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Installing Oblivion, suggestions on adult mods?

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Setting up MBP++ it's not worthy for me cause I do not aim to use any of the new races, that's all :P


I'm not sure what you mean with the Tamago, I just want to play with the risk of the PC getting pregnant, along with other mods of needs to make it a realistic experience for a female adventuress. 

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To make the npc's look better, I suggest OCOV2 from nexus.

The mod is amazing, just what I was looking for, you know how to add custom hairs? as soon as I added Cazy's hairs some options disappeared from the racemenu.


And any way to reduce the neck seam?

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It is NOT just where to find the .exe file but it is HOW they put the data files all over the place in areas you do not even know exist as a normal user.


I have used program costing many1000 of dollars that use C: if it is good enough for them it is good enough for ME. Makes my life just a little easier.


SO what is stopping you from installing it where you want ?? Lazy ?? don't know how??


Just a thought, ;- TP

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To make the npc's look better, I suggest OCOV2 from nexus.

The mod is amazing, just what I was looking for, you know how to add custom hairs? as soon as I added Cazy's hairs some options disappeared from the racemenu.


And any way to reduce the neck seam?




Not sure on adding different hairs to OCO, but for the neck seam, I use Neck Seam Fixer.  

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Another vote for you to avoid MBP like the pest, if you can help it ^.^


As to your question, I wholeheartidely can recommend the following :



<Lovers Creature> (compatible with Maskar's Overhaul!)

<TamagoClub> + <HUD> + <Fertility clinic> + <Lovers Tamagoclub>

<HiyokoClub> + <Broodmother> + <FutureDream> + <HiyokoShooter>

<LoversSupplementalPack> (pick whichever you want)

<LoversRapers Wappy edition>

<SetBody reloaded - blockhead edition> (with <beast races> addon) + <Tamago SetBody reboot>


<Lovers custom spell icons>

<BreakArmor> framework + armor replacements

<LoversBitch Gone Wild>


This is what I am currently using, and it has been an extremely stable package so far.


You might want to have a look into <Dibella's Watch> on the Nexus as well, and maybe <Vampire training cattle> if you intend to turn into a bloodsucking "master race".

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Many thanks to you Ijacquard!


Do you know something about import a few hairstyles to OCOV2? 


Edit: Also Tamago is for pregnancy and Hiyoko for giving birth?


Adding custom hairstyles to OCO races is fairly easy if you're at least somewhat proficient with the toolset. There are a number of tutorials around to do so for custom races, but the easiest I found is to follow these couple of steps :


1/ Open the toolset. The extended toolset (with OBSE support, by shadeMe) is not required, but I still recommend it (for the faster loading times, if anything).

2/ load a mod that has the custom hairstyles you want (any custom race found on the Nexus or even COBL should do).

3/ load <Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp>

4/ do not make any of the above mods active (we'll want to create a patch instead)

5/ open a first window by going into the "Character/Hair" menu

6/ open a second window by going into the "Character/Race" menu

7 /select the "Body data" tab in the second window

8/ drag and drop all the desired hairstyles from the first window to the second window, into the "Hair styles" list

9/ save your changes, close both windows, and save your patch/ESP with a new name

10/ activate and load your new patch after both the custom race mod (with the hairstyles) and OCO




My advice is to stick to only a couple of custom hairs in your game (the ones you REALLY like), as alot of them :


1/ are either unnecessarily high-poly, eating up your FPS (the imported Sims stuff is in that league)

2/ or unfinished (missing .tri files, for example, which are needed for the facial morphs, so that your character stops displaying that awful grin after combat). This can be fixed with the <Conformulator> by Scanti if needed.

3/ you'll never see past the chargen screen anyway (and still eat up your RAM).


Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.



About Tamago/Hyioko, you got that right. They are fairly difficult to set up properly, but also very rewarding once they work as intended. I recommend reading the thread on LL here, as there is some very valuable information buried in it :





Finally, the mods in the package that I listed above mesh well into the gameplay and the "classic" Cyrodiil as I see it, give me plenty of "adult" stuff to enjoy and then some (really love <BreakArmor>), and don't require to install an insane number of bugged/amateurish resources, most of which I will never use anyway (because of, and thanks to <Blockhead>). Stability generally is a must to me, and I am currently having yet another stab at finishing the main quest (believe it or not ^.^), so anything that clashes too much with it is not welcome (in this playthrough).


Of course, everyone has their gaming styles and opinion. Please do make yours, and above all have fun.

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Cam you give me a link to that toolset you mentioned?, I suppose that will be something like FNVedit, but I'm pretty new to oblivion modding


The Hiyoko generator plugin has a mod requirement I don't have -> x117race.esm and the beautiful people 2ch-ed.esm is another one

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Here you go for the extended toolset :





About the missing master warning you get, you'll need the "No MBP" version of the plugin (<HiyokoGenerator(without MBP&x117)>), found in the thread that I linked above. To save you some time on the search :



(EDIT : you'll want at least Rev 2, 3 is mostly the same if I recall correctly, with just an updated ini)


Do however take the time to read through the thread, you will save yourself a lot of frustration later on, please trust me on that one.


It's also why I said that Tamago/Hiyoko are fairly difficult (or more accurately, time consuming) to properly set up.

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