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The Master

How To: Animated Woohoo - A complete Step-for-Step Walkthrough

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Greetings fellow Simmers,


for some time now I am using Kickers Animated Woohoo mod for The Sims 3 and was quite amazed of how it breathed new life into my Sims3 game. However as for every Mod you'll reach it's frontiers quite soon, as you've seen every single aspect of it a couple of times.

This is the usual moment where you start looking for MORE...


...which is also the moment you run into the certain problem that the amount of new content for this amazing mod is somewhat limited due the lack of contributors that actively tender their animation addons.


I've seen some people now begging/requesting more content but the creators are also only humans that can't do the work in time of what an entire community demands of them.


After seeing the dire need of animators I decided to get myself involved and start doing animations myself! Which wouldn't be a big deal if it was the animations I came up with only. It was what the actual process of actually becoming a capable contributor for this mod made me think of a certain truth:




All I had were the posing tutorials and rigs suited for that but no centralized information about how to tie everything up and make it working, well this was...




The last three days i haven't just spend gathering information, try things out, fail and start again until i finally reached full and complete success in every extent. NO, i've also took all my experience i've gained over that time,took all my testing and petrifyfied it into ONE PACKAGE.


I proudly present you the first complete Animated Woohoo Step-For-Step Picture-Guided Tutorial Starter Pack, that has EVERYTHING you need in order to get your most wicked Animation Ideas in-game!


This Starter Pack contains, every External Modding Programm, Plug-Ins and the precise description on how to use them to your advantage in one single archive file!


Search no more for missing programs! Search no more for missing informations as this pack has it ALL!


The best of it is that the Tutorial comes in a solid .PDF file that has all important Pictures, Informations and Material Links you'll need without the necessary requirement of having Internet! Take this .PDF anywhere, plus the Tools archive along with Blender (Which you still have to download manually once) and start doing Animations wherever you find a suitable creative environment!


ENOUGH TALK NOW! It's time to get you guys all the Toys you ever wanted with the endless possibilities of this mod combined with the frontiers only set by your own creativity and skills in Blender.


Stop begging for new content and start enriching the community, TODAY!



I'd be very glad to hear from you folks if that guide finally got you into making animations for Sims3 and how helpful it was to you. Any suggestion and Ideas to improve the Tutorial or even the overall Starter Pack is appreciated.


I also want to thank everybody who made these awesome tools, tutorials i've learned from and all other pretty materials already present!

Since all I did was just completing the already pretty picture ^^.


Happy Simming and animating!




Here are some examples of what can be done by using this Tutorial:





Animated Woohoo starter pack v1.0.7z





These animation will be soon available in my very own animation compilation, so stay tuned as more is about to follow!

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Well this awkward...


Today morning i figured out that i forgot to include some important files to my Blender examples resulting in not beeing able to load them in Blender once you extracted them. I've updated the Starter Pack with a new Sample Rig&Animation folder that should work out of the box once you extract it from the archive and open it in Blender.


Therefore i highly recommend you to redownload the updated Starter Pack zip.


I am sorry for the inconvenience and i'd be glad to year from you guys if you achieved any successes using my Tutorial ^^ or ran into some issues that i haven't covered in my Tutorial Walkthrough yet.


Cheers people!

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Thank You So much for this post. I've been working on custom animations for Animated WooHoo and had to learn everything myself (yup, mostly tutorials for poses).


I finally got stuck on adding the sound  - I found out, there should be two ways of doing it. Either using Animator or editing the grid. The Animator didn't save the changes I mad or simply exited to windows. And none of the versions of S3PE, with all the wrappers and helpers, allowd me to edit the grid. So, out of curiosity, where did you get this version, that obviously allows to edit the grid?


Anyway, I'm into some modding myself, so if you're interested in my work, feel free to take a look at ModFrenzy.

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I've mainly found all the necessary stuff on Simlogical though the wrappers were quite abit hard to find. I just looked at the download file i've got on my hard drive and you should be able to find the original download by typeing "s3piwrappers" into google search and click right the first hit. Still though i had to do some research to get to know these plug-ins even existed in the first place :P.

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@The Master


Can you reupload it to MediaFire?


Loverslab fail me as it doesn't support resume. I download it multiple times and all stop in the middle and I need to restart it, over and over again.


Sorry, slow internet. Laptop + HSDPA.

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When I am doing a new animation I usually start by opening one of the couple rigs in blender and then click "save as..." to save them under an arbitrary name of the animation that I am going to add.


Then I start doing a pose that serves as a "base" in order to orient myself on how I want the including characters be arranged in the Scene.


Next Step would be doing the base loop animation the repeats all several times during the animation.


Finally I add the facial expressions and other non-looping stuff to break things up.


This is all happening in the file that I've had "save as...".


When I am satisfied with my work at the end I export the clips using the method stated in the Tutorial.


Worry not saving in the usual .blend format as it won't destroy any incorporated animations, in case that this was your main concern.


Hope this was helpful.

