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inXile's isometric Fallout?


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Read the news here:


Is inXile going to make a new isometric Fallout?




I'm kinda disappointing with the inXile's Wasteland 2.


I don't know if inXile able to make a great isometric Fallout game.



Yes, people are longing for the old isometric Fallout RPG games.


At the same thing, today is 2014, which is we need more than just "graphically upgrade" from the old games.



And definitely more fun, crazy, darker, naughty and sex scenes like The Witcher 2... a lot of it!

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I could see it happening, an isometric game would be a side story aimed at the die hard fallout fans, who are still going to buy the official Fallout 4 when it gets released as will the mainstream audience. Sounds like easy money with low risk for Bethesda.


I wonder if they'd stick with the aurora (NWN 1) engine or recreate it in unity so they can reuse WL2 stuff. I'm thinking the latter.

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The original Fallout used it's own engine written specifically for it. It's also notoriously hard to add new content to, and using sprits instead of 3D models would really eat up dev time and make things harder.  They would definitely go with a 3D engine.


That being said, I'm not getting my hopes up.  It's probably something to do with a sequel to Bard's Tale.

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Van Buren used aurora (Neverwinter Nights 1) as did BG3. It was apparently nearly finished. I would guess they'd have to update it somewhat and I doubt bioware would offer any support now.


The article only says they copyrighted 'Van Buren' though, perhaps they don't have a FO license at all and are planning something more like 'Wasteland 3 Van Buren' to try and cash in on the name, similar to the Torment 'sequel' which isn't DnD.

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Tbh though, I'm not a huge fan of Wasteland 2 from a mechanical point of view. It feels like they've changed their minds about the combat mechanics halfway through development, leaving with a weird old school purely dice-based system crossed with XCOM 2012 position based cover-and-advance mechanics, without getting it right on both accounts. The level-design doesn't really reflect the latter adequately, which results in very "gamey" fights where enemies stand a couple of tiles away from each other and taking turns shooting until someone drops dead. It doesn't really reflect the Fallout 1/2, NWN, BG styled "table-top" system either, since you don't have that many options in engaging enemies (at least in the first half of the game), basically leaving you entirely depending on RNG and levels of the characters/enemies.


I couldn't imagine that they would move away from Unity or any other 3D based system. Unity does support 2D games out of the box however, so maybe there is a chance of a weird 2D/3D hybrid like Pillars of Eternity for instance. Fallout would be nice, but from what I've read, I too think it's probably going to be a franchise they'd already have access to, like Bard's Tale.

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It is not a bad game, but the combat system and the blank slate party does feel very dated.


That being said, it ~is~ a kickstarter project, and that was what their backers asked for. I didn't back it, but I have backed their next project, Tides of Numenora. I don't care whether it's DnD rules or not. What I care about is that several of the old Black Isle and Troika employees are now part of inXile and Obsidian. And as it was Black Isle that made the original Fallout games and Planescape: Torment, I have faith that they can create a proper Planescape game.

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These guys are all using unity, so that means Mecanim for 3d models.  Adding sprites and all that isn't hard, but as said it's time consuming, the one mod project I worked with a group on roughly 30% of our time was spent on sprites...then someone realized there was a massive fuckup and they had to be redone.  And then the mod project fell apart, I'm sure there's parts of it out there still might have been finished but I'd already sunk 1.5 years into it and had enough of the infighting.  For anyone curious it was a lichdom mod for BG2, allowing you to go down the full path per AD&D.  Including your own stronghold, making your own phylactory and all the rest.


I know a lot of the people who don't like the "blank slate" for character creation, they want fleshed out NPC's to go along with them.  It's pretty much the same with people who either love IWD/IWD2 or hate it.  It uses the same system in both cases, BG/BG2 you could go that route or pick up companions.  Anyway, you'll probably see more 2.5D then 3D stuff in the future if stuff like Pillars of Eterinity and Planescape: Tides of Numenera take off.  2.5D is exactly the same system used in the old FO/2, IWD/2, BG/2 games and so on. 

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Is inXile going to make a new isometric Fallout?





I truly feel fortunate that with crowdfunding and the great response to Wasteland 2 I can actually start to plot out a long RPG future for us," Brian Fargo, CEO of inXile Entertainment, told IGN. "I think it's important to remember that some of these ideas are, at best, many years away. While they are not a part of what's up next, I certainly would not have filed for them if I didn't have a deep interest in exploring these concepts.

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