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  1. These pollsters that stop you in middle of the street to ask you whatever, some are nice, they just smile at you when you tell them you have no time for them. Some others deserve death. No really, they do. It pisses me off that people take me for someone that knows about computers, just because I wear eyeglasses...It was one of those days you literally have to dodge pollsters in certain streets of the capital, but a couple of these were quite annoying, this one got straight in my way as I was walking and literally begged to be heard. Told him I had no time. THEN HIS COMPANION attempts to repeat the same maneuver, after I blatantly ignore him. I thought answering one of them "I have no time, sorry" was enough, but this idiot was trying to get my attention still. He had to say it. He had to say "You're a computer engineer, right?". I didn't look at him when I answered "Go fuck yourself". He was wearing eyeglasses, perhaps for fashion, because they were those that are quite big everyone nowadays wear, sometimes without the need of it. But fuck, I didn't thought about the answer, I just told him to go fuck himself without reasoning it. Then the fucking idiot keeps trying to get my attention "What? stop right here and do tell me that again", he was demanding. I had to ignore him yet again, I wasn't looking for conflict. but that idiot really pissed my day off, because I'm normally a polite person, he (and the 4 previous pollsters) got on my nerves that day.
  2. Oh, okay, I only wanted the drows but...guess the thing grew bigger in a year haha!
  3. Thanks @NightroModzz but I don't know what else I'm supposed to do with this resource, looks like the kind of tail I'm looking for the race I created. *Sighs*
  4. To be clear, I'm looking for the classic succubi tail: thin, made of flesh instead of scales or bones and usually ending in a spaded or heartshaped tip. A link to those draenei tails?, i already checked the equipable tails, none of them fit in what I'm looking for.
  5. I'm looking for demon-like tails that blend with a feminine body, and make part of it instead of just being a big, blocky tail. So far i've not found any results on nexus, so perhaps any of you know cute looking tails out there, hopefully compatible with HDT. An an example of what I'm looking for:
  6. Had some female rapist on the colony, the first thing she raped was an emu (lol). She discarded her clothes and poof, no clothes anymore. Also she used to rape other colonists as well, getting herself the debuff from being raped.
  7. Then I'm tempted to discard this soul gem oven (Kudos to the author, by the way, it's an excellent mod!) and get back to Beeing female if it's working. Any link?
  8. Hey, I'm about to install a pregnancy mod. I was quite fond of having beeing female on my Skyrim, but for some reason some guides indicates that there is not fully compatible with the last build of the sexlab framework. I loved the menstrual cycle and such things that comes with the mod, what are the other options out there?. Soul gem Oven III sounds interesting, but does it have menstrual cycles? anyone has a sugestion for pregnancy mods? perhaps installing beeing female is not going to break my game experience?
  9. Your skeleton probably lacks pregnant belly options
  10. I managed to fix the problem, NMM didn't uninstall a dll file inside the SKSE folder. Thanks everyone.
  11. Probably replaces something and that something is now missing. Who knows...That's why I'm asking here, to fix it. You are not being helpful in that way.
  12. It doesn't matter what save I load, it ruined all the saves, even the one that doesn't have any mod at all. I start a new game= same result. The first person camera is fucked up. I'm not a person that doesn't read what authors says about the mods, I go through modding skyrim carefully, but this stupid mod just fucked my game...
  13. I did it, didn't work. That's because I test what I'm doing after installing a few mods, it is not hard to track the bugs if you do it that way
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