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Great tutorial Master, i'm enjoying it so far. Thanks so much.  :) 

DragoonKing555 Thanks for the replay The Master. But is there any good animations tutorial that can help me do some animations since I'm a noob at blender and it seem hard looking for sims animations tutorial.


There's a infinity of tutorials in youtube. I'm learning a lot, not only animations for the sims 3 as well as the secrets of Blender. Trust me, there's no another location to learn more. Just browsing for.   ;)



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Is there a way to animate using 3dsMAX ?

- great tutorial by the way-

It would be wonderfull to animate in 3dsmax *--*   Is that possible? I mean, i use to my pro, but only there's a s3py pluggin for blender...  :s  

If it is possible, please someone send a answer to us, cause i didn't find it.  :dodgy: 


o.O#  (Yes, it's will be my dramatic face for the moment if that plugin exist)

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I've tried it once exporting a sample animation into 3ds Max by using non native file formats such as .obj and .fbx but all i've got was more a huge pile of rabble that wasn suitable for animation at all. Not to mention the necessary back-and-forth-porting between Blender and 3ds Max since Blender has the only working exporter plug-ins as far as i know.


Therefor Blender is the way to go for now.

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I've tried it once exporting a sample animation into 3ds Max by using non native file formats such as .obj and .fbx but all i've got was more a huge pile of rabble that wasn suitable for animation at all. Not to mention the necessary back-and-forth-porting between Blender and 3ds Max since Blender has the only working exporter plug-ins as far as i know.


Therefor Blender is the way to go for now.

That's what I was just thinking. Thanks to answer. 



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I need to ask Master, I am in doubt, and the fact that I am a person somewhat meticulous and a little shy :blush: : How many average animations (would be a good number, yes) to create a post in this forum you advise me?  :-/

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@Darkening Demise: You probably want to watch some youtube videos about how to animate stuff. Basically you're mostly using rotate and a few move joints (Mainly on IK Chains). So far I can remember i've actually put some IK chains on the feet and the hands, you just have to find the right joint to use it.


I've had some advantage in my learning process since was doing 3D Modelling, Rigging and Animation in 3ds Max before I've tried Blender.


@lady666: Hmm...I'd say boldly that anything beyond 10 added animations is worth a look. Though don't be discouraged if you have less then that! I've created this tutorial particularly for the purpose of getting more people into Animated Woohoo modding. There's so few animators out there that pretty much ANY amount of new animations is taken gladly.

If you feel that you animations are good then go forth and create a post! If you're uncertain about your animations then you can still post some .gif's of your animations on the board and see what the folks thing about it.


Either way don't hold your creations back and promote them here, the community needs EVERYONE!

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@mike25: Did you use the S3PE version from my starter pack? I just checked it by unzipping it onto my desktop and the Grid should work out-of-the-box as it does for me. Have you tried starting the S3PE in admin mode? I am not sure elsely what causes the issue for you, since I wasn't able to replicate the problem on my end.

It's still possible that the Grid Plug-Ins required some .NET frameworks though but I am not sure anymore as I forgot where I've even found the plug-ins :P.


Have you tried opening a different animation package file and test if the Data Grid fails for these either?

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Your starter package (S3PE) dont charge the clips... make me error. I donwload the S3PE of the oficial page. I make the package clips perfect but the grid its not selectable in clips... Only selectable GRID with the "KEY" ítem of package. Ill try with  administrator and i ll try with other clips of other users.. but nothing.


Ok. thanks for your help in any case, great guide!

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Thx Master, I'm thinking about.
Well, the beginning of March until now I did six, four of these are already in Animated Woohoo, already are edited with sound. I'll edit two tomorrow for ts3. Learning to work with the blender was really easy, for those who have knowledge of 3D programs, course. But I confess that I hated "with all forces of my soul"everything in Blender interface   :@   :exclamation:  I prefer Maya or 3ds Max for animation. But already over, i love Blender now  :lol: I never thought that certain animations with standard armature pose of TS3 were possible... but it was.   :P  :)

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Hi The Master,


First, thanks so much for this tutorial -- I've gotten a lot closer to getting just one animation done (huge deal!!) but I'm having trouble getting it into the game; I followed the tutorial precisely, but the animations won't show up in game in the Animated Woohoo position lists GUI. I can only imagine that I got either the animation export wrong (am I only supposed to save the animation/models as Clips? Am I supposed to export them another way? Your tutorial says on page 8 that the files of the saved clips should be named "a_example_example_01", but mine is a series of letters and numbers in the folder I exported them to... Does this matter? When I import them to s3pe, they're named correctly and clearly though... I don't know!!)


I think I may have made a mistake with the XML editing? I use windows XML editor, if that's the right thing to do... 

Does this look right to you? I've attached a screenshot. Am I supposed to remove your example text at the bottom?


I bet it's something absolutely minute that I've gotten wrong omg...

Anyway, thank you! Let me know if I should elaborate on anything! thanks





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