  I stopped for lunch in the Inn there, talked nicely to the barmaid and she didn't need much convincing to go somewhere quiet.  Sometimes, after a fight when your blood is hot, you just want to ravish a woman.  The first one you see.  But when you're tired, you've had a drink and been on the road, a warm, welcoming pair of thighs is so much better.  So we enjoyed the afternoon as much as we could till she returned to her shift, and I moved on hoping to reach Markath by nightfall.


What a sight those walls are!  I had seen Dwemer ruins before but nothing so grand as a whole city still in use.  Well, by us that is.  The view was somewhat dampened by the murder attempt as soon as I got in the gate: a man came running with a blade drawn and I cut him down, thinking I'd made too many enemies.  Turns out he was trying to kill some woman at a fruit stall and I just got lucky. Guards told me to move along, so I walked around the city a while, marveling at the waterfalls and ornate masonry, before thirst and work drew me to the tavern.


The Silver Blood Inn is entered through a great copper door in the side of the rock face under the temple.  It is grand inside with Dwemer steam pipes and a great hearth.  The bar is run by a bickering old couple, who never stopped needling each other.  There were plenty of adventurers around and I drank and talked with them, and the landlord's daughter, a stunning tall Nord lass, joined us for a drop or two.  I guess she was used to travelers and liked to piss off her parents because even though she demurred when I first suggested we slip away, when I told her I could do things that would make Dibella blush she just smiled and led me to a large chamber with a double bed.  We did it there, on the table and on the rug by the fireplace - all while her parents served customers in the next room!


In the morning I asked two of the patrons to come along.  One, a guff Orc and the other a cunning-looking Dark Elf who complained incessantly about the cold. We set off back toward Rorikstead, eager to see what the road, and the day would bring us. I love the open road.


Regular updates start tomorrow, this time with screenshots!

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The saga continues...


Middas, 19thth Sun's Height


There are seven of us now. Had to let some of them go. Belrand said he was feeling too old. But managed to get a few more stragglers. Talgas is still with me, loyal one that. We have Cass, an archer woman who's not especially comely but none to plain either. Garok is a sturdy Orc and Ogrim the grouchy Nord also stuck around. Met an argonian on the road and got one more Nord named Skirnyr when we came upon him surrounded by wolves last week.


I also picked up a horse just standing out saddled on the moors. I don't know who the owner was but it was happy to come along for some carrots. Good for getting around and if I ever have to make a fast escape and ditch the crew.


post-419007-0-71185200-1420417127_thumb.jpg             post-419007-0-77584000-1420417176_thumb.jpg  


But for now we needed a base. A place to hole up, and something defensible. At first I wanted to get the wood fort on the road back to Solitude since it was now abandoned. But that was not easily defended and looked flimsy. Besides, Ogrim knew of an old keep infested with bandits that had a great vantage point along the road between Whiterun and Markath. We went to scout it out.


Taking the ruins at Greymoor was fairly simple. We had the archers pick off the guards on the walls while the rest of us crept in through the drains at the back. The leader of this group was a sturdy Nord woman. She and one of the Redguard girls preferred to submit once the men were all dead. After the lads were done humping the wenches we told them they could stay for food if they didn't mind guarding the gates, but we were in charge of the castle now. They figured that was better than striking out on their own. The keep even came with an elderly maid and she's a surprisingly good cook.


post-419007-0-99228100-1420417029_thumb.jpg           post-419007-0-91996400-1420417211_thumb.jpg      


There was one other woman, a crazy mage-witch with fire in her hands in the gaol basement. The others were superstitious held back and she was a feisty one, but I soon had my way with her. Mages worry me a little but she was no match and pretty enough to make the effort worthwhile.


  post-419007-0-87859700-1420417226_thumb.jpg           post-419007-0-16582600-1420417238_thumb.jpg         post-419007-0-26957900-1420417248_thumb.jpg



Got The lizard man, Talgas and Skirnyr on the walls. You can see the roads south, west and east, right out as far as Whiterun. We'll pull shifts and see which unlucky travelers pass our way.


 post-419007-0-65003300-1420417378_thumb.jpg            post-419007-0-92261500-1420417391_thumb.jpg 




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I ran from the priory and straight into a little war.  One count was skirmishing with another, Raiding his land and burning crops.  Before the capital stepped in and sent legion troops to keep the peace it took quite a little toll on the knights and soldiers........and the peasants. I fell in with a group of refugees, villagers from Chorrol County who'd fled the fighting.  They were a boy about my age, Sullius, a comely farm girl a few years older and an elderly couple.  They were headed for Aleswell, where they had relatives, but which for me was on the way to Bruma and home.  


We didn't get far along the Orange Road when mercenaries stopped us.  They were a motley band of perhaps a half dozen men and women - mixed bastards of Nords, Bretons, Redguards. They took what little coin the family had and my only possession - the knife I'd used to cut off the abbot's cock. Then the five men took turns rapimg the weeping girl as the woman in the band cheered them on.  That was the first time I'd seen anyone coupled, much less ravished.


In the morning ,when they'd had their fill of her they sent the old couple and the girl away, but kept Sullius and I.  Said they'd train us up to be warriors and though the Imperial boy was terrified I was impressed by these strong fighters.  How little I knew then.  They gave me back my knife and told me I'd have to pull my weight.  I'd have nothing to eat - no gold, armor nor women, save what I could win with my own blade.  


