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  1. OMG, Paul?? Still around Mate? Hit me up! xox

  2. ola nao consigo instalar alguem pode me explicar por favor 


  3. there are non yet only and one for kinky world
  4. there are some on MTS and on my blog at lungpauls blogspot
  5. I can`t get the rig connected with the game. The bones are too complicated. (Or I don`t know enough to make it work?!). I don`t think it is worth the time and effort to be honest. Thanks for checking it out nevertheless But if anyone find such a rig that works with ts3 I`d love to get a link to test it thanks Cheers! i had a look seems interesting but i think another add on might be need to make it work with sims3 as the body rig is very different from the one we use
  6. i do with noprobs Glad to see you are still here LP. I am a total n00b when it comes to using blender and animating. Would you know if making a sims3 rig based on the blender addon pitchipoy, would work? It does seem to make animating a whole lot easier/smoother, but I am not sure if it is possible to do, and would hate to waste several days experimenting with rigging sorry i have not heard of that one but i will have a look thanks
  7. You night need Cmar's Script also. Give it a Whirl. you will need to equip the hose in cas under the accessories
  8. they should work with these mine do i think you will find they are default replacements so you will not find them in CAS
  9. I have had a sim give birth to puppy's a long while a go so you should have no probs but I don't think it works with the horse
  10. Don't know on the first question bc I'm not a Patreon but I don't recall the option for 2.8 but I also don't use plumbots. For question 2, you need to do kinky selfies to continue raising your exhibition. I think sending them helps to. The exhibition is now set up to raise when certain actions are completed. you will need to go to the future to get the required items to make the sex bot
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