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A chatroom?


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I think a chatroom would be a nice little addition to the community. I think it would be easier to get help and more instant. But then again, it could get a bit messy in there, no pun intended. I don't know if LL used to have one, but I know I would enjoy it. Anyone agree?



There's a link in my sig, it's the chat room that's been out for a while now.



lol Well, thank you anyways. :) I appreciate it.

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Guest carywinton

Don't worry folks a new more user friendly alternative to this whole community is on it's way, stay tuned for more. Many of the developers, modders and such that are not here anymore will be comming there. There will be two devided chat rooms, perhaps more, one for casual conversation and another for technical stuff.

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Sounds like a pretty cool idea, although the chat room is how I got banned from the nexus. Because I said "meat juice" on there, and they thought it was a sexual metaphor, and I explained that it wasn't, but they banned me anyway, at the same time they me a warning, proving that they don't know what the fucking point of a "warning" is.

Sorry, but I never get tired of telling that story.

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People on the IRC only ever talk about technical shit. If it were linked to the main page, it may have some more normal conversations.


Not true. When i was there we talked about sitting girls, male female relationships, sexting, sex, game mods, sexy game mods, crazy things, music and sometimes about why some mod doesnt work or what could be done better.


Anyway there are lots of talented modders from LL there and they do like to help each other and thats great so sometimes you see technical shit as well. No one forces you to be technical as well.

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