It is how I've lived ever since.



Turdas 21st Sun's height


The crossroads has proved to be a good spot.  In the morning a pair of vigilants came by, comely warrior women with the light of religious fervor in their eyes. Five of us fell on them, tied them up and stripped them.  We took turns fucking each of the wenches and they barely whimpered and did not fight.  I have heard that the Vigilants of Stendarr save their battles for the demons and Daedra, and that they'll suffer many an indignity in order that they live to fight another day.  On the other hand we hand them bound and naked before they'd had a chance to fight back.  They had little coin but some valuable potions.  When we were done with them Grobuk the orc said we should let them go with their weapons.  He said that they showed true fighting spirit and we should not deprive them of the chance to fight their battles ahead.  Talgas agreed on the grounds that he feared daedra and someone had to fight the minions of Oblivion. So we let them walk staunchly away, despite their violations.  Surely they'll report us to the Whiterun militia.  


Early in the afternoon a wandering Dumner mage woman came buy.  We jumped her, raped her and took what little goods she carried, but as with the vigilants at least let her keep her dagger.  


 post-419007-0-80387300-1420522589_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-07702900-1420522603_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-03186800-1420522616_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-37348400-1420522629_thumb.jpg  



In the late afternoon we found a real prize - Thalmor agents with valuable weapons and armor. I have always supported the Empire, as much as a dishonest man could.  Ogrim is a former Stormcloak patriot, inasmuch as he believes Skyrim is for the Nords.  Skirnyr cares for neither as long as he can fight, drink and fuck.  We talk no politics, but all Nords are united in their hatred of the Thalmor.  We fell upon them in force, three Nords, an Orc and a dark Elf.  The men went down quickly and we took the woman alive.  We ravished her there by the roadside, filling her with as much Nord seed as we had left. We took all their goods, a valuable haul and left her loose in the wilds, naked and dripping, as a warning to other Thalmor.  In hindsight we should have killed her rather than invite retribution. 


  post-419007-0-18316900-1420522674_thumb.jpg   post-419007-0-88218600-1420522692_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-67164000-1420527040_thumb.jpgpost-419007-0-31709900-1420527062_thumb.jpg  



We will hold the fort for a while yet.  Good trade comes through these crossroads.


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Middas 24rd Sun's Height



Made a trip to Whiterun on my own to offload some loot.  We collected some decent kit over the past few days and it's time to turn that to coin and pay the lads.  Some of them told me to bring back a woman.  Though Cassy isn't exactly sparing with her favors, she's not quite enough to go around.  But I reminded them the bandit women were still in the castle and none too picky either once you show them who's boss.  Besides it will be hard to find another like Cass - someone who'll fight for us and fuck all of us and kill anyone we ask her to.  So I resolved just to sell the goods and hurry back.  Perhaps I'd stop in at the whorehouse if they have one there.



I made about 1500 septims on the weapons and armor from the Thalmor and others. Some of the guards eyed me warily and one even called out that he thought he knew me but i put my head down and pretended not to hear.  There was no brothel but the inn had plenty of women.  A comely redguard and several nords.  there was one wandering Breton girl - mid twenties and looking for adventure.  I told her I was off to kill some bandits for the Jarl's bounty and invited her along.  Got her out into the wilds, wrestled her to the ground and plundered that sweet cunny as she struggled and cursed.  I put two loads in her, took her coin and sent her back used and spent while I went on my way. 


   post-419007-0-86670900-1420775592_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-39515300-1420775610_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-91495500-1420775635_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-52576700-1420775652_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-69858000-1420775671_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-17678400-1420775688_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-94052800-1420775705_thumb.jpg  


I passed a farm on the way back to Greymoor - Bleak or Barren-Something.  There was a woman working the fields, a few goats and her husband, she said brewed ale.  I thought the lads would be happy with that so I bought a dozen bottles and promised I'd be back to buy more tomorrow.



After I got back I took several men and we fell on the farm before nightfall.  I tied up the husband then the boys took turns ravishing the wife.  We took all their ale and a little jewelry but they had very little coin.  Almost a waste of effert exept that the men were in need of some new cunny, so that quietened them.  The guard tower was almost within sight.  They'll hear of this by morning for sure...


   post-419007-0-81827400-1420775781_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-77542700-1420775791_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-06547800-1420775802_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-29880400-1420775829_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-59524600-1420775836_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-73718200-1420775808_thumb.jpg   





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My first time with a woman was a pretty whore some years older.  The mercenaries found that since I was still young I could sneak in and out of military camps, or bluff my way in as a cook's hand or stable boy.  Once I even pretended to be a priest's catamite though I fortunately never had the chance to meet the poor fellow and find out if he was into buggery.  In this way I could lift food and supplies, valuable items and even scout weak locations for plunder.  The war was winding down and loot was scarce.  the band wanted to capitalize before they were out of a job and mere brigands again.


One night after I stole a sizeable haul of jewelry and brought it back they took me to a tavern - the Inn of Ill Omen I think it was - and bought me a whore for the night. The girl took me upstairs to the loft even as  everyone was drinking downstairs and sucked me dry.  She humped me dry too.  She was gentle, but too much so, and knew how to treat a first timer.  Still the night was over too soon.  My first kill was not long after that.



