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Oblivion still worth it?


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Why yes it would be worth it. If you buy it though, make sure to buy the game of the year edition, so you have the Expansions for it. A lot of adult mods need the Shivering Isles DLC. 

The vanilla game is good, but with the right mods it becomes a great experience.

So if you know your way around modding games and doing it right, then I would say go ahead. 

It costs around 10 € I think.

I myself have reinstalled Oblivion too, because it reminds me of old times and I wanted to try out the sexlab mods this site as to offer.  It is really worth it, when you have everything up and running. 

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For adult mods ? 

Well for bodys, I would recommend HG EyeCandy Body. http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/15802/?

Although it is a very simple body replacer, I still like it. (You may have to look around for others)

Or try this one. http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/10171/?

There are a lot of others too.

RobertMaleBodyReplacer http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40532/?


Note: nexusmods has alot more body replacers, even ones with bouncy breasts and stuff.


Estrus, if you like tentacle stuff. http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/28979/?


Sexlivion, holy hell I thought I would never see that mod again.



Apachii Goddess Store



And much much more, I can't list them all. Here is a list of adult stuff



Normal Mods: 

Colourwheels Sexy Oblivion Overhaul (one of my favourites)



Oblivion Character Overhaul



Rens Beuty Pack



Oblivion Graphics Extender, beautiful



Unique Landscape Comp



and much much more. 


Oh and of course the Adult Mods from this site. Knock yourself out ^_^


Install everything with the Oblivion Mod Manager. Don't use nexus mod manager. It fucked my game up.

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In my opinion Skyrim did a pretty good job of building off of Oblivion's strengths and patching up its weaknesses. That said, modding for Oblivion seems to go further, at least at the moment, and I personally think that Lapf is better than Sexlab right now. As for mods, that depends on what you want. Since you're here, I assume you want stuff from the lovers section, so I'll let you pick that out. If you want to play in the basic oblivion world I suggest looking for Better Cities, Unique Landscapes, and Elsweyr, the first two are hosted on the Nexus, and the other's currently on the assimilation lab. Nehrim's also worth checking out, but it's a total conversion, so probably not the most compatible of mods. Other than that I suggest looking for L.A.M.E., which makes magic a lot better.

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I bought oblivion one day a few years ago in a retail store, it was on a shelf with some other games for $20 and I was modding skyrim at the time but thought I would give oblivion a try after finishing up my skyrim mods. The game I bought is the game of the year edition and comes on two dvds. I don't like having to keep a dvd or cd in the drive to play it so I found one of those nocd or nodvd patches on the net to make it work without the dvd works great.


Buying the steam version makes it harder to get mods to work seems like the archive invalidation method doesn't work right with steam because the game exe is encrypted? something like that.


Oblivion is interesting to play but there are no kill moves like in skyrim, also the graphics are really dated. Some of the quests are annoying and tedious like nirnroot makes you want to bring up the console to get past them. You can get a lot of mods for oblivion just like skyrim but you want some kind of body and faces overhaul like HGEC and roberts and OCOv2.

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Archive invalidation requires a riny bit of tinkering on steam, but once it's set it works fine. Also, I see no killmoves as a plus, and turn them off in Skyrim. I dislike having the control taken from me when I get them, and the enemy killmoves tended to trigger if they "could" kill you with an attack, rather than when they actually land attacks, which led to all kinds of cheap deaths.

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Aw man the kill moves are kewl:-) there needs to be more of them like arms chopping off and legs lol. Yeah it sucks to be killed by the escaped prisoner in the companions quests for killing those npcs. You wearing armor and stuff and them wearing prisoner rags and a iron sword somehow kill you in a few hits that sucks! Maybe if there was some kind of combo system to control the kill move system so if you don't mash the buttons the right way you lose instead of some pre calculated stuff happening like you said.

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I just installed Oblivion on my new computer today, should run wide open over the other computer i had, in some aspects Oblivion is better then Skyrim in my opinion, they both have there good and bad points but then again i must say there both great games with the right mods of course,  Zor2k13 my Skyrim and Oblivion are both steam versions and i never really had any issues with mods except if you use the steam version of Oblivion to get obse to work you will have to get the file posted on this page  http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-900993.html other then that no real issues at all with mods.

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Yes, still playing. Unlike Skyrim, Oblivion's lack of atmosphere/mood adds to its near immortal lifespan since it's like a blank canvas to throw mods at and make it into whatever vision you have in mind. Modding sandbox.

 That might be the most backhanded complement I've heard given to a game, but I'll be damned if it isn't true!:D

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Oblivion is still pretty grand. I have it and Skyrim and I do miss Oblivion a lot and using the mods found here. For some reason Oblivion runs like garbage on my PC but heavily modded Skyrim on High is just fine.


Don't get it but maybe someday I will. Hope you have fun though. :) Modding for Oblivion (or any Bethesda game really) is one of those things that looks extremely daunting but eventually you'll see that it isn't at all. Just get used to a lot of early trial and error and keep backups of your base install! It will save you from much frustration.

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I mod for both Oblvion and for Skyrim and still like Oblvion much beteter in many ways the lighting is much better, and more realistic, and the feel of the world very good. With care and good mods you can make very beautiful ppl in OB and interiors can be wonderful.


I have created an entire new city with over 70 fully scripted characters and a 200 volume back story for OB, and there are other fuln projects on the way from me and others. So try it and see ..but be sure to get good mods to enhance it.

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