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Help with invisible nif armor problem in game...


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I have some nifs that show up in Creation Kit and Bodyslide but it doesn't show up in game. I can equip it but they don't show on body. These nifs have the same slot as some other armor and those armors work fine. Anyone have any idea the cause of this?


Thank you.

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Hard to say for anyone to really be able to help you without being able to look at the nifs in question to see if anyone can see anything wrong in them. So I would suggest uploading the nifs in question so that people can download and look at them and see if they can see what the problem is in the nifs.

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For other's reference, I found the solution.


Under NiTriShakeData, right click BSDismemberSkinInstance > Block > Convert > NiS > NiSkinInstance


This will remover specific slot designation so your armor will show up in any slot instead of only slot Body.

I don't think you should do that. Why don't you try rebuilding the skin partitions instead? Bad or missing partitions can certainly cause your mesh to not be displayed.

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If your armor is not assigned to the body slot your player will be considered naked when it comes to npc comments and mods like arousal.

not a problem for me. The issues I am having is creation of layered under garments like bras, panties, stocking, corsets which should be arousing by design.

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