Loredas 1st last Seed


I took two men to Rorikstead so we could sell some small loot at the trader.  There was nobody on the road to rob or ravish.  Yet when we got to the Frostfruit a few more patrons had arrived.   Among them a comely young Bosmer woman.  She was dressed in fine robes, with a wreath of wildflowers yet was looking for adventure, some swords to travel with and make her fortune.  Silly girl thought the world was like the storybooks.


None of us had ever been with a wood elf and she had a perky little body to make my manhood swell.  So after a drink I suggested she come along, 'for an adventure'.  We led her right out onto the moors and then tackled and tied her up.   I took her right there in the grass as the men watched on.


   post-419007-0-55823800-1420785659_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-67106000-1420785675_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-89579700-1420785699_thumb.jpg 



The three of us took turns humping the elf girl all night, several goes each.  Oh what a sweet little cunny that was, drained me dry.  She didn't have much to steal so we let her keep her gold.  We even double ended her several times and made her swallow our cocks.


   post-419007-0-92871400-1420785722_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-43572200-1420785747_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-88321600-1420785759_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-02426900-1420785770_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-83141400-1420785796_thumb.jpg  



We fucked ourselves dry and left her sobbing in the grass and returned to the fort.  Silly wench, thinking it would be that easy to find a crew.  Maybe she'll give birth to a little adventurer band of her own from all the seed we pumped into her last night.


   post-419007-0-32210800-1420785809_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-64483800-1420785821_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-67912800-1420785844_thumb.jpg  



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Oh that breton girl was really pretty. Why didn't you brough her back to the castle so the lads can have some fun too? :D

(Is she was a random generated npc or a follower?)



She's a modder-created NPC recently available on the workshop.  Didn't use her real name so as not to offend the modder.  But the  maker did a great job with her big eyes and luscious hair (think he used skyhair or oblivion hair).  She also comes with a Brazilian which makes her stand out from other women because I use pubic hair textures.  Shaved is a nice change from time to time.


I didn't bring her back for the lads because I'm trying to roleplay a complex sort of bandit, who while a selfish and brutal man, is not completely evil.  I don't kill defenceless victims for example.  So maybe there was just something about her that made him feel a little sorry, or maybe he just wanted her all to himself.  Maybe she's just another mouth to feed and there are enough at the fort already. I like to leave motivations a little ambiguous.  More of that weirdness to come as the story develops.


BTW anyone know how to make essential NPCs killable?  My band is kind of invincible and it might lead to us becoming too powerful.  We're bandits, not heroes and I want to be more cautious with the lives of my followers. 

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I joined the legion for a while once, when I was a younger man.  This was long after I'd parted from the mercenary band, five or six years at least. I was arrested for brawling in Bravil and the Count had a quota to fill with the legion.  His reeve send half a dozen of us from the gaol to make up the numbers.  It was peacetime, lots of drilling and Centurions shouting at us. I hit one and got twenty lashes and did a week in the stockade then they sent me back to my Cohort.  We were on field drill and on a long march one day I decided to slip away.  Guess if they ever catch me in Cyrodil they'll give me prison time for that too. I don't mind fighting but I was never cut out for soldiering. 



Tirdas 3rd last Seed


Fort Greymoor must be getting quite a reputation. Travelers these days are giving it a wide berth.  We've started going out on foot patrols along the nearby roads.  We got some merchants, more Vigilants and the odd wandering 'adventurer' that way, but mostly it's just wolves and skeevers. There are nearby bandit holdouts, we'll have to look into - some caves and camps and so on. Can't tolerate the competition but by now we must be the biggest names on the Jarl's list.


It was on one of these sallies that the legion spotted us.  Several soldiers on foot patrol themselves attacked us on sight. They came at us carefully, with an archer holding back while the swordsmen closed, just like we was trained to do back in the day. But there were four of us and the silly bastards overestimated their own skill.  Talgas the Dunmer was wounded slightly, but nothing serious. They died badly and we inherited some imperial kit to sell. Always liked the swords - top quality those. 


 post-419007-0-87645400-1420850672_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-63467000-1420850686_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-10654900-1420850709_thumb.jpg

post-419007-0-65046700-1420850719_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-44443100-1420850732_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-66416000-1420850741_thumb.jpg 



Normally, with the chaos of a civil war the legion should be too occupied.  The Stormcloaks seem to win most skirmishes I've seen. Now the legion's after us? I'm feeling edgy.  Like we've been in one place too long.  A couple more weeks and we might have to find a spot more discreet.

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Middas 20th Last seed:



There was an assassin on the road: a Khajit in Dark Brotherhood garb.  I've attracted too much attention. After killing him, we talked it over and the gang wants some serious plunder.  They also want out before too many bounty hunters come sniffing around.  Or worse, the legion or the Jarl's men.


