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What face mods do you prefer?


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I've just been using Bellas Better faces. Its decent, but I'm looking at photos here and I see faces far better than what I have.


--what do y'all prefer?


Bella's Better Females is awful in every way. That name is actually extremely ironic (as it makes females look worse). Just take a look at the actual texture and you'll see why. You can do much better than that.


I can tell you that some good textures are:


- SG Female Textures 


- Real Girls Realistic Textures 


- Mature Skin


- Barbarin & Milkdrinker skin


- SRG Female Textures

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I play with Dream Girl body mostly, so I use Women of Skyrim UNP Seamless then patched with their Dream Girl patch, also overlayed with their tan lines for Dream Girl. Perfect for me actually, smooth and beautiful. Also Zolkiesn freckles and cbbe face normals for elves to smooth out those head ridges.

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I've just been using Bellas Better faces. Its decent, but I'm looking at photos here and I see faces far better than what I have.


Damn, they're terrible nightmare oil (you probably got hooked in just because of the endorsements and that it's on top of the list when it's shitty). My preferred face/head meshes and textures are:

  • anything from RAN46, specifically his headmeshes.
  • SG Textures.
  • Pretty Face.
  • Univision.
  • Fair Skin Complexion.

Also, this'll be a comprehensive guide on how to make your PC look sexier.

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I now often use what came as a package with My Body Replacers, if the Textures do not emphasize the Neck Seam. I use Race Menu to tweak and refine.

I do like the SRG Textures on My UNP Based Profiles in Mod Organiser, and would recomend the Textures to a UNP User. I use the higher resolution CBBE Textures that come with CBBE 3.3 on My playing Game because of Mod Compatability. I still play the character in My Avatar, but She has been cleaned but still has an attractive Face because of Her Facial Structure instead of Textures being shaded darker than normal skin.

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Univision FSC Sweaty textures are my absolute favorite. It is very realistic (4K res) and it's flawless. It even makes faces look 10+ years younger than most other textures. And if you use the entire package there is no neck seam.


I think Bella's only became so popular because it was an early face texture, back when there weren't any bodies or textures for them yet. It's an improvement over vanilla, but not nearly as good as everything else out there.

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Here are the mods which I prefer to use for character face make-overs and a few related images just for further amusement's sake.


For Nord,Breton and Imperial women, All-in-One Face Pack





For Dunmer,Altmer and Bosmer of both sexes,Ethereal Elven Overhaul



For Orsimer of any gender,Orc Race Enhancer (no longer available).



For Khajiit,More Accurate Khajiit Chin and Lips Paint and

Khajiit Lion et Lioness/Cat-Like Khajiit (the Leonine face options).





For Argonians,Argonian Female Redefined



For Nord,Breton and Imperial men,Pretty Face





For everyone,Natural Eyes.

For Lydia, Avatar Lydia.



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If avaible i use 4k textures with most.


Fair skin Complexion v7.6 my number one is been worked alot lately (wip)


Real girls textrue had some recent updates this year(wip)


Mature skin also some updates this year


True Daughters of skyrim final version


SG Female textures Final version

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