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Knife Leg On Animations after converting from HKX to KF


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Hey, I've been using Groovtama's XPMSE 2.14 skeleton and HDT hkx file.


After running things through hkxcmd and getting a resultant .KF File to import into 3dsmax I get results like this:




This happens for all animations no matter what I do :(


Hopefully an animator can shed some light on why this knife leg phenomenon is happening (It's the x-scale of NPC L Calf bone being messed up)


I was looking into trying to edit animations and using some animations to test a new set of weightings for my CITRUS body mod, but this weird glitch is kinda bugging me.

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Nope, but I suppose that would be the next logical step lol.


I honestly think it's some weird error with the hkx bone translation file.

But I don't know enough of havok hkx's to fix this slightly annoying problem :(


Or you could be right that hkxcmd just not playing nice with custom hkx files. Which would make me very sad.


I'll try vanilla over the weekend and see.

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