Rorikstead has only two guards and as long as the legion isn't passing through that day, it will be ripe for teh plunder.  Rich fields, an inn, a trader and farmhouses.  We'll have gold, jewels and women.  This will be a big job, one for the whole gang and we likely can't come back afterwards.  I asked the bandit women but they want to stay put.*


We fell upon Rorikstead at dusk - all of us with weapons swinging.  The guards put up a short fight but were no match.  We had do establish dominance quickly so we took a couple plowing their field, tied up the husband and plowed his high-elf wife right there in front of him.


  post-419007-0-86841400-1421370716_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-58121500-1421370730_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-18053200-1421370742_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-75679800-1421370809_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-10492100-1421370826_thumb.jpg  [post-419007-0-78430800-1421370944_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-06005300-1421370983_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-93664500-1421371017_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-11225900-1421371052_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-82347900-1421371064_thumb.jpg  



We moved on to the tavern where some Alik'r adventurers and locals put up a fight.  They didn't last long.  We then took turns at the women.  Bryndis was there again, as was the elf girl.  We also netted a wandering apothecary and an adventurer with expensive gear, but no skills.  Both were very comely, and some of the lads even fought over who'd get the adventurer first.  Being the boss I took her instead.


  post-419007-0-85409100-1421371236_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-56300500-1421371278_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-02727200-1421371309_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-57517000-1421371328_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-82013200-1421371363_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-12577000-1421371296_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-98902600-1421371343_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-26621600-1421371453_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-47922500-1421371465_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-18923400-1421371427_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-85827100-1421371479_thumb.jpg  



After making the women cook for us we left them under guard and several of us set off to find some loot.  We raided each farmhouse and the store for whatever they had.  The storekeeper put up a fight and really should not have.  he died for slim pickings.  There was a dark elf couple and we had our share of the wife while the husband died, before taking whatever they had.  Wouldn't have killed him if he'd stayed put.


post-419007-0-24576500-1421371988_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-35073600-1421372013_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-99233400-1421372027_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-25534900-1421372034_thumb.jpg



A couple of travellers were passing through as we came out so we tied them up and robbed them too.  Then some of us returned to the farming couple and raided their house, while the lads had another go at the elf-wife.


   post-419007-0-62719100-1421373102_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-29305900-1421373118_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-53815300-1421373129_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-13113600-1421373138_thumb.jpg  

post-419007-0-04302300-1421372207_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-69529800-1421372162_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-50394200-1421372179_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-94397600-1421372182_thumb.jpg  



We got back to the tavern late and thirsty. After a few ales we passed the women around between us until late into the night.  They became quite pliant by the end, especially the elf girl who knew better than to put up a fight.  One woman, a large Nord girl proved the point by resisting Skirnyr earlier in the evening, after the Orc had had his fill. He'd cut her head clean off and they didn't fight back after that.


 post-419007-0-50354400-1421372589_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-83452300-1421372363_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-88258900-1421372393_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-93461800-1421372438_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-33862700-1421372383_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-25382000-1421372417_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-18179200-1421372459_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-49704700-1421372504_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-09651100-1421372576_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-03658600-1421372543_thumb.jpg  



In the morning we ate and kitted up.  Someone will have escaped to tell the Jarl by now.  We brought the elf-girl along because I liked her tight cunny. On the way out of town Talgas and I left the others and checked out a cottage on the edge of town.  there was a sturdy nord lass living there alone and I tied her up while I raided her shelves and strongboxes.  We ate our fill of the breakfast she was cooking, then we had our fill of her cunny too as she spat and cursed.  We left her lying there ravished and used.


 post-419007-0-90020500-1421373246_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-70997300-1421373282_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-47989300-1421373302_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-27433200-1421373318_thumb.jpg  



We carried on up the hill, making for a shortcut over the pass to the reach.  The adventurers and Alik'R had some decent kit to sell.  I hear Old Hroldan is a bustling town.  Shouldn't be more than a day's march.


 post-419007-0-40797900-1421373382_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-96080000-1421373400_thumb.jpg  



*For some reason the 'enslave' spell only works sometimes and I can't get bandits to fully commit to working for me.  Perhaps I need the cuffs from Whiterun's castle, but there's no way I can get in there with my bounty.


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I've met many people over the years who fancy themselves 'adventurers'.  They spend a fortune on weapons and armor, spell tomes and magic robes, then go skulking about ancient ruins looking for treasure and daring to wake the dead.  Most of them I've never seen twice.  They die at the hands of Draugr, boobytraps or just ruffians like the cutthroats I keep company with. This is not the life I have ever wanted.  There's easier money to be had fighting the living. I see no need to go chasing down vampires

Show me a ruin and I'll usually give it a wide berth. Men like me have enough to fear from the living.  


Fridas, 22nd Last Seed


I thought the trail would lead straight over the hills to Old Hroldan but we came a cross a Forsworn camp instead.  I wanted to go around it - these wild hillmen rarely bother you if you leave them be.  But the men said their unique weapons and armor fetch a novelty price on the market and Skyrnir, as always, wanted women. Cass reminded me we probably couldn't go back to Greymoor and the camp was in a secluded spot. So we lined up in battle formation while Talgas and I snuck around the back to pick a few of with bows.  Taking the front guard was easy after that and we occupied the camp in short order.  


 post-419007-0-97300500-1421450219_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-64289400-1421450213_thumb.jpg  



Two women survived - a feisty Shaman who Skirnyr wasted no time showing who was in charge; The man is insatiable!  We took a  few turns at her after that.


 post-419007-0-72526400-1421450237_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-84201600-1421450247_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-36948800-1421450377_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-36010600-1421450625_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-46744300-1421450482_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-96877200-1421450580_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-79958100-1421450758_thumb.jpg  



And there was a young mother who might have been comely under all that face paint.  I planted a Nord bastard or two in her myself before the day was out, and passed her on to the lads.


 post-419007-0-36772500-1421450500_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-07722800-1421450389_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-03843900-1421450407_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-56442500-1421450426_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-45829400-1421450510_thumb.jpg 



