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Certain mods causing game to crash at main loading screen.


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For some reason when i open Skyrim via the SKSE extension and the game starts, shows the "Bethesda" loading screen, and then right after that it quits to the desktop. i pinpointed the cause of the crashes to certain mods, so i stopped using them, but i need a few of them. i went through and made sure all of the mods were up to date, and so was any other software (including Skyrim) that is attached to the game. Can anyone help me out?

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Crash at the logo means you are missing a master or the master is below the .esm/.esp that needs it. Download TES5EDIT  unzip it and run the .exe that is in it. It will start to load everything that you have installed into it when it hits a error in your load order it will stop and tell you why in the bottom right hand area read it fix it close TES5EDIT and repeat starting it till it is able to load up without hitting any errors then try your game again. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25859/?

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Use Mod Organizer if you aren't already. I guarantee in the long run it will save you headaches!

^ This since OP is obviously a beginner (nothing meant bad)


use MO and/or start using wyre bash and LOOT if you would use the basic tools you won't run into such issues anymore. I recommand you to use wyre bash and LOOt take a look into MO and decide for yourself if you need its features.

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