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Biting necks is all well and good, but sometimes you're dungeon-crawling, or in the middle of an important quest and don't want to get sidetracked with hunting for a victim. A way to store and automatically consume blood would be great- and since this is LL, it's gotta be sexual. My idea is to store the excess in the PC's breasts, or at least create the illusion that that's what's happening.


Playing around with the breast nodes on skeletons is fairly common around here, thankfully, so someone with papyrus experience could probably whip this out pretty quick. I know enough basic programming stuff to hammer out a rough idea, but that's about it:


- when player drinks blood, check satiation level

     > If at fullest level, increase value of breast nodes by X

     > if not at fullest level, increase satiation as normal

- when satiation drops to second-highest level, check value of breast nodes

     > If greater than 0, decrease breast value by X and trigger satiation increase

     > if breast nodes are at smallest (default) value, then decrease satiation as normal


Dawnguard compatibility is a must, and if possible, an MCM menu that lets you adjust the maximum size and value of X would be very appreciated. Also, the framework of Brehanin's "Better Vampires" mod might be worth using or adding on to.

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