There was a ruin at the top of the camp, Serpent's Bluff.  Fearing more Forsworn inside, four of us went down to investigate.  We all got wounded a little by traps and we killed three down there, including a Briarheart - vicious necro-mages with an open beating heart in the bloody pulp of his chest.  There was some kind of altar down there so perhaps they were doing sacrifices.  The gates to the lower level were stuck shut and we couldn't find a lever.  Good for that too.  I barred the door behind us.


 post-419007-0-60164000-1421570197_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-94828600-1421570201_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-81180700-1421570207_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-25923600-1421570212_thumb.jpg 



Serpent's Bluff Camp is a good spot.  It's within reach of the roads to Markath and Solitude, yet far enough that Imperial or Guard patrols never come by.  It's barren, windswept, but doesn't get much snow.  There's game to hunt and wells and springs nearby.  The Forsworn bitches might slip away in the night but they have a better chance of survival here with us, like it or not. Think we'll hole up here for a while.

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Loredas 23rd last seed



I fetched my horse from the castle. I'd left it there with only a day or two' worth of hay wand water. Brought it back to the camp to load up the loot. The forsworn swords and armor are rustic but of good quality. Collectors will pay handsomely for them in far off provinces but I can't go that far so I'll have to sell to the local merchants. Oblivion knows how much they'll charge to their clients. Got some gems and potions too.




The Reach and Whiterun are too hot. Luckily there's a crossroads not far leading to Falkreath. I rode alone to Half Moon village – a mill town by the lake. The guards looked at me suspiciously – they must have heard there are bandits loose – but waved me through.


post-419007-0-85875400-1421575208_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-66555900-1421575245_thumb.jpg


Sold the goods for a tidy little profit. I now have over 14,000 septims. I'll share with the crew of course but the leader gets the biggest share. And they don't know about my secret stashes either.

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Sundas 24th Last Seed


We patrolled deep into the reach, across the Markath road and up into the hills. There were no travellers to rob, but we came across a Forsworn camp in some grand Nord ruins.



 post-419007-0-01538300-1421575457_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-44408600-1421575464_thumb.jpg 



I shot a couple of sentries with the bow, and managed to sneak up and disarm one hill woman. I took my pleasure of her and was about to suggest the boys have a go when Skirnyr just up and killed her, like he cut that woman's head off in Rorikstead. Her body landed in the fire and started to smolder. I don't kill people who give up peacefully. Rob, Rape, send them on their way, there's no need to leave a trail of bodies. It's not like some Forsworn bitch can report us to the guards – they're rebels themselves. I'll have to keep an eye on him.*


 post-419007-0-93934200-1421575511_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-79562400-1421575516_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-06275000-1421575521_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-80734700-1421575525_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-02768200-1421575547_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-55755500-1421575558_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-27465300-1421575583_thumb.jpg 



We killed a few more Forsworn as we moved through the camp. The ruin wasn't worth relocating to. It was beautiful, with falls and an excellent view at sunset, but the high side is open to incursions and the whole camp was too spread out. It's also too far from the roads. Serpent's Bluff is still the best spot.




*My followers can still be temperamental with surrendered or bound NPCs. If the NPC hasn't completely cooled off, they sometimes kill them even though they're no longer a threat.

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Though the mercenaries offered me a go at wenches they'd captured, I was too young and unsure. By the time I was old enough for girls, I was sleeping with the woman in their band, so I thought we had something going. I noticed that some captured girls would attach themselves to a member, so as to stop getting passed around. That was how the swordswoman said she had started out. She was taken as a lass and after the first night she decided she didn't want everyone's seed in her, so she crawled into the leader's bedroll and became his woman. In time she became a good fighter and when he tired of her thighs, he kept her on for her sword arm. After she tired of me I parted with the mercenaries to nurse my bruised ego.


Sundas 24th last Seed


When we got back to the camp the elf girl was waiting in my tent. She told me that all was forgiven and asked if she could stay with me. Being the leader there was no question who got the big tent with the large bed in it, and she said she had tired of tossing and turning on her bedroll.


post-419007-0-25291900-1421661130_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-56165200-1421661141_thumb.jpg 


None of the others had touched her since arriving at Serpent's Bluff: Ogrim and Cass seem to have their own thing going, the orc only wants cunny after a battle, and besides is always grumbling that he preferred his own kind. Skirnyr is busy raping the Forsworn women whenever he gets bored and seems to prefer the shaman because she always puts up a fight. The Argonian has no interest in human women at all. Talgas will take women when we do, but otherwise prefers hunting, and sleeping alone.


So the elf girl chose her moment to crawl into my bed. Perhaps she cast some Bosmer charm on me for she had washed and perfumed and changed the flower wreath in her hair and I could not say no. What she could do with just two hands and three holes!



 post-419007-0-44693900-1421661156_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-19125300-1421661163_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-92950100-1421661168_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-72119600-1421661202_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-86949900-1421661764_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-58263200-1421661221_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-66085400-1421661807_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-18773000-1421661235_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-84915600-1421661260_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-96352300-1421661786_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-26141100-1421661275_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-62903600-1421661316_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-89657200-1421661301_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-15162600-1421661340_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-52789600-1421661349_thumb.jpg  



When we were finished, she snuggled in my arms and we slept soundly together like we were wed. After that it didn't need saying that nobody was to touch her but me.  It's nice to be the boss.




