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  1. To be honest, I have tried to make it myself. I've made several attempts throughout the last year or so but quite frankly I don't know what I'm doing and following the tutorials that are out there just isn't enough to learn how to get it done. What I'm imagining is a set of separate masks that can be crafted as armbands or pauldrons once the player has the original in their inventory. Making the initial change alone to create the alternate versions has proven to be beyond me, I just can't get it done and I haven't even reached the point I would create new in game items and crafting recipes and put it all into an esp. I don't really like asking someone else if they'd be willing to put their time into it for me but honestly it would take so long for me to slowly figure it out alone and due to personal circumstances I just don't have that sort of time to dedicate to getting stuck into it, so asking here is the only way this might happen.
  2. This is a somewhat similar idea to the mod that makes dragon priest masks into circlets, except I imagine it would be more trophy-like or even actual armour. With a slightly smaller version of the masks available to wear on the shoulder as a pauldron or perhaps lower on the upper arm as an armband of sorts with the mask attached, preferably close to the skin for a lightly armoured character. Would this be something someone would be willing to make? I'd love to see it but I sadly I don't have the knowledge to make it.
  3. I was hoping someone could recommend a decent mannequin mod for me - of course searching for one will give plenty of results but most of them tend to be quite old or incompatible with Hearthfire or custom home mods. Is there a mod out there that gets rid of the actual mannequin so that its more like an armour stand than a display model? Otherwise, I'm looking for anything really, whether it be a lifelike or a statue style. Cheers!
  4. Ok, thanks. So I'm generally safe to be casting spells in stealth. I've found that spell effectiveness decreases as armour skill increases, to a minimum of 5%. Turns out I didn't read the wiki carefully enough!
  5. The title says it all really, I know in Skyrim spells can be heard until you unlock a silent casting illusion perk but I can't find anything about it in Oblivion, and I can't really test it out in game since my stealth is pretty low level at the moment so I don't know if detection is due to a spell or not. Anyone know? While I'm here, a quick question about spell effectiveness - one of the loading screen tips said that spell effectiveness penalties are reduced as the armour skill increases, but the skill menu and UESP say anything about that? Can anyone confirm this and if so, at what skill level?
  6. Some handy tips here! Thanks to all of you. Now that I'm starting a game these are good to know just to avoid screwing myself over.
  7. Just for the sake of anyone else who has this problem, it seems to be working fine in MO2 after deleting the esp and bsa files for Battlehorn Castle, then validating the game files in Steam to make them redownload. I won't pretend to understand it, but (hopefully not jinxing it here) it seems to working fine. Go figure, huh?
  8. Yep, it's not in Program Files. Yeah, I think I'll nuke it and try once more to get it working. If that fails then I'll wipe MO and follow your guide with OBMM.
  9. I'm having trouble starting the game even unmodded actually, at least I think. It's difficult to tell if the mods aren't loading since the hook into MO seems a bit odd, but I think I've launched vanilla and it still crashes, so a reinstall of the game might be the way to go. At any rate, both MO1 and MO2 don't work. MO2 crashes, and MO1 doesn't load the OBSE plugins still for some reason. I did notice that MO2 shows a different number each time I launch the game in that 'MO is locked' screen. The one that says "Mod Organizer is locked while the application is running Oblivion.exe (XXXXX)". The id number where I've written XXXXX is different every time I launch the exe (the most recent numbers were 7640 and 14872) - sometimes its five digits, sometimes four. Is this important? I don't know what the numbers indicate. Other than that, yeah, just as confused as you. Think I might resort to a full nuke and reinstall from the top, hopefully that will fix whatever's going on with the Battlehorn masters. Aside from that though, thanks for mentioning about the Thieves Den esp! I didn't know that.
  10. Sorry, should have clarified - the CTD is on launching the game, not save load. It's like a missing master file, except the file isn't missing in the game folder or in MO2. Edit - I have tried verifying the game files in Steam, everything came up fine. I understand what a master esp error means, but I truly don't see how it's missing here. modlist.txt plugins.txt
  11. Well. This is embarrassing. Turns out I had the SkyBSA in data/OBSE rather than data/OBSE/plugins. Now I have yet another issue! Ugh. The game loaded fine when I tested it at first, but now that I've tried to get load order in the right order I'm getting a CTD error. Apparently the Battlehorn Castle unofficial patch is missing the Battlehorn Castle esp, even though they are both present and in the correct load order. Just to really confuse things, the same error appears even when I uncheck the DLC unofficial patch mod.
  12. Ok, I have things installed properly and Ive played through the sewers to confirm the game works, but my mods don't. OBSE, the Unofficial patches, Blockhead, Character Creation Overhaul, Custom Class Descriptions and the expanded skills descriptions all work, but nothing else. DarnUI, female class portraits, and every single texture pack I've installed don't work. I've checked the modding guides, even tried MO1 (with and without the Script Extender workaround) but I can't get them to work. I can only see two potential issues, neither of which I can figure out. First, the guide for archive invalidation says to get rid of the invalidation.txt file, but i can't find any such file. The closest i could find was a line in the .ini that pointed to it, which seems to make no difference. The second is that the guide says the ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated.bsa should be at the very top of the Archives tab in MO, in black and checked while everything else is greyed out. It is black but I can't move it to the top of the tab, which I wonder might be my problem. To be honest, I've been trying to get this all working for hours and I'm at my wits end. Please, does anybody have any suggestions?
  13. My mistake then, I misunderstood that there was a way to move only one game rather than everything. Thanks!
  14. I have read it, but it describes moving to a new drive, not a different place on the C drive. I tried making a C/Steam path, but it just says there's already a steam installation on this drive, so Steam will automatically multiple installs in one folder. Problem being the folder is in Program Files. Guess I'll have to bite the bullet and move my whole Steam installation and library.
  15. Thanks fejeena, bookmarked it for future playthoughs! gregathit, I can't find the move mechanism. I can only see browse, backup, uninstall or verify files options. Where is it exactly?
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