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Well, the top looks like an AC_AAA, found in Setbody Reloaded.


That version of the mesh uses my and Movomo's universal HGEC seam, so you can pair it with any other Setbody Reloaded HGEC waist lower bodies, including the futa variants.


If you want a particular bottom to be Futa, converting an existing mesh to futa is fairly simple, and can be done entirely in Nifskope.


Just branch-copy the genitals that you want from one of the Roberts compatible male meshes onto the scene root of the lower body that you want to convert.  You may then need to manually adjust the position of the genital mesh in Nifskope.  But since you're trying to replicate a mesh that already has the genitals partly inside of the mesh, it shouldn't be a huge issue.


You can also use my stand-alone seam mender to mend the final seam between the genital mesh and the lower body.


One caveat.  I received permission from Slof to include slof's boners in Setbody Reloaded, however Slof explicitly forbids the use of her meshes in futa body styles.  So. I would encourage you to only copy the non Slof genitals over to a female body.  If you *do* use Slof's genitals on a female body, please respect the mod author's wishes and don't release the mesh or images of it.


Also, take a look at Happy Sparkle's meshes, posted over in the downloads section, I believe.

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