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The first time I took a woman by force was long after I'd left the mercenaries, after I'd deserted the legion even. I'd fled whorehouses without paying, of course; I'd been persistent when a girl was hesitant; I'd come inside casual lovers and earned slaps for it. But my first real rape was born of desperation. I'd been mostly on my own earning pay here and there as a bodyguard and sellsword. I was riding at the edge of farmlands, near a settlement I think was called Cropsford. There I spotted a buxom brunette picking berries by the river.


We were well off the road, there was nobody about, and the farmhouses were out of earshot. I approached, asked her what she was carrying, seized her and forced her to the ground. I'd not had a woman in weeks and my balls were so swollen they ached. I flooded her with my seed after only a few strokes. Then I took the wench again, and once more after that. She didn't weep or cry out the whole time. I rode off as she smoothed her petticoats and gathered up her basket. Funny the lengths a virtuous girl will go to for her honor.




Morndas 25th Last seed


It was a productive day in the Reach. We swung down the hill south of Rorikstead and almost immediately ran into a noble, on horseback, with a lone legionnaire as escort. The bastard must have known us as he came out swinging. We cut him down, then the noble too and got some fine boots, gems and coins.


 post-419007-0-72471800-1421934110_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-33951800-1421934138_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-06969300-1421934157_thumb.jpg 



Just as we reached the Markath crossroads some idiot adventurer who'd heard of us rushed in to collect his bounty. A few of us got singed by his spells, but he didn't last long. Was carrying some good Orcish steel that one.


 post-419007-0-23590600-1421934170_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-98407500-1421934186_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-47554000-1421934198_thumb.jpg  



Just down near Hroldan, before the shortcut up to the camp, we came across a Nord woman. She was armored and armed and looked like she meant business and we were about to let her pass when the bitch called me a milk-drinker. I tied her up and we all took turns filling her cunny with our milk and making the whore drink it too. Milk-drinker indeed!


 post-419007-0-73832600-1421934210_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-33693400-1421934226_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-13203500-1421934241_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-93358100-1421934252_thumb.jpg  



To top it off, we gave her to the Lizard-man, who normally has no taste for human women and had never humped one before. He took her standing up, 'Black March style' he said, and when he was done we joked that the bitch would hatch eggs. Later he assured us it was impossible to cross breed with the races of man, but he had to admit he liked her smooth cunny all the same.


 post-419007-0-81757300-1421934268_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-30656900-1421934310_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-19500500-1421934280_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-24907800-1421934356_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-42150900-1421934328_thumb.jpg 


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Tirdas 26 Last Seed


I have always loved the road. Wandering is in my blood. Sometimes I do it in company but often I prefer to go alone. A lone bandit doesn't get far however. But when I get a break I take it and I needed a little air and some time away from camp, despite the warm favors of the Bosmer woman.





So leaving Tal in charge, which Ogrim didn't seem to like, I took the loot by horseback and made off in the direction of Falkreath Hold. I passed some Legion troops escorting a prisoner but veered wide of the road so they wouldn't mark my face. I decided not to stop in at Half Moon again as two loot drops in a week might alarm them. I carried on south to Falkreath itself.


The town was well laid out, and buzzing. I got a good price from the blacksmith and a reasonable one from the trader. Stopped in at the tavern for a tankard and found a motley crew of adventurers and sell swords. Among them was a very comely girl, something of a wandering rogue, the air of a runaway noble about her.


  post-419007-0-05381200-1422307320_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-44646300-1422307336_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-35037400-1422307286_thumb.jpg  


Said she needed my help to find something out back and I couldn't say no. Next thing I know the little bitch knocks me out from behind and steals some coins before I can come to.



 post-419007-0-07035400-1422307330_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-43324900-1422307344_thumb.jpg


She was gone when I woke up but I figured she'd make for the gates or the stables. When I got there the guards had already stopped her for stealing. Having done a spell inside or two, and knowing the reputation of Falkreath's authorities, I didn't much fancy a pretty woman's chances in gaol. I actually took pity and told the guards there had been a misunderstanding.



post-419007-0-73920700-1422307355_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-46392600-1422307372_thumb.jpg  



She couldn't thank me enough so we went back to the tavern and I let her buy me a drink or two. Then I bought another round, and we had another after that. Well we got roaring drunk, laughed a bit and made fun of people, rented a room and made love all night. She was fantastic. Left in the morning with a standing offer to tag along on my adventures. If she only knew.


post-419007-0-51827700-1422307390_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-95567100-1422307407_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-80919200-1422307434_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-43933100-1422307444_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-98643300-1422307454_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-11963100-1422307471_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-89453900-1422307524_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-31589600-1422307542_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-50337600-1422307551_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-00830600-1422307562_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-66622300-1422307581_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-13840400-1422307590_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-34012200-1422307607_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-14220100-1422307613_thumb.jpg  


Maybe one day I'll ditch the gang, take my stash, stop by the Dead Man's Drink and take her up on the offer. Maybe go to Riften or even take her back to Bruma. Get away from all this and start over with a good woman.

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I've had many lovers, when I felt like being charming. I learned the lute and lyre at the priory and it impressed the girls in later years. There was a tavernmaster's daughter I used to see before I joined the legion. She was not picky however so though she was pretty and good in bed I did not fool myself into loving her. I worked as a farmhand for a time, though I have no taste for labor, and kept company with a lass from a neighboring plot. Except for the time I took that girl by the river because I was craving cunny and nobody would catch me, I've only ravished women in battle and banditry. So much easier to pay a whore or invite another lonely traveler to my bed.



