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  1. Thanks so much! Sorry I didn't thank you earlier, I accidentally unfollowed the topic I think.
  2. These are both great, thanks so much for the help Scorpio and Crash! And Crash, I think the jury's still out regarding my stupidity, I'll let you know if it's ever time to start the Idiots Club lol.
  3. Before I explain I'm going to say right now I'm fully aware this is just my own stupidity and uncertainty, but can someone please explain the settings of WW to me?? I've got a decent game working, but tweaking things to my liking is so confusing with all these menus and submenus and the mod page doesn't seem to go into the specific details I'm asking about. There are a few things specifically that I just don't understand properly. First, how exactly does the role assignment and gender recognition settings work? I've got three characters, one female, one male, one futa, and there se
  4. Anyone know a solution to this? Since other people are having the same issue I assume that means it's on LL's side and not mine? For what it's worth I also seem to be having issues with some update notifications not coming through, specifically more recently followed content but I can't narrow down a specific date range. Seems like it might be related to my admittedly ignorant mind.
  5. Works like a charm! Thanks so much @Scorpio
  6. I usually check the unread content feed for new files since my last visit every time I log in, but for the last few days the feed has been showing that there no new files since my last visit. If I change the time period to any time I get files from Wednesday and earlier, but all under the heading for last week. Is this some weird error on my end or is anyone else seeing this?
  7. That does sound useful! Thanks for the tip.
  8. Well crap. I was really hoping for some genius alternative my google skills couldn't find. But thanks anyway! Never hurts to ask.
  9. I'm looking for a way to find what a particular item in CAS is since I have a few that are broken. Annoyingly the thumbnails for those items aren't always clear and the items themselves are broken in a way that I can't tell what they are. Is there either a way to get names of items when you hover over them in CAS, or when you have a sim wear them? I know there's a way to get outfit details with MCCC but that just gave me a bunch of codes that I have no idea how to link to particular CC items. I've also tried to go through S4S to find them but everything seemed to work fine in that
  10. I'm so sorry! I just realised I never replied to this! Thanks so much for your advice, it helped a lot and I really appreciate it. Please don't think I'm not grateful having not replied because I swear I am!
  11. Is this mod still supported? It seems to be broken, my sim never goes to work and MCCC throws up an exception when the work time comes around. Given it's nearly three years old I'm wondering if it just doesn't work with the latest game versions.
  12. I don't know about the rest but for casting spells and using two handed weapons, there are some mods that make it faster to switch between weapons in the heat of battle, or to make it more like the Oblivion spellcasting. A quick google search turned up these mods you could try: Spells as Lesser Powers at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community Spellsword at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community Battlemage at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community Fast Cast - realistic auto casting hotkeys at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community Witchhunter Spells sugge
  13. Please forgive me if I'm just being a massive idiot, but some of the files are named the same with different numbers - for example the latex set has set 1a, set 2 and set 2Exp. Are these different sets or newer versions of the same? Or does it not matter and I should just install all of them anyway?
  14. I'm finally joining the Sims 4 community! Since I've only played the game for a few hours and I'm completely new to the mods, what are all of your recommendations? I'm looking at the two newcomers' guides pinned to this thread but it seems a little bare bones and I'm eager go to all in so please give me all your suggestions, whether for the basics, specific stuff you like or the kinky kind!
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