Middas 27 Last Seed:


I rode slowly through Half Moon village. It had rich fields and comely women. My guess is they have plenty of loot here, but like Hroldan, it is well guarded – as many as a dozen men with good weapons and armor. I saw a petite Bosmer woman by the side of the road, tanning some leather. Last night's dalliances with the rogue and my memory of the elf-girl started to make me hard.



post-419007-0-20766700-1422769441_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-19056000-1422769457_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-07754600-1422769459_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-19794400-1422769460_thumb.jpg  



I rode on along the road just thinking about all that cunny I was going to get and a burning pressure growing in my breeches. By the time I veered off to the lake to water the horse I was seriously considering finding a hiding place and milking my eel myself. And that's when I saw the poacher.


 post-419007-0-32782900-1422769494_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-69521100-1422769495_thumb.jpg   


She was a redguard woman, around thirty summers perhaps. She would have been very comely had she not been living rough and her skin was very dark. She sat fishing in plain clothes and greeting me coolly as I approached. Said she'd been hunting and fishing in these parts for years. So have I. And here we were, a mile from the village. There was nobody around.


 post-419007-0-81594300-1422769496_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-93671200-1422769497_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-02586200-1422769499_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-92632700-1422769499_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-06873600-1422769501_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-21129800-1422769502_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-12454500-1422769503_thumb.jpg  


So I told her to play nice and being unarmed she couldn't really resist. I took her right there by her campfire, twice, and when I was satisfied I left her there to clean up the mess. Oh, what relief. I'm still going to fuck the elf-girl well when I get back to camp tonight. And maybe I'll treat myself to that short Bosmer woman in Half Moon. I've developed quite a taste for them.


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Turdas 28 Last Seed:


We held a meeting. Ogrim wants to take another town – plunder and women. The gang are getting bored and truth be told the picking are slim on the road and we can only take so many Forsworn camps before we run into the main body. I like our windswept camp and maybe it's because my stash is pretty large I haven't paid enough attention to the gang's well being. t had to be Old Hroldan then. They have a lot of guards but it seems like a wealthy town, with an inn full of adventurers to fleece.


post-419007-0-18164500-1422846534_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-30660000-1422846536_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-97152300-1422846537_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-99129800-1422846608_thumb.jpg


We fell on the town from the hills, taking down the first guard and their captain – a burly Orc in the first minutes. Moving through the main road we encountered some miners, a farmer and more guards. We tied up the women and killed the men who resisted.




post-419007-0-63409000-1422846740_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-50575300-1422846742_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-81405100-1422846743_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-95671700-1422846744_thumb.jpg   post-419007-0-94480700-1422846745_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-18009800-1422846739_thumb.jpg



We had to take the barracks and that was a bloody, narrow fight. Usually after the guards outside get killed the rest hole up and barricade themselves in. Next time we take a town we'll just leave them there – maybe set the place alight. But this time we fought through it and they actually pushed us out onto the street. Following us out was a big mistake though and we quickly surrounded and overwhelmed them.



post-419007-0-26912700-1422846814_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-17639000-1422846815_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-07293200-1422846816_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-19974900-1422846817_thumb.jpg  



The fighting done it was time for an afternoon celebration. I let the men have their go at the miner woman we caught while her colleague looked helplessly away. Both the elf-girl and I had our blood up after the fight so we retired to the barracks for a long, gratifying session.


 post-419007-0-45565300-1422846917_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-11273400-1422846919_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-43484700-1422846920_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-12184800-1422846913_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-92259500-1422846914_thumb.jpg  


post-419007-0-46169600-1422846977_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-53870300-1422846978_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-43148700-1422846979_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-53781000-1422846980_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-42590100-1422846981_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-41334900-1422846982_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-63729600-1422846983_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-53978500-1422846984_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-50703400-1422846985_thumb.jpg  


Then we moved on to the tavern, stopping at the farm along the roadside to ravish the dead farmer's widow. She cursed us for killing her husband but the fool didn't have to fight.  We took her there in the fields and filled her womb with little bandit bastards.


post-419007-0-06677300-1422847121_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-61707600-1422847122_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-87110000-1422847124_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-19210200-1422847126_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-47923000-1422847127_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-51570300-1422847128_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-96598500-1422847129_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-58302200-1422847131_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-08350800-1422847133_thumb.jpg


Bursting in Tavern the door we had to kill one or two dissenters but quickly tied up and robbed the remaining patrons.  We tied them up and distributed the booty. There was a lot of loot, almost too much to carry but we found that the owner of the general store was in more of a trading mood than a fighting one and he 'agreed' to buy the kit for gold coins.




post-419007-0-18734000-1422847271_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-52366500-1422847272_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-79438800-1422847274_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-02027500-1422847276_thumb.jpg



There were some comely lasses in the tavern – a tall blonde alchemist, a petite brunette wanderer who couldn't have been more than twenty summers, and several others. We spent the night at the inn much as we had at Rorikstead: guzzling ale and passing the women around till we – and the women - were all utterly spent. 


post-419007-0-38044900-1422847374_thumb.jpgpost-419007-0-55885700-1422847375_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-27687800-1422847377_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-40919100-1422847379_thumb.jpgpost-419007-0-58185500-1422847380_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-64937500-1422847381_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-15224800-1422847383_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-59035900-1422847384_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-63744100-1422847385_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-14760100-1422847387_thumb.jpg  


The petite brunette was especially cute.  She didn't resist once she knew the game was up.  I took her to a bedroom for an extra session, just the two of us.  The elf girl doesn't seem to mind my ravishing other women, despite being my 'lover'.  I guess she knows it's part of the job.  The job was about to get harder on the morrow, but for tonight, I was bandit lord again.


post-419007-0-77073300-1422847726_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-35538000-1422847729_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-84273900-1422847730_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-98638600-1422847732_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-05064800-1422847734_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-22551700-1422847735_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-63742500-1422847736_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-22596800-1422847739_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-22977700-1422847740_thumb.jpg



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Fridas 29 Last Seed:


In the morning Talgas and I woke to a hangover and a commotion. Going outside and across the street, there in the fields, was the elf girl lying spread-eagled with Ogrim humping furiously away between her thighs. Some of the men were looking on, even telling him to stop, and I knew I'd been cuckolded.




I'd always thought if it came to women I'd have a falling out with Skirnyr. I knew he eyed the Bosmer hungrily and his taste for rape was never assuaged. But then this wasn't about women. By showing he could take my woman any time – and she was certainly taken against her will – that he was more powerful than I.


I should have seen it coming. It was Ogrim's idea to take Hroldan. his idea to take Rorikstead in fact. He was making a play for leadership. This is the sort of thing a bandit chief does not let pass. We arrived just as he finished. He stood up swaggering and I cut him down in two strokes.




The others looked stunned – all except Tal who was ever loyal. Cass led the elf away and I looked each of them in the eye. Not a word was spoken but they were all reminded who the gold-giver was.


To reward the men I took them into the farmhouse. There we ravished again the farm wife whose husband had resisted us yesterday.  I took her first to show who's boss. And once their urges were satisfied we took some coin and jewels and left her weeping on the floor.


post-419007-0-24170000-1423395542_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-10502000-1423395544_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-42217400-1423395546_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-02086800-1423395548_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-67191100-1423395549_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-07456200-1423395551_thumb.jpg 


Sullenly, we returned to Serpent's Bluff camp in the hills.  I mounted up to go sell off some more loot at Dragon Bridge, since I'm not a wanted man that far north, leaving tal in charge.  At least I know I can trust him.


 post-419007-0-14182000-1423395830_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-48384600-1423395832_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-93277300-1423395828_thumb.jpg 


Wish I could just run away from the whole lot and start a new life on the road.  But I still have to go back for my stash. And I can't let the poor elf girl go just yet.

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Mondas 1 Hearth Fire:


I got a good price for all the Hroldan loot at Dragon Bridge then headed for the tavern before dark. Of all people I bumped into the rogue girl Lyssa whom I had met in Falkreath. She arrived at the tavern just after me and was about to pull her usual line about lost property, when she recognized me and we just laughed. We got a little drunk and rented a room again – a good little repeat of our tryst in Falkreath.



 post-419007-0-47609400-1423444055_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-42465000-1423444056_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-11405100-1423444058_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-19132200-1423444059_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-17840400-1423444060_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-24440700-1423444061_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-28825900-1423444062_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-26064200-1423444063_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-16600700-1423444064_thumb.jpg  


Said she was heading to Morthal next and the offer stood to catch up with her and share in our adventures. We could get rich of plundering draugr ruins. It was tempting, but I'm not one for hunting trolls and vampires – leave that to the Dragonborn if the bastard ever shows up in Skyrim.


Back at the camp we settled for a few days, to nurse wounds and distribute loot. Some of the lads hunted and we sent Cass and the Argonian for water.    I found another horse on the road while we were on a foot patrol, but there were no victims to rob.  Word had probably spread wide by now.




The elf girl was in her moons so I wasn't getting any warmth from her thighs that night. At least Ogrim hadn't seeded her. I had to content myself with forcing myself on the Forsworn shaman woman, since Skyrnir was preoccupied with the blonde.  I had her suck me then get on all fours and I rode her till she was slick with my seed.  She didn't like that but she was used to it by now. Damn I filled that cunny! Maybe I can see what Skyrnir likes about a good rape from time to time.



post-419007-0-24674500-1423444180_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-21547100-1423444179_thumb.jpg  post-419007-0-26284800-1423444176_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-41914100-1423444177_thumb.jpg  



The next day around midday Cass asked me to follow her into the ruins. Said she had to tell me a secret not for the ears of the others. I'm not sure if the elf girl spied us going in or out. When we got there, she'd already had a fire going and had cleaned up the mess of the forsworn we'd killed when we found the place. I guess this is where she and Ogrim used to meet. She simply undressed and invited me to have her there on the floor, so I did.


post-419007-0-91227900-1423444232_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-59809200-1423444231_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-03798000-1423444234_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-05983000-1423444235_thumb.jpgpost-419007-0-09807200-1423444236_thumb.jpgpost-419007-0-84661900-1423444236_thumb.jpg post-419007-0-66781300-1423444238_thumb.jpg 


I thought it was just a cynical ploy to supplant the elf as my woman, but she had something else to bring to the table - or the bedroll - other than her cunny: she warned me that the group would be restless. That just killing Ogrim wasn't enough to assert my authority and that they needed more plunder. I had to find